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by Beanie Baby 

Posted: 18 March 2004
Word Count: 172
Summary: When things are not as they seem ...

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In the aftermath, she wandered
the deserted streets,
through fallen masonry, and
tangles of twisted metal,
she climbed over, slithered under,
skirted round.

Her hair was matted,
eyes huge and
disbelieving, body thin.
A straggly cat leapt out
hissing and howling.
She shrieked, dodged,
watched it sktter off.

A touch of cool air.
breathed in her face.
She found herself in a clearing.
One wall remained
of a church. Miraculously
its stained glass windows
stood bright and defiant
before her.

She peered up and stared.
at the myriad of colours,
opaque in the watery sunshine.
One poppy danced at her feet.
How hadn't she seen that
flash of red before?

She walked round the
church facade with her
eyes closed. She hoped,
on the other side to
find people lined up in prayer.
She blindly felt her way.

Hardly daring to breathe,
she knew she was there
and rocked on her feet,
eyes still closed.
Devastation behind.
Miracles ahead?
She opened one eye
and began to scream.
And the director yelled

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