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by John G.Hall 

Posted: 10 March 2004
Word Count: 119
Summary: A Mouse heaven sent....

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A crucifix hangs on the hill
fighting off the pull of earth
black fingers fumble wind
its yellow eyes fixed on life.

A hurricane beneath each beat
it smashes down on mouse back
a storm that tears squalls of fur
old hunger making new sacrifice.

Jet thunder clouds out of strength
throw down their Pennine waters
light tongues running into ground
nature tasting of dirt & timid blood.

A scattered kill-litter is fly-tipped here,
the body taken home to surgeons children.
Played with,then eaten,the flesh opened up,
the wounds left to bleed,by young tear-aways.

A crucifix hangs on the hill
gliding on the lifts of breath
white whiskers twitching still
on the empty face of death.

John G.Hall(C)2004

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Comments by other Members

poemsgalore at 18:42 on 10 March 2004  Report this post
Having seen a Kestrel strike and kill its prey (in this instance a bird) you have captured the very essence of it. Especially liked the reference to a crucifix hanging on the hill as this is just what it looks like when hovering.

roovacrag at 22:05 on 10 March 2004  Report this post
John another good one.
I agree with Kathleen,I have seen the kestrel at work.
Swoop to the kill to feed thier young.
xx Alice

Fearless at 13:31 on 11 March 2004  Report this post
A pivotal moment caught in great verse. Liked it.


Tuppence at 16:07 on 10 January 2005  Report this post
we have different styles but i love urs
i have HAWK
see wot you think

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