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by davide 

Posted: 23 February 2004
Word Count:
Summary: Homeless and on the run, sally takes shelter in a shop doorway where she meets a strange old guy in a sleeping bag_ STRONG LANGUAGE Was part of PP showcase soho theatre June 2005

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Comments by other Members

davide at 13:33 on 23 February 2004  Report this post

Datum: 22.02.2004 23:18:33 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: petersvincent@freeuk.com
An: DBrown8953@aol.com
Internet-eMail: (Details)

Beautifully written! I would't change a word..except you've spelled "sight" as "site" on about p. 14. When all I can find wrong is a spelling mistake or two -then for me there's a lot right with the piece. Also this is much better constructed with a beginning middle and end. I like the end very much. Moving and simple.
Look I like tbis so much you'd do better to send it to someone who doesn't like it so much -then they'd be more help. These two plays of yours, this and the last one would make an evening at PP. Would you like me to suggest that to Peter Thompson -for the summer term that would be?
Katy Darby gets things on -directs plays. Shall I ask her if she'd read your last two?
Best wishes, PV

roger at 18:12 on 23 February 2004  Report this post
Another great piece, David. Very moving in parts, funny in others, leading to an excellent conclusion...I'll say no more than that for fear of spoiling it for others. Although the writing seems simple, to my mind, it's very clever and well thought out...there seems to be a lot of life's experience in there, which makes it all the more poignant, moving. Super stuff - to my simple mind, you have a great talent.

Good luck with it.

davide at 14:19 on 21 March 2004  Report this post
Thema: RE: Empfehlung: "One-Act Play: "Sally Faces Up," 1m1f, by David Elliot Brown (Sco
Datum: 20.03.2004 15:57:54 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: vose_madeleine@hotmail.com
An: DBrown8953@aol.com
Internet-eMail: (Details)

Hello David,

Thanks for sending me your play which I thought was fantastic.

I'll tell you a little about Dragon Productions. We are hoping to open a new
pub theatre in Exeter that will be a centre for developing new writing and
performance. There will be opportunities for writers to develop their work
through rehearsal. We are researching funding and venue at present so I will
be in touch again soon to tell you more.


Madeleine Vose

roger at 17:25 on 21 March 2004  Report this post

davide at 21:01 on 23 March 2004  Report this post

Thema: Re: from deb
Datum: 23.03.2004 21:22:55 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit
Von: petersvincent@freeuk.com
An: DBrown8953@aol.com
Internet-eMail: (Details)

Son, thar's a streetcar called "Success" an it's jest revvin up and than he's gonna put your name right up thar on the board. Serously though, this play will go far. You'll probably get an e mail from Katy Darby. (She likes the play and wans to direct it in a theatre as well as at PP) Regards, PV

davide at 11:25 on 05 May 2005  Report this post

David, this year's showcase features only four items, one of which is
Sally Faces Up. Can you select a director from PP, do you think? Casting
has to be done though Christine. I'll give you her details when I've got
them. If you can pick a director maybe they can find the cast from
within PP. How are you? You've been a bit quiet vis a vis PP recently.
All best wishes etc. Peter V (New address: peter.vincent80@ntlworld.com)

SALLY FACES UP is, in my opinion, quite the most difficult of the four plays to present in the Showcase. We are therefore very fortunate that two of our best actors (Phil and Hannah) are available and ready to take it on. Phil has contacted Sharon Backer, someone he knows and trusts as a director, and she has agreed to direct it.

[The performance in Rome may have been good, David, but this will be superb!]
This means that all four plays are now cast (moreorless) although I will send a separate email on this subject to you two, Nicole and Christine.

Congratulations, everyone: this is going to be a big hit!

davide at 16:47 on 02 June 2005  Report this post

Dear David,

I've been thinking I should send you an e-mail for a while now, about how rehearsals are going for Sally Faces Up, but I wasn't sure what I could say because the rehearsal process is so internal for the actor in lots of ways: finding your way into the hearts of the characters as it were.

Firstly I'd like to say that rehearsals are going really well, and I REALLY love the play! And I like it more each time we go through it. It's very exciting making it come to life.

At first I couldn't quite see how I was going to be able to make the switches between characters, or even get my head around it and make it work, but now it's really coming together and working well. I wish you could see it performed by us!

My friend Sharon, the director, also loves it ­ as does Hannah who plays Sally.

It's great piece, David.

Regards, Phil

Netguru at 20:06 on 12 December 2005  Report this post
A brilliant play by a brilliant person.

You were a brilliant writer Dave and a brilliant inspiration/uncle to me.

You will be sorely missed.



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