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by Zettel 

Posted: 28 March 2020
Word Count: 272
Summary: Hardly Dylan: but prompted by his Murder Most Foul - For James

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Forget your bombs scrap your nuclear codes
Discard planes and drones with their lethal payloads 
Power no longer resides in the mouth of a gun
The day of Tyrants and Despots is finally done
Emperors Caesars and petulant Kings
Kneel before Nature and the power it brings
The world in lockdown hides behind doors
Humbled by cells much smaller than spores
Death languidly drifts on each gentle breeze
Silent unseen it brings Mankind to its knees
Around and within us it flourishes thrives
Against all the odds it abides and survives
But here is no ill-will no malice no hate
Just Nature surviving fulfilling its fate
The power of being not striving to win
Shows us the hubris of our selfish sin
To command Nature we first must obey
Our boundaries borders no longer hold sway 
Wise native people’s wise words were not heard
Fencing the land owning the sky is simply absurd
Mastering Nature is the figment of fools
Bewitched and deceived by technology and tools
We nurture, kill, then savour the death that we eat
Lauding our bombast our pride our conceit
Without honour, respect and no vestige of grace
We beguile Mother Nature then spit in her face
Well intentioned not bad but blind to our debt
Against our children’s tomorrows our faces we set. 

But we are instinct, blood tissue and cell
Though we forget, part of nature as well
This nature in us will bring us through
Our bodies themselves simply know what to do
We too have an instinctive will to survive
Our better thoughts 
Our better selves 
Our better natures 
Will keep us alive


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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 14:18 on 30 April 2020  Report this post
A lot of wishes and hopes encapsulated here and deft rhyming too

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