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by Practicer 

Posted: 13 February 2020
Word Count: 648
Summary: For challenge 726

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After many years struggling to find employment, Colin landed a temporary job as leaflet distributer for a  leaflet distribution company who had a contract with a pizza take away.  The pizza company were offering a free pancake, savoury or sweet, during pancake day. The pizza promotion was part of national eat a pizza day: Colin could also order free pizza , if he recommended the pizza take away on make a friend day. 

The leaflet coordinator briefly showed him  a highlighted map with the catchment area of  the amount of houses he had deliver to.  There wasn´t much to it . Colin was reminded to be aware of  making dogs angry, and not to dump the leaflets in the bin. Colin was actually given a tracker device to ensure he delivered the leaflets honestly. 

The sun shone like a cheesy pizza  baking in the sky , when Colin began the distribution. Of course, he soon got lost in the catchment area. Luckily, however,  he bumped into a postman ,Who showed Colin  the correct route, on of all days, thank a postman day. 

After a good week of non stop leaflet distribution , Colin finished the job. He decided to celebrate by ordering his free take away pizza, with a sugary pancake.  Colin ate the pizza in his favourite green park. 
However, sitting on a bench underneath a tree, he noticed a kite lodged in the trees branches. The kite had been part of fly a kite day.  Colin only knew this because he got the pizza leaflet job through word of mouth, from a fly the kite day leaflet distributer, who put most of his leaflets in the bin. 

The kite stayed up there until national umbrella day when it got washed away. Colin only knew it was national umbrella day when he enjoyed a free soft drink with every  extra slice of pizza he bought during heavy rain  whilst it was still pancake day. 

The kite was only discovered, when Colin took on another leaflet distribution job , but this time distributing for a shower company. The shower company were promoting share a shower day. 

Colin approached a tower hamlets, when he noticed a lady, with with very long blonde hair trying to pull the kite from one of her strands on tell a fairy tale day.  Colin only knew it was tell a fairy tale day because he wanted to return home before his wife Cindy, who was at a charity ball for  Valentines day. 

As Colin pushed the leaflet through the lady with the very long hairs letterbox , he jumped back , when he mistook a man for a dog, who had a chain around his neck , saying ´Rumpy´, whilst wearing a hoodie, Rumpy started Shouting hoodie hoo at Colin. Rumpy was so overtired because he had been working in the mines for so long and he did not know what time it was, but kept waving at Colin . Of course,by this time Colin had a feeling that it was the end of winter and noon time because he had Done such a great job delivering leaflets , the leaflet distribution company had given him another seven weeks to deliver more. However, by this time one of Colin´s feet really ached because one of his shoes was too small.   Colin immediately feared for his safety and hobbled down the path he had come up, as quickly as he could manage. Colin then saw a leafelt poking out of a bin declaring that it was no brainer day very soon, so he did like wise and dropped his remaining load of leaflets. When he returned home Cindy was already there. Colin told Cindy what a dreadful fright he had just had. Cindy gave Colin a very warm hug and said to him 
´´Lets relax who needs to wait until open a bottle night´´

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Comments by other Members

Practicer at 15:30 on 13 February 2020  Report this post
My punctuation is a bit loose and so is my proofreading. I wanted to up load it before my internet signal fades in and out.
I am glad I have another chance  to do a writing exercise, at least.

euclid at 17:15 on 13 February 2020  Report this post
I like the idea, but the last paragraph doesn't really fit.



V`yonne at 14:43 on 16 February 2020  Report this post

The sun shone like a cheesy pizza  baking in the sky

laugh Like it. You got quite a few somethingorother days in too. Well done! 
I totally agree with the last thought:

who needs to wait until open a bottle night´´

Thanks for joining in. We're a bit thin on the ground this week.

V`yonne at 13:12 on 17 February 2020  Report this post
Unchallenged winner wink

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