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Heather`s Hobby

by Jubbly 

Posted: 20 February 2004
Word Count: 245
Summary: A very short story

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Heatherís Hobby

Heather Halliday had a guilty secret. Heather had no idea why she'd done what she'd done. It really wasnít in character, but she'd done it, nonetheless. She knew she should have put things right years ago, but there seemed always a reason not to.

Some sixty miles away, Margaret Thomas was about to get the surprise of her life. Margaret wasn't really one for surprises, they frightened her, and she was of a nervous disposition, a small woman with a small life, who'd lived in the same house as long as she could remember.

Nearly forty years ago when Margaret was just a girl, she'd lost her purse containing some photographs and £4 sterling. Terrible, really, considering her mother had sewn her name and address inside should she ever mislay it.

Heather deposited the padded envelope in the post box and went home for a cup of tea, a job well done she thought, and a great weight was lifted from her shoulders.

The next morning brought a small miracle into the life of Margaret Thomas along with her old purse complete with some photographs, £4 sterling and a note reading, Dear Margaret; you should never give up hope.

A kindred spirit somewhere thought Margaret, I wonder who it can be? Meanwhile, Heather unlocked the cupboard door under the stairs and proudly marvelled at her collection of faded wallets and shiny purses. There's work to be done, she thought, so much more work.

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Comments by other Members

haunted at 12:45 on 20 February 2004  Report this post

I enjoyed this, there so much story telling in so few words. I like how it kept me undecided about whether the narrator had done something bad or good. I guess the first line 'guilty secret' gives it away, but i found i'd forgotten about that by the time i got to the lost purse.

A fun little story,


Becca at 13:25 on 20 February 2004  Report this post
Curious Julie, .. what is Heather up to? There's 6 paras, and I did wonder about switching some of them around, (you might have as well), re the flow of the piece. Perhaps join the 4 Margaret paras together?
Again, all sorts of suggestions in a very few words indeed. You're a hard act to follow on the Flash front.

Nell at 13:40 on 20 February 2004  Report this post
Julie, very very clever. The only thing that worries me about the proliferation of Flash on the site lately is all those good storylines whizzing by so quickly. Leave some for me, please!

Best, Nell.

Jubbly at 16:16 on 20 February 2004  Report this post
Thanks Becca, Nell and Louise, I'm trying out ideas for that BBC FF comp. This is actually based on a true story, just a paragraph I caught in a free newspaper, obviously I've embellished somewhat.

Ralph at 17:14 on 21 February 2004  Report this post
Forty years? Good grief, really?
All kinds of questions come from this; like whether Heather knew Margaret was still there... whether she returns the purses to the addresses inside or tracks people down on the internet... Slightly disturbing, and really very clever.
It's a nice little tantaliser...
Thanks Julie,



Account Closed at 22:13 on 21 February 2004  Report this post
Nice one, Julie - Ameliesque but with different motivation - more sinister.


What made her change? Or has she...

Anj at 11:41 on 05 May 2004  Report this post

You've sketched out two entirely separate lives in so few words, and brought them together. Loved it.

I agree with the suggestion that you could switch the paragraph order to help the flow.

Take care

anisoara at 09:14 on 28 December 2004  Report this post

I'm glad you cued me in on this one, otherwise I'd never have read it! I love the way that Heather is proud of her collection despite her guilt feelings, a nice mingling of the two emotions. So she's been lifting wallets and pocket books all this time! LOL She's a quirky character. Hope you discover some more of her antics and write them up for us!


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