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A Love Poem

by Rosalind 

Posted: 25 April 2003
Word Count: 66
Summary: Just to prove I can do happy.

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I thought I loved you,
until the day that I fell in love with you.
I knew I needed you,
until the day that I fell in love with you.
Then I realised that I need nothing,
I want.
I want love,I want you,
but I don't need you

I think I love you,
but I've thought that before.
Maybe this is just another illusion,
a little clearer than the last.
Maybe tomorrow,
I'll fall in love with you.

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Comments by other Members

Jibunnessa at 23:37 on 25 April 2003  Report this post
I don't see this as a happy poem. It sounds like the thoughts of someone rather hesitant. Confused. Darting from thought to thought. I sence loss. Loss of a previous self. Loss of innocent acceptance. I 'smell' sadness in the air. When reading this, I saw a picture of a woman looking at someone, really looking at someone with melancholic eyes... wanting so badly to be able to love. If this poem had been a painting then I'd say that the canvas had been seaped in pain and past regrets whose faint aroma lingers between the lines.

roger at 08:03 on 26 April 2003  Report this post
Hi Ros.

I wish I could be as eloquent in my comments as Jibunnessa is, but I can't. And anyway, she said it all. So all I will add is that you've done it again, you've made me cry again, and I'm getting fed up with it...my street cred's now completely down the pan. Please don't to it again!

Rai15 at 14:35 on 26 April 2003  Report this post
I thought this poem was great, and although I'm contradicting other people's comments this is my idea of a happy poem because most of my poetry is pretty dark to start with. But this is a wonderful poem.

Shadowgirl at 14:39 on 26 April 2003  Report this post
Can I ask you Ros (and you too Rai) if writing is a very cathartic thing for you? It is for me.

Rai15 at 20:07 on 26 April 2003  Report this post
For me I'd say that yes it is really, I suppose it's a way of staying sane for some people too.

Rosalind at 16:20 on 28 April 2003  Report this post
I had to look Cathartic up to see what it means.

I've not really thought aboaut it before but yes. I guess writing purges me of Melancholy.

olebut at 10:21 on 04 May 2003  Report this post
In my view, good poetry reflects the emotions of the poet, the doubt the happiness the fears the love the joy etc.

I sense very much, most, if not all, of these emotions in this piece
thnak you for sharing it I enjoyed it very much

shaunsouthern at 01:38 on 08 May 2006  Report this post

This is not love. When you think what it is, change the title, because people think they are in love, like the person in your poem. But this is not a love song... It is a good description of a certain feeling, but it is not love.

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