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by Zettel 

Posted: 03 February 2019
Word Count: 14
Summary: Posted just because the idea struck me and I found it just came out in Haiku format

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our memories are
the waves that carry us to
what is yet to come

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Comments by other Members

Max Drayton at 10:57 on 03 February 2019  Report this post
Come on.
You MUST have a second verse in you?

V`yonne at 14:02 on 03 February 2019  Report this post
There's a site where a haiku a day is happening for February
the first prompt was (dirty) Diapers (nappies) 
2 Thin Walls
3 Motion-activated light and todays is SPAM

A haiku doesn't have to be 5-7-5, just minimal -- they carry mood rather

so yours could be expressed

waves that carry us
to what is yet to come

but if you like the thought of writing haiku, the February group is a good place to learn.

James Graham at 21:30 on 05 February 2019  Report this post
Not much to add - Oonah is a much better critic of the haiku than I am. I like her variation. You should try more of these - some of your thoughts in and around philosophy and life in general might be well expressed in the short form.


Zettel at 02:04 on 06 February 2019  Report this post
Thanks for the comments.

I was intrigued that the thought happened to onform to a Haiku pattern. Oonah's  version has the special quality of a Haiku and sounds more authentic. But it expresses a completel,y different thought. Mine  was prompted by my daughetr moving from the first house she and her husband ever owned and into which their first child, my first grandchild as born. So rather than trying to say something 'universal' I was trying to comfort and add to a perspective appropriately tinged with sadness an element of hopefulness. It was just a text.

Had I developed it as a poem the fact that waves are just one mode of 'being' for the sea would have been an idea to explore: that nothing is 'lost'. The river that flows into the sea still exists but as part of larger whole. In the 'sea' of life we cannot control the currents, tides, storms - but we can control, or must try, to control how we react to them. And to 'manage' Nature we must first obey her (tackin against the wind in sailing).

Thanks again


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