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Pam Ayres

by Mickey 

Posted: 12 October 2018
Word Count: 39
Summary: An envious rictameter

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Pam Ayres,
although she is
a popular poet,
can’t write stuff as funny as mine,
but nevertheless gets paid a fortune
while I can’t find a publisher.
And that is why you see
I wish I was
Pam Ayres.

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 12:41 on 12 October 2018  Report this post
Your scarecrow poems were brilliant by the way!  If I hadn't forgotten how to laugh at life, I'd have laughed out loud!
My laughter is more of a rictus really.  You've taken me back to black and white TV with this one, Hughie Green, Opportunity Knocks and Pam Ayres's first appearance as a youthful Oxonian (I think that word means someone who hails from Oxford or Oxfordshire, which I think she does.)  She was a breath of fresh air then I have to say.
But so are you.

Mickey at 13:22 on 13 October 2018  Report this post
Hi Michael
Thank you for your kind comments.  I hope I may have reminded you how to laugh again smiley

V`yonne at 09:49 on 14 October 2018  Report this post
laugh name in lights and bank balance sky-rocketting yes Aye, we'd all love that. And do you like going out late at night, traipsing all over the country? And do you like reading your stuff aloud? 
I don't mind reading...but I'm a lunchtime kinda poet -- well mid-afternoon -- okay LAZY! blush

I tghink you should change the title to
An envious rictameter
because it's funny.

Bazz at 17:47 on 14 October 2018  Report this post
Hi MIckey, I'd never heard of a rictameter before, seems like an interesting form. I like the wry humour of this. The rictameter also makes it feel like a puff of anger that deflates with nowhere to go, and gives it an uncertainty that adds to its tone. Thanks for introducing me to a new form :)

V`yonne at 22:56 on 14 October 2018  Report this post
sounds like a euphemism for a fart devil

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