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Pam Ayres

by Mickey 

Posted: 12 October 2018
Word Count: 39
Summary: An envious rictameter

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Pam Ayres,
although she is
a popular poet,
can’t write stuff as funny as mine,
but nevertheless gets paid a fortune
while I can’t find a publisher.
And that is why you see
I wish I was
Pam Ayres.

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 12:41 on 12 October 2018  Report this post
Your scarecrow poems were brilliant by the way!  If I hadn't forgotten how to laugh at life, I'd have laughed out loud!
My laughter is more of a rictus really.  You've taken me back to black and white TV with this one, Hughie Green, Opportunity Knocks and Pam Ayres's first appearance as a youthful Oxonian (I think that word means someone who hails from Oxford or Oxfordshire, which I think she does.)  She was a breath of fresh air then I have to say.
But so are you.

Mickey at 13:22 on 13 October 2018  Report this post
Hi Michael
Thank you for your kind comments.  I hope I may have reminded you how to laugh again smiley

V`yonne at 09:49 on 14 October 2018  Report this post
laugh name in lights and bank balance sky-rocketting yes Aye, we'd all love that. And do you like going out late at night, traipsing all over the country? And do you like reading your stuff aloud? 
I don't mind reading...but I'm a lunchtime kinda poet -- well mid-afternoon -- okay LAZY! blush

I tghink you should change the title to
An envious rictameter
because it's funny.

Bazz at 17:47 on 14 October 2018  Report this post
Hi MIckey, I'd never heard of a rictameter before, seems like an interesting form. I like the wry humour of this. The rictameter also makes it feel like a puff of anger that deflates with nowhere to go, and gives it an uncertainty that adds to its tone. Thanks for introducing me to a new form :)

V`yonne at 22:56 on 14 October 2018  Report this post
sounds like a euphemism for a fart devil

joanie at 11:11 on 20 October 2018  Report this post
As I am late to this, I didn't know the original title.  Yes, I used to love Pam Ayres years ago.  I agree that yours are up there with hers, Mike!  It is odd how some people just happen to make it.  ...... right place, right time?

I didn't know the form either.  I do enjoy 'form'. It works with this subject matter, I think, as Bazz said.

Keep writing!!


V`yonne at 12:38 on 20 October 2018  Report this post

some people just happen to make it.

Oh no -- they very deliberately set out to make it and in my experience they work damned hard at making it. They spend all their time and considerable resources to make it. Luck is just a tiny bit of it. I never liked Pam Ayres style though. Too much contorted syntax. Though in my writer's group the other I day I nearly cried when someone befroe I read mine out commented 

I suppose it doesn't rhyme

crying Apparently a bad rhyme is more popular than a good poem crying
So I didn't read it out.

Cliff Hanger at 23:35 on 20 October 2018  Report this post
I wouldn't stand for a put down like that but my group has just split over irreconcilable differences so I might not be best placed to comment.😊

V`yonne at 23:42 on 20 October 2018  Report this post
Oh she didn't mean to hurt me -- it was jsut thoughtless.

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