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by Chestersmummy 

Posted: 25 July 2018
Word Count: 1090
Summary: Here is the entry I mean to send to fill the gap in the Flash comp. Sorry for any confusion! It must be the heat! That's my excuse anyway.

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Ah, here it comes. 
Narrowing my eyes, I focus on the pink blob as it materialises out of the Big House and winds its way down the narrow path towards us.  At last.  I’m starving.   Oh, no – now it’s gone.   I breathe a sigh of relief as the shape emerges out of the shadows and bursts back into the sunlight.  As it grows nearer I can see that it’s carrying something and my mouth begins to water.   I wonder what it’s brought today.  I’m glad it’s the pink thing and not the thin brown one. That one’s nasty.  The lettuce it brings us is limp and sometimes slimy and the carrots are stale.  In the vain hope of being given something tasty, Flossie – that’s my cage mate, used to flutter her long eyelashes and look pathetic but it never worked.   The brown thing barely looks at us, just bungs the food into our cage, sometimes without even remembering to fill our water bottle.
The round pink thing is different.  Softer somehow but what’s more important the lettuce it brings is freshly picked and crisp and the carrots are succulent.  Even thinking about them makes me start to drool again.  Sometimes it brings us something special - cucumber – I love cucumber or maybe celery.  My imagination starts to run riot and I must stop, my fur is getting wet.
 Of course, it’ll feed Flossie first.  Flossie is its favourite.  Can’t think why.  I’ve shared my cage with Flossie for months now and she bores me stiff.  She’s got no conversation.   God knows I’ve tried to communicate but she just stares at me from out of those big doe eyes of hers, then they go all milky and she starts to groom her long, silky fur.   Only good for one thing really and as it’s dreary being stuck inside all day, I do a lot of that.  Once or twice, a lot of little things that look just like Flossie appear.  Goodness knows where they come from.  Anyway, they only stay for a little while then they go and Flossie is sad.  I’m  pleased.  They’re tiresome when they hop all over me just as I’m trying to catch a bit of shut-eye.
Oh-oh.  It’s here now.   And wouldn’t you know it?   Flossie gets picked up and stroked and the pink thing starts making cooing noises.  Of course, Flossie is milking it like mad, fluttering her eyelashes and twitching her nose in that irritating way she has.  Oh, get over it for Heavens sake – just give us the grub. 
I’ve just had a very nasty shock.  In fact, it’s put me right off my food.   Flossie can have my share, I couldn’t eat a thing.   It happened this morning.  Both the pink and the brown thing came to feed us which was strange.  Even stranger, it was my turn to get picked up and stroked.   I was so surprised, I just laid my ears back and let them do it – both of them.   But what’s really bothering me is what I heard them say.   Bear with me and I’ll try and remember their exact words.
            ‘Nearly ready for the pot Bert.
            ‘Yeah.  Another few days.’      I felt my tummy being pinched.  ‘Nice and fat.  Get a good meal out of this one.’
            They put me back in the cage and I lie there quivering.  What did they mean?  I knew it wouldn’t bother some rabbits.  Some rabbits are – to put it kindly – thick.  But I’m not like that.   I’ve got a brain beneath my furry skull.  In fact, if there was such a thing as a rabbit MENSA – I reckon I would be up there with the best of them.  Given that fact, their conversation troubled me.  It troubled me a lot.  I have a nasty feeling that I need to get out of here and fast.  But where can I go?  I shall have to have a serious think.
I lie staring through the wire netting of the cage.  There are some wild rabbits hopping in  and out of the trees.  They have brown fur just like me, perhaps I could go and live with them.  I look closer, it’s clear they are much more active and slimmer than me.  This cage life has played havoc with my waistline although I deny most strongly that I am fat;  just a trifle portly.  I shall have to get into shape.  I do a few experimental hops around my cage.  This wears me out and so I have a little snooze.
Bingo!  I’ve just woken up with a plan.  It’s rather violent and I fear will involve blood but needs must….
It’s the pink thing again and I’m so glad.  Clearly, it’s fond of Flossie so it will make my plan of action much easier.   I wait until it’s unlatched the cage before I strike.  Just as it’s loading in the lettuce, I give a blood curdling scream and launch myself at Flossie burying my incisors deep into her neck.  Even I have to admit her squeals are heartrending, but I hang on and sure enough, taste blood for the first time.  It’s revolting – no wonder I’m a vegetarian.   No matter, it’s done the trick.  With a look of horror, the pink thing drops the lettuce and turns to rescue Flossie, quite forgetting the cage door is wide open.  With one bound I’m out of the cage and off.  It’s exhilarating.   I’ve one thought in my mind as I hop as fast as I can down the path.  Free. I’m free at last!
            Phew!  This is hard work.  Those woods are further off than I thought.  My hops begin to slow down, and I stop to look around for a second.  Hello, what’s that?  I’ve never seen a creature like that before.  It’s not a cat, it’s bigger than a cat.  I’m glad, I don’t like cats.  You can never trust a cat.  It’s not a dog, it’s smaller than a dog.  I’m glad, I don’t like dogs.  They’re too noisy and they rush at you.  This thing’s  got reddish fur and a big bushy tail, it’s not slinky or bouncy but is just standing there, looking at me.  It doesn’t seem fierce, in fact it seems quite friendly.  It also looks intelligent.  Perhaps it would like a conversation.  That must be it!  It recognises me for the rabbit I am.  A bright rabbit.  I start to hop towards it….. 

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Comments by other Members

michwo at 23:21 on 26 July 2018  Report this post
Are you a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit fan, Janet?
Having said that your rabbits are hardly the cosy variety.
What happens after the great escape?  Does your enterprising rabbit start to raid hen runs?

poemsgalore at 10:30 on 27 July 2018  Report this post
How wonderful Chestersmummy. I like this because I wrote (years  ago) a  short story called The Great Escape, also about rabbits, but from the point of view of an owner (me actually) This is entirely different, and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens next. I hope I don't have to wait too long. wink

Chestersmummy at 10:39 on 27 July 2018  Report this post
Dear Michwo and Poemsgalore

Oh dear, I'm afraid both of you are going to be disappointed!  I fear Mr Fox is not going to care about what our furry friend has to say once he gets his paws on him.  Mr Bunny is in for a nasty shock, I am afraid.

Bazz at 13:07 on 27 July 2018  Report this post
Hi Janet, thanks for joining in with the challenge. You pack a lot into this piece, an epic yet bittersweet struggle for freedom. I love our main rabbit's inquiring mind, i wonder where he got it from, and what he would have done next...!

poemsgalore at 13:09 on 27 July 2018  Report this post
surprise crying

TassieDevil at 11:45 on 28 July 2018  Report this post
I always love a rabbit story. This was no exception, Janet.
oignant ending with just that hint that smart rabbit might beat cunning fox - at least in my positive ending way of thinking. After all your vampire rabbit does have his/her own vicious streak. With stories like this one has to suspend the belief in logic like rabbits understanding English but that's okay.
Definitely not Beatrice Potter although I enjoyed the more personal introspection of your protagonist..

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