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The Quarter Final

by Mickey 

Posted: 09 July 2018
Word Count: 214
Summary: For Jane's challenge

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Messi, Ronaldo, then Neymar as well.
Brazil was knocked out - Belgium’s broken their spell.
Kevin De Bruyne had shattered the dreams
of one of the World Cup’s most successful teams.
Five times Cup Winners, now ‘back on the plane’.
So everything hinged on last Saturday’s game.
Town centres had emptied by quarter to three
as we all settled down to the game on TV
in clubs, pubs, and front rooms, as out came the teams
for a place in the semis of 2018.
Harry Kane, Jordon Henderson, Harry Maguire,
Kyle Walker, John Stones, Ashley Young, Keiron Dier.
Jordan Pickford in goal, Jesse Lingard mid-field,
Keiron Trippier out on the right,
Raheem Sterling’s attacks on the Swedish left back
meant Augustinsson had to play tight.
Then our left back, Maguire, delighted us all
as he out-jumped the others and headed the ball.
The cross from the corner he forcefully met
and the whole nation cheered as it slammed in the net.
Then next Dele Alli repeated the trick
as the ball came across from a wide corner kick,
securing our place in the semis at last
(a feat only managed three times in the past)
We must now beat Croatia and then there’s a chance
of a win in the final against Belgium or France!!

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 17:30 on 09 July 2018  Report this post
Mike!!  You obviously leapt at the chance of a football one.....  and what a passion!!  Just excellent.  Anyone would have thought the players were named expressly so that you could get them into your rhyme and rhythm pattern!  How do you do it?  Huge admiration.  I was volunteering in the Hospice shop on Saturday afternoon.  No wonder we were quiet!

A fantastic response to Jane's challenge.  No idea what I'm going to do!


Mickey at 17:58 on 09 July 2018  Report this post
Thanks Joanie,
Keiron Dier wasn’t in the starting line-up (he replaced Jordan Henderson) but unfortunately his and Harry Maguire’s surnames were the only two that rhymed. I was expecting someone to correct me on that 😀

Cliff Hanger at 18:02 on 09 July 2018  Report this post
Artistic license is allowed in art.


Mickey at 18:08 on 09 July 2018  Report this post
Well, they slipped Gary Lineker into ‘Footballs Coming Home’ didn’t they? And he wasn’t even born when Bobby Moore lifted the cup!

Mickey at 18:12 on 09 July 2018  Report this post
My mistake Jane. He was 6 (scrubs up well doesn’t he?)

poemsgalore at 13:51 on 10 July 2018  Report this post
Not a footie fan Mickey, but reading this really conveyed the excitement better than any pundit ever could.I might even watch them play Croatia.

V`yonne at 00:56 on 15 July 2018  Report this post
I errr watxhed the Croatia game by mistake -- thought it would be over and got all of extra time. I didn't watch anything before and won't be watching the final -- nor wimledon either -- hate sports -- two left feet/no co-ordination/no eye/ totally foreign to me but hey -- good rhymes.

Cliff Hanger at 19:36 on 15 July 2018  Report this post
Great movement in this narrative of the quarter final and good rhymes as you would expect from yourself. You can almost hear the crowd noises.


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