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The Hippopotamus

by Mickey 

Posted: 03 July 2018
Word Count: 188
Summary: For Jo's challenge

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A friendly hippopotamus,
who tried to get upon a bus,
found that he was not allowed,
by the angry travelling crowd,
who turned him off and rang the bell –
then threw his luggage off as well!
The friendly hippo didn’t mind,
and gamely plodded on behind
and watched as each one disembarked,
then on the bus he neatly parked
his bottom on adjacent seats,
and put his luggage by his feet.
The bus conductor came in view,
and said, “I don’t know what to do –
There are no rules I can apply
that cover hippopotami!
I’ll have to charge the fare for two
and tell you when we reach the zoo.
So, until then, don’t make a fuss”,
He told the hippopotamus,
who, from a small purse, quickly found,
the necessary half a crown.
And then, without a second look,
he settled down to read a book.
And when they reached the zoo’s front gate
the hippo didn’t hesitate
He grabbed his bag and ran inside -
His happiness he couldn’t hide.
So pleased to be back home again,
but wishing he had caught the train!

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 08:17 on 03 July 2018  Report this post
Brilliant, Mike!  I love the rhyme and rhythm.  Best read aloud, I think.  I did!  Great bus journey for the challenge.   I can see this as a child's picture with a couple of lines of the poem on each page and a large illustration.
Love it.


LA at 16:20 on 03 July 2018  Report this post
Wonderful, Mike! So delightfully daft.You've made me smile yet again!  smiley


Jojovits1 at 18:25 on 04 July 2018  Report this post
Fabulously effortless rhyming, Mike!

i could easily see this as a children's book smiley!


Thomas Norman at 18:57 on 05 July 2018  Report this post
Agree with the others, it's a super quirky poem that kids would just love.


Bazz at 22:00 on 06 July 2018  Report this post
hi mickey, love the ryhmes in this. there's a great sense of fun throughout, children would certaiinly love it, though i do wonder just where the hippo was coming from in the first place...! :)

poemsgalore at 14:15 on 07 July 2018  Report this post
Oh this is such an easy, relaxing read Mike. I love the mention of half a crown. Very nostalgic. I can just see this in a childrens book of poems. 

Cliff Hanger at 19:04 on 07 July 2018  Report this post
Cute and great fun.


Mickey at 08:57 on 08 July 2018  Report this post
Hi guys
Thank you all so much for your kind remarks. ‘Deightfully daft’ - praise indeed for my kind of stuff. Thank you Lesley. Bazz, he was obviously coming back from the Hippodrome!  Kathleen, yes I often use ‘old money’ in my poems. It’s so much more friendly (and human) than ‘twelve and a half pee’. And tanners, florins, bobs, and half-a-bar are more easy to rhyme with too!!  Thanks again everyone

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