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The bald Bardís solution

by Mickey 

Posted: 01 July 2018
Word Count: 68

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There once was a Druid who made up a potion
from washing-up liquid and calamine lotion
which at noon on the day of the mid-summer solstice
he applied to his head as a medical poultice
(without this protection he’d previously learnt
that a Grand Wizard’s bonce can be easily burnt)
but with green Fairy Liquid and pink calamine
his rites went alright, and his head felt just fine.

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Comments by other Members

LA at 12:30 on 01 July 2018  Report this post
laugh Love it! Good to see you back on on form! 


poemsgalore at 13:12 on 01 July 2018  Report this post
Absolutely brilliant Mickey. Could have done with this concoction in 2013 when I lost ALL my hair, it would have been interesting to see if it worked. Although I'm not a grand wizard, so I suspect not. blush  Totally loved this though.

joanie at 20:58 on 01 July 2018  Report this post
Oh, that's brilliant, Mike.  Love it!!


James Graham at 21:24 on 01 July 2018  Report this post
Hear, hear! Good to see you back. It's a relief to know that the Druid's concoction works - a poem beginning the way yours does could easily end with him dying a horrible death, but instead 'his head felt just fine'! I like that. I'll add more on this poem soon.


James Graham at 21:30 on 03 July 2018  Report this post
Not much more to be said – not because it’s inferior stuff but because it’s perfect! Perfectly rhymed and a very satisfying little success story. This must be a modern Druid, judging by the ingredients of his novel sunscreen, but talk of Druids takes me back into the mists of time. Narrative poems, usually ballads, written in these long-ago times tended to end horribly. At the very least, an eagle would have taken a fancy to the potion and pecked at his skull. Not so in this story. I like the way everything goes according to plan, with no hint of doom.
There is something else worth remarking on – the story does bring the high and mighty down to the level of the rest of us. The much revered Grand Wizard worries about sunburn. ‘A Grand Wizard’s bonce can be easily burnt’ is a line that does this better than any other.

Thomas Norman at 18:53 on 05 July 2018  Report this post
Brilliant!! James has covered it, I can add no more. Good to see you back mate, don't stay away so long again.


Mickey at 08:59 on 08 July 2018  Report this post
Thank you all for reading and commenting 

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