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A Passing Smile

by Zettel 

Posted: 13 March 2018
Word Count: 163
Summary: More about the profound value of laughter and humour than just a single comic. Not my personal favourite comedian but one much-loved across class. Always broad, rarely smutty and never obscene. Eccentric personal life but deeply knowledgeable about humour. A closet intellectual apparently.

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A Passing Smile

Did you strut the world-wide stage
wielding power to both save and kill?
No, but I touched a power without rage
that lies deep within us still

Was science your domain
of truth, certain, sure, without doubt?
No, but I treated cant and bias with disdain
that a sense of the absurd might come out

Were you a thinker, a philosopher so wise
clever thoughts with clever words revealed?
No, but I touched many hearts without lies
to better selves and honesty appealed

Were you doctor, lawyer, or teacher hired
to save or serve or pass on the ways of man?
No, but my work a sense of fun inspired
and throughout a sense of humour ran

Were you perhaps a priest to show the proper path
or higher still, a king, a queen, or better still a god?
No, with sublime silliness I just made the whole world smile and laugh
a simple, funny, good-hearted man called Dodd.


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