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The Truth of Santa Claus

by Mickey 

Posted: 08 December 2017
Word Count: 493

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Here is a recycled seasonal offering from the archive which I hope you’ll enjoy again.  I don’t think from earlier comments that I managed back then to convey exactly what I was trying to say and I’d really like to explain why I wrote this piece in the first place.  I honestly and genuinely DO believe that Father Christmas is real.  Whenever I tell anyone this I tend to get strange looks.  But let me explain.
I see Father Christmas as being just as real as the Holy Spirit – indeed, I believe Father Christmas to be an aspect of the Holy Spirit.  Once a year, a universal surge of goodwill descends upon parents the world over and their love is made manifest through the leaving of presents.  Our spiritual connection with the source of all being is through the head chakra which is traditionally represented graphically by the halo, and which can be seen metaphorically as the chimney to the home of our being (our hearts if you like) down which the Holy Spirit in the guise of Father Christmas descends.
J M Barrie was particularly profound when he had Tinkerbell advise the Darling children that a fairy dies every time a child no longer believes, and that is equally true of Father Christmas.  It is not until we become parents ourselves that he is resurrected and we understand the real truth.  My two grandsons are 12 and 5 this year, so I am especially looking forward to that almost palpable air of magic that only exists each Christmas Eve after the shops have finally closed.
A very Merry Christmas to you all
Santa Claus
I found my small son crying
and asked, “What’s this about?”
He said there was no Santa Claus –
of this he had no doubt.

I cuddled him and gently asked
what put this in his head.
Apparently, at school today
some bigger boys had said.

“They said it’s you and Mummy
who leave the toys for me
and Father Christmas doesn’t come
to bless our Christmas tree”

He looked at me imploringly
I had to put him right
and tell him where I knew his presents
came on Christmas night.

“If it’s Mummy or it’s me
as these big boys believe,
why do we never leave you toys
except on Christmas Eve?

And why do you think Mummy
or that Daddy would do this –
Don’t you think, if it were us,
we’d want a great big kiss

when you wake up on Christmas Day
to presents on your bed? –
and wouldn’t we wait anyway
till Christmas Day instead?”

I told him Father Christmas loved him
more than he could know
and, so long as he believed in him,
that love would never go.

His small face shone, the tears had gone.
Love filled my very pores,
I knew the reason I’d been born –
and the truth of Santa Claus.
© Mike Lewis 2002

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 20:47 on 09 December 2017  Report this post
It’s a very engaging poem, Mike, with effortless rhyming and a delightful story of a tearful child being comforted and reassured. There are ‘bigger boys’ like that in every playground and they take a sadistic delight in reducing the little ones to tears by telling them there’s no Father Christmas.

But when it comes to your theology I’m afraid you lose me. Certainly the Hindu-Buddhist-New Age concept of chakras is fascinating, represented as it is by the beautiful lotus flower. It’s a finely-tuned, complex web of ideas which must work for many, but I’m an outsider I’m afraid. I’ve never come across anything like your Father Christmas mythology, it’s new to me, but I can’t swallow it. In fact I remember quite clearly, when at a certain age I expressed doubts, my mother confirming for me that there’s no Santa Claus. I was to see myself as a big boy now, and the Santa Claus story was for the little ones. She enrolled me in a benign adult conspiracy – I must keep the secret and not become one of those ‘bigger boys’. As far as I remember I think I took that pretty well. I suppose your story could be seen as an alternative: as the children grow older, incorporate their childhood belief into a more adult version.

You first posted this in 2004. I was with WW then but don’t remember reading it. Thanks for recycling it. I hope other members will comment; they may have a different perspective.


Thomas Norman at 19:36 on 10 December 2017  Report this post
Sorry Mike but I can't swallow this. You can't really believe in Father Christmas!
How many are there? Must be millions and how do they manage in houses with no chimney? And who pays for all those billions of presents and have you ever seen a reindeer fly and.... I could go on but will refrain. 


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