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When itís just not working

by Sam Rix 

Posted: 10 February 2004
Word Count: 237
Summary: The darker side of love's nature

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When itís just not working

When two are people angry, their trust has been shattered
Their emotions are torn and their priorities are scattered
Voice are raised, as their tempers are frayed
The harsh words are mouthed in the games that are played.
Stubbornness creeps in and resentment is vented
All the trust and love has become un-cemented.

Sheís erratic, moody and a bitch
Sheíll start avoiding you now and snidely digging that ditch
Perfection is impossible, satisfaction canít be always guaranteed,
Regardless of all the dreams that you seed
The woman is unreadable, unreasonable, condescending and full of spite
Every little sarcastic comment she makes deserves another bite!

Heís an ignorant pig, full of himself
He sulks and he struts, he sits on the shelf
The man is an ass, he thinks heís always right
He wonít stop and just listen, heíd rather just fight.
Little boys always act, will they never think first
Iím not just his toy, if I donít scream I will burst!

After the tulmet, after the pain
We tip toe around each other, careful again.
Now youíre tired, now you are sore
Realisation creeps in, as love tiptoes for the door.
Take a moment to ponder, a moment to evaluate
Ego and pride are worthless when losing your mate

Just remember, get it in your head
No one wins when coldness creeps between you in your home and in your bed.

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 13:56 on 11 February 2004  Report this post
I am kind of surprised that this close to Valentine's day, nobody has yet commented on this. The penultimate stana is a solid reminder not to throw it all away. Write on.


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