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Patience and Sarah

by ronaldanne 

Posted: 09 August 2017
Word Count: 116
Summary: This is my entry to the call for love poems. It is not my forte. The poem is inspired by a bit of history from the American frontier.

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Inspired by Mary Ann Willson
Patience drove the mule,
breaking furrows to sow
their lover’s dreams in stony ground.
Her hands molded to the
curves of wheel and plow,
molded to the sweep of Sarah’s waist.
Sarah saw the world clear.
Her eyes and artist’s brush
painted her vision
with the sweet-light of a setting sun
and the ash-soft glow of moonlit fog.
Born to walk awhile under a different sky,
these women crossed the earth like water.
Made no secret of what was between them.
Bound in the intimacy of winter light,
fragrance in summer shade
where mysterious sparks reveal themselves,
a rare benediction to the full flush of passion
within the tumult of sisterhood.

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 16:05 on 09 August 2017  Report this post
Hello Ron - I've posted a comment in the archive, on your previous poem 'Farmhouse Evening'. I didn't want to let it pass without saying a few words. This new one looks impressive.


Cliff Hanger at 16:37 on 09 August 2017  Report this post
Hi Ron

Your poem has made me want to re-acquaint myself with a book I have 

'I Dwell in Possibility: Women Build a Nation 1600 - 1920' by Donna M. Lucey

There are some photographs in there that mirror your poem completely. This is a perfect love poem. A love poem to the human spirit and to sisterhood. 

I'll comment more when I grab more time.


joanie at 17:55 on 09 August 2017  Report this post
Hi Ron,

On first reading this is wonderful.  I love the descriptions of the very different women.  Although their physical appearance isn't really stated, the reader has a really clear image of them, I feel.   I like the mini-reptitions:  'molded to the curves...', molded to the sweep.... ,  sweet-light/ash-soft,  winter light/summer shade'.

The images are beautiful.  I am inspired to find out the story behind it. .... or is it just a general reference rather than a specific storyline?



Mickey at 19:25 on 09 August 2017  Report this post
Hi Ron

I've just checked out the Mary Willson and her partner Ms Brundage story.  Fascinating, and I'm so glad you gave the reference for the inspiration for this super poem.  I wish more US poets (and other English speaking poets) knew of and would join Writewords.  Several years ago, I belonged to the now-defunct ThoughtCafe site and I developed quite a few on-line friends with poets from the US and Australia and the different insights that they brought to the site were really useful.  A really lovely piece.  Thank you


ronaldanne at 02:18 on 10 August 2017  Report this post
Hi Joan,

Yes this poem has a specific story behind it. If you look up Mary Ann Willson on Wikipedia you will find it there.

Thank you,


ronaldanne at 02:30 on 10 August 2017  Report this post
Thank you Mike. I'm happy you looked up the story. It adds something special to the poem knowing the story behind it. 

I agree about the relationships we can develop online, especially true for writers I believe. I have urged several of my friends to look at Write Words and consider joining, so we shall see if I have any influence. For myself I am happy to have come to this site through my friendship (virtual) with Oonah. I have learned so much interacting with you all. I am truly grateful.


ronaldanne at 14:44 on 11 August 2017  Report this post
Hello Jane,

I looked up I Dwell in Possibility and it looks so interesting I have ordered a copy. This is the kind of history that draws and holds my interest. It also plays an important part in my poetry as I find inspiration in these histories. Thank you for mentioning this book.


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