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Disco Dan

by Mickey 

Posted: 08 July 2017
Word Count: 107

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Disco Dan
is the disc-jockey man
playing at the
Liquid Lizard Lounge.
He doesn’t do chart,
he’s the state-of-the art
as his double-decked
discs spin around.
With his tricks in the mix
he attracts all the chicks
who are queuing up
to offer him a ride.
While his strong steroid pecs
means he’s never short of sex,
Dan does a dose a
dealin’ on the side.
All the tic-tac touts,
and the limp lager louts,
and the bomber boys
with Beemers beefed to roar.
When they wanna stash a hash
and they’ve got the ready cash,
know that Dan’s the man
to ask for at the door.

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 14:52 on 08 July 2017  Report this post
Arnie has disappeared again! Seems a pity to consign that poem so soon to the dim cellars of WW archives. It would have been interesting to have a little discussion of it, even if you don't want to try a new version.


Cliff Hanger at 12:28 on 11 July 2017  Report this post
The liquid lizard lounge seems a suitably grubby venue for Disco Dan.

with Beamers beefed to roar

Is a particularly testosterone filled image and very believable. I feel I need to wash my hands after reading this for some reason.


James Graham at 19:52 on 11 July 2017  Report this post
Quite clever, Mike. Cheeky. Streetwise language, as far as I know. As Jane says, ‘Liquid Lizard Lounge’ is just the name for the sleazy joint Dan the man and his clientele frequent. And the ‘Beemers beefed to roar’ is a nice turn of phrase, and so is ‘strong steroid pecs’. (I had to look up ‘Beemers’ in the Urban Dictionary; it says 1. a BMW, 2. a nice car.) This is neat too:
With his tricks in the mix
he attracts all the chicks

But it’s not one of your best. I’ve a feeling you might agree with me about that. Maybe it’s just the subject. It’s an amusing sketch of this guy, but there’s another side to him – he stashes cash at the expense of misguided youth, and he takes advantage of misguided chicks. He deserves more of a blast, a much more caustic piece of satire.


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