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A Sense of Tragedy

by Zettel 

Posted: 31 May 2017
Word Count: 149
Summary: I wanted to post something to recognise at least the tragedy of Manchester. The new poem, as you have rightly shown isn't really up to it. This earlier poem seems more appropriate. It needs no further comment.

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A Sense Of Tragedy

Turn your eyes
our pain
I beg of you
look look
see what you
yes you
not your God
have done

Wash your hands
not of
our blood
feel feel
sense the hate
you yes you
not your God

Come close,
to the whisper
of our fear
hear hear
the cry of justice
you yes you
not your God
have stilled

Smell our flesh
life’s fragrance gone
shame's odour clings
smell smell
the rankness
of tarnished faith
you yes you
not your God
have betrayed

Taste the fetid air
choking hope
savour love’s despair
taste taste
the spice of hate
the salt with which
you yes you
not your God
have seasoned death

Sense the senselessness
of your act
see feel hear our loss
think think
we are your sons
your daughters, who
you yes you
God help you
have destroyed

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