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by Josiew 

Posted: 09 April 2015
Word Count: 92
Summary: Spring brings with it renewal of many things

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The sun  shines warm upon the earth;
     The clouds send lots of rain;
Plants burst through the damp spring soil:
      It’s renewal time again.
Birds are dashing here and there
     And it’s so very plain
That when a million nests are built
      It’s renewal time again.
Buds burst forth upon the trees;
     The farmers plant their grain
And with warming sun and gentle rain
      It’s renewal time again.
We humans smile much more in spring
      And forget our aches and pain
For Easter’s here; then summer-time:
       Renewal time’s here again!

Copyright 2015

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Comments by other Members

Bazz at 16:32 on 09 April 2015  Report this post
Hi Josie, i'm afraid this is still in the archive and not in the group, did you click on Flash Poetry during the uploading? if not it will be uploaded, but just go generally to the site, and not any one group.

trina1011 at 16:42 on 09 April 2015  Report this post
Hi Josie, I love how you have captured the key events and the essence of Spring in this poem. The poem has a natural fluidity to it that is very hard to achieve, so well done! I look forward to reading more of your work.


Josiew at 17:02 on 09 April 2015  Report this post
Ah well, I think I will leave it here.  It's difficult to get around this site as a newbie.  Thank you.

Bazz at 17:09 on 09 April 2015  Report this post
Ok. I hope my directions were of some help, i know this site can get you in a bit of a muddle at first. I will consider it part of the challenge, even if its not in the group :)
The poem really captures the sense of change and perfectly evokes a sense of renewal, I like that you've caught the sense of it as a cycle, a constant process, that "we humans" need.
Thanks for the contribution :)

V`yonne at 14:10 on 12 April 2015  Report this post
I'm sorry I didn't comment before, I didn't know it was here.

We humans smile much more in spring
      And forget our aches and pain

Well it's a bit chilly up here in the North today but this is certainly a bit of spring.

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