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Pinocchio and the Talking Cricket

by Thomas Norman 

Posted: 19 February 2015
Word Count: 281
Summary: I'm proud to announce that this poem has been accepted for publication in the Spring edition of The Linnet's Wings. I would also like to thank James for his invaluable help in revising my original version.

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No Pinocchio, you did not kill me. You failed.
When the hammer sailed through the air, you failed. And there began your trail of troubles!
Mad at Geppeto, getting locked up for neglecting and abandoning you.
So you left, wandering on your fatuous quest. Acquired a few coins for doing tricks;  
 a piece of pine! Fathead. What do you know of the world?
Then that beauty, the blue-haired fairy you found in the woods. I could have told you a thing or two about her devious ways.
Oh yes, I know about her. Thought she was the one for you didn’t you; promised to turn your coppers to gold. Blockhead!
Fairies only exist in the imagination of dunderheads. Yes, yes, I know she promised to make you rich, the sly beauty, just
       wanted your coppers, idiot.
And where is that gold? On a magic island she said, with a Golden Eagle waiting to fly you  there. So off you trundle to the
      coast, and what do you find? A seagull!
Of course he agrees to fly you to the magic island; in return for half the gold! More fool him!
So did you find the promised gold? Poppycock! Of course you didn’t.
Then back you go to the blue-haired fairy’s cottage, only to find an old hag! I could have told you. No gold, no fairy beauty and
      not even the coppers you started with.

And now you come crawling back to Geppetto, heart broken, rotten with decay. Be thankful he took you back woodenhead.
But I’m still here Pinocchio, and I know those secrets in your rotted heart..
All your dreams have come to this: A table leg!


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Comments by other Members

Bazz at 12:42 on 19 February 2015  Report this post
Congratulations Thomas, brilliant news. I really liked this, and i'm glad its found a home :)


Also, I love the revision.

James Graham at 21:26 on 19 February 2015  Report this post
Congratulations, Thomas. As Jeeves would have said, 'I'm most gratified that I have been of some service, sir' - but the idea was yours entirely and quite an inspiration!


Thomas Norman at 07:49 on 20 February 2015  Report this post
Many Thanks Barry and James. smiley

FelixBenson at 10:32 on 20 February 2015  Report this post
Congrats Thomas.



nickb at 15:16 on 21 February 2015  Report this post
Congrats Thomas, I really enjoyed that.  In fact the more times I read it the better it got, and I love the ending.


Thomas Norman at 18:22 on 21 February 2015  Report this post
Thank you Kirsty and Nick. I am over the moon about being published.  smiley

V`yonne at 11:28 on 24 February 2015  Report this post
This started out as a good poem and then it took on a new life of its own and I am sure the readers of the Linnet's Wings will enjoy it!

Thomas Norman at 18:27 on 24 February 2015  Report this post
Thank you Oonah, I do hope so. The little extras that James suggested made it sit up straight!  smiley


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