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by Sham 

Posted: 11 June 2014
Word Count: 853

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Hello, Readers ! Presenting You a new character, an International Exports Manager who often used to travel all around the world for commercial purpose . His job is to deliver the relevant products to the related person at the concerned place .
One day, he had a journey to a new place .
He was about to accomplish his job but with two items left. One has to be delivered to a policeman named “RICHARD” and another to the captain of a ship named “RIC HARD”. The place where the items to be delivered were the same but for two different people . But, unfortunately, the manager misplaced the delivery items .
The captain of a ship, Ric Hard left the shore with the delivered item . But, once the policeman, Richard opened it , he realized that, it should have been misplaced . Moreover, the name mentioned was incorrect . Then he shouted at the manager “How dare you misplace my parcel !, Can you realize how much does it means to me ?”. The policeman, Richard asked the details of the misplaced parcel and said “Go get the parcel or else you 'll be imprisoned . I 'll be eagerly waiting for your return in the shore and how would you return will decide your fate ”.
The manager felt sorry for his irresponsibility but he reached the ship with a fastest boat. He planned to enter inside the ship by pretending as if he is choking and men inside the shipcould help him with it . And he does as he planned . He met Ric Hard , captain of the ship and he decided not to say the truth to him . The manager entered Ric Hard's room without his permission and became surprised that the parcel was not yet been opened . When the captain with white attire entered his room silently, the manager got shocked and screamed as if he has seen a devil . He was holding the parcel in his hand . The captain got confused about what he was doing in his room . He manipulated Ric Hard by saying “This is a nice decorated parcel I have ever seen”. Then the captain grabbed that from him, kept it in his wardrobe, locked it and kept the key in his pant pocket .
While the dinner, he crawled down the dining table toward RicHard . But once he struggled and reached Ric Hard, he raised his hand towards Ric Hard 's pant pocket . Then suddenly Ric Hard has got away from his seat and went off to sleep . In the account of which, he got tired and also hunger. At late night, he entered the captain 's room silently, then he put his hand into Ric Hard 's pant pocket but he found nothing because he was in his night dress . Then he tried to open the cupboard for his pant to take the keys but it was fixed so tightly and when he opened it, he got a big hit after which he felt unconscious . Then he ran slowly into his room and ended the day saying “What a bloody hell day I had !”.
Then the next day, he did not lose his hope . He saw the captain swimming in the swimming pool . Then he realized this is the right time to take the keys .” A guy who was passing by, ran towards him , pushed his into the water and said “Have a great swim buddy”. Then he screamed as he don 't know to swim but he was survived by the people over there .
Then he went to the small church inside the ship and cried “Oh my God ! What a day you have given to me ! It was a simple mistake done by me”. And said everything that happened from the beginning till then . Suddenly, he heard a voice “Why can 't you say it before ?”. He was shocked “Oh God ! Is that you speaking to me ?”. But it was happened to be the voice of Captain, Ric Hard . Ric Hard, being overwhelmed, exchanged the item . Then he realized by the captain 's kindness that, he could not have gone through the bad situations if he was truthful .
Eventually, he reached the shore and returned the desired parcel to the policeman, Richard . Richard had before said that the parcel means a lot to him . When he opened it, he found that it was just “A small plastic watch”, which may cost just 3-5 dollars and that was a small but precious gift by Richard 's wife . The manager exclaimed that “Till now, I have been playing with my life just for a small plastic watch and laughed at himself ha,ha,ha,.....!”.
The story brings out that
  1. Not to take even small things carelessly.
  2. Things can be done with comfort whenbeing truthful .
  3. How so ever the thing may be, it could mean a lot to some people .

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BILLINGTON at 21:12 on 03 September 2014  Report this post
It would help if it was, er,  written in colloquial English.

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