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The Mistake of a Lifetime

by anneearly 

Posted: 14 May 2014
Word Count: 742

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    That desperate little girl. That monster of a friend, or should I say frenemy. No, we are not friends anymore, not after that move. Lucy has always been the Karen of the group. Not fitting in with her childish jokes, horrendous wardrobe, and her abhorrent makeup that was always smeared. She looked like a sack potato hopping along to each class, speaking to no one. I used to feel bad for her, now I hope she dies.
    It started last night when I walked in on her sleeping with my boyfriend. We were talking and he suddenly hung up. No goodbye or anything. I knew Jason too well to know that he wouldn’t just hang up, at least I thought I knew. I called back several times. I texted him to make sure everything was ok. He did not respond. I was a worried mess. I ran to my car and drove to his house, plowed through the front door, and I ran to his bedroom to find him with another girl. But not just another girl, he was with my friend.
    I didn’t sleep that entire weekend. I spent all those nights deleting all of my conversations, pictures, and videos with both of them. I defriended them on every social network and vowed to never speak a word to either of them again. I just lost two close friends, but they lost respect from the entire grade. Within a day everybody in the 10th grade knew about it. Within a week, everyone at Lake View High School knew about it, and they knew I was the victim. But why did he do it?
    That’s the question I’ve been working up the courage to ask Jason. I asked my best friend Blake what he thought I should do. He said that, being a boy, he understands how Jason is feeling right now. I didn’t believe him though because I know for sure that he would never cheat on his girlfriend, Emily. Then, on accident, I drowned out all of Blake’s ideas because I thought of a plan. Maybe if I could get Blake to ask me out on a date, Emily would get mad at me. She is my friend, like Lucy was, and I could take Blake from her. Then, I would be happy again and prove to Jason that I’m over him.
    Throughout those next couple weeks, I hung out with Blake a lot and I finally asked him if he liked me. We decided that we could secretly date until he could officially break up with Emily. Of course, someone leaked this information to Emily and she was horrified. She said she never wanted to talk to me again. At first, I thought that my plan was working out wonderfully, but later that night I realized that I was hurting other people to help myself through a hard time. I didn’t want to lose Emily as a friend, but then it was too late.
    My whole world had been turned upside-down. I watched three of my closest friends, Jason, Lucy, and Emily, walk away from me. Sure, I got closer to Blake, but that only happened because I ditched another friend. What was I doing? Who was I turning in to?
    I remember the envy that I felt when Jason cheated on me. He was the perfect boy with brown locks covering his forehead, but stopping right before his Emerald green eyes. Tall, handsome, and mature. What else could I ask for? I made Emily feel the pain that I felt because I was jealous. I decided that I needed to talk to Jason.
    That conversation started off excruciatingly awkward, but we finished it both laughing at our immature humor. Jason and I were perfect as a couple because we understood each other. He explained that Lucy made him do things that he was uncomfortable doing. Yes, he should have just walked away, but I had the possibility of getting my best friend back and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.
    As we sat in his truck in the farthest parking spot in the school lot, he asked me if we were friends again. I said, “just friends.” Then, he pulled me in close for a goodbye kiss and we walked in to school together. As we were holding hands, walking through the halls, we got plenty of stares, but I didn’t mind. I had Jason back.

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