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Another Spring

by Zettel 

Posted: 25 April 2014
Word Count: 56
Summary: Nothing specific - just a melancholic wet April day.

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Another Spring
Age is like
a non-returning Spring
full of passion
that will not be satisfied
full of hope
that will not be fulfilled
full of love
that will not be returned
full of life
that will not be survived
And full of longing
for another Summer, Autumn, Winter
and yes, oh yes
another Spring

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 19:53 on 27 April 2014  Report this post
This is a real inspiration. We conventionally compare age with Autumn, but identifying it with Spring is a novel idea that really works. My first reaction – after the initial ‘wow’! – was that it’s true: given decent health we don’t necessarily feel we’re in our ‘declining years’. Even given less than decent health, the spirit can be strong. It’s possible in old age to feel pretty much as ‘full of life’ as ever.
I like the way the poem, at the end, looks forward to another Spring. If there is another, the thoughts contained in the poem may come round again: maybe this time the hope, love etc won’t survive. Yet after that there may be still another Spring; another three, five, ten. But every one is precious and appreciated. Or, put it another way, in old age we value life even more.
The form of the poem works perfectly. The first ten lines are like calls and responses, or it’s as if there were two voices, one contradicting the other. Positives are balanced with negatives – but the poem ends positively. It seems at first to be a complaint against old age, but the lasting effect is affirmative.
The simple device of making the title and the last line the same is one that often has the effect of making a poem seem cyclical; I’ve never seen it work better than it does here. Thank you for this poem – it’s surely one of your best.

Zettel at 00:49 on 28 April 2014  Report this post
Thank you james.

The more personal a poem is the more one hopes that it echoes or resonates in another mind. I am thrilled to receive your comments. I can really never judge my own stuff.


Bazz at 18:22 on 29 April 2014  Report this post
This is a really striking piece. It says so much with such precision, it really resonates. Great work.

Zettel at 23:03 on 29 April 2014  Report this post
Thanks Bazz. Glad you like it.


V`yonne at 14:15 on 26 May 2014  Report this post
I love the idea

Age is like
a non-returning Spring

but why not make it metaphoric?
Age is
a non-returning Spring

also I thought that is you remove the capitals (I know they are a convention but ) you might give spring a double meaning so it seems that age dries up. The reinstate them in the last stanza.

And if you wanted to minimise further you could get rid of 'full of' everywhere except in the final instance.

a non-returning Spring
of passion
that will not be satisfied
of hope etc etc


And full of longing

will pack a real punch. I liked this very much!

desdillon at 09:47 on 17 June 2014  Report this post
Reminds me that as we get older it's gettign more difficult to experience pure joy.

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