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Post-modern munchies

by Bobo 

Posted: 24 January 2004
Word Count: 45
Summary: Think this might be crap - undecided.

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The glamourising of the glamourless -
post-modern life at its most anal.
Celebrity-itis spores infect en masse
the blind, the dense, the banal.

Feeding off the glittery corpses,
chomping rotten flesh from off the bones -
social malnutrition readily overcome;
by association all shortfalls atoned.

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Comments by other Members

Elsie at 10:51 on 24 January 2004  Report this post
Hi Bobo, I like it - I guess you're referring to all those terrible, terrible reality tv shows, rubbish newspapers and 'celebs' like Jade and Jordan. "Feeding off the glitery corpses" - great.

miffle at 11:03 on 24 January 2004  Report this post
A sneer at the cult of Celebrity and yes who exactly is it who's supporting it...Found use of word 'malnutrition' shocked me/ stood out for me i.e. almost seemed blasphemous in this context conjuring images of Michael Buerk's Ethiopian famine reports...Surely the Western world is diseased and losing perspective when this is their famine! Not sure, however, that it worked as a poem for me...Will revisit...


NB meant 'malnutrition' stood out for me in a good way - not sure if that was clear (?)...

dr_mandrill at 11:11 on 24 January 2004  Report this post
Hi Bobo, this is scathing and witty. I definitely don't think it's crap, although I do think the second stanza stands out as being loads better than the first- just because every line in the second stanza is a killer.

Cheers then,


roovacrag at 11:18 on 24 January 2004  Report this post
Hi Bobo, I agree the second stanza was better than the first. I's not crap but very real and we can all say life is crap,TV especially.Short and witty. xxAlice

Bobo at 17:09 on 24 January 2004  Report this post
Elsie, miffle, dr m, Al - Glad you don't think it's total bollocks. It was actually a reaction to watching Jamie Oliver 'preparing' a bacon sarnie on the TV this morning...don't know why but it just sent me off on one! I might revisit it later and work on it a bit. Miffle - Thanks for your comment on 'malnutrition' - it seems to me that much of society is mentally malnourished...couch potato-itis! That 'CELEBRITY' is increasingly worshipped both upsets and deeply amuses me!


BoBo x

Fearless at 12:22 on 25 January 2004  Report this post
Marshall McLuhan once said
'The medium is the message.'
Intelligence is down
the BBC is dumb.
Obesity is up
daytime TV is scum

We are all created equal
but worship before the box
prostrate to television
that just tittilates and shocks

Discomforted by this
I promptly pour another drink
Za vashe zdorovye!


P.S. It's not crap.

Bobo at 08:46 on 27 January 2004  Report this post
Fearless - I really like that! It says so succinctly what I tried to put across in my own clumsy way! 'We are all created equal but worship before the box' - superb!

BoBo x

Chem at 11:11 on 10 February 2004  Report this post
This is great and so true:

"Celebrity-itis spores infect en masse"

I relate to this feeling so much.
I can't stand that (so-called) celebrity has become the new religion.
What has society come to? Why are they so interested in the 2 dimensional caricatures that get thrust beneath eyes every day.
I chose to ignore TV, Magazines and Newspapers. I have to, otherwise I would have to carry my soapbox around with me every day :-) And I think innocent by-standers are getting bored with me.
I just can't stand it though. Jordan was on the front of about 5 magazines last week and I wasn't even looking!

I am so pleased you feel the way you do. And many others too judging by the comments you have received. I like the way your poetry is so real.


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