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by James Graham 

Posted: 14 April 2014
Word Count: 64
Summary: Lewis Carroll's wonderful 'Jabberwocky' gave me a notion to write a nonsense poem. Not in the same league, but a bit of fun.

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Crumb and pie at our tiddly store!
Spangaloons and souperspoons,
Potty-pans and cranky-pots,
We sell pell-mell at Picayune’s.

Mousehole goods and preening stuff,
Harpoons, bassoons and pantaloons.
Buy any shrew and get one flea!
Full stupefaction at Picayune’s!

We’re open for muchness at scrutable hours:
Forenoons, high noons and laughternoons.
Our crises are low, our frivolity high;
Get queasy terns at Picayune’s!

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Comments by other Members

Bazz at 13:18 on 16 April 2014  Report this post
Haha, this is great fun, James! I love mousehole goods and laughternoons! Nonsense poems are a lot harder to write than you'd think, but i love to think of nonsense as an artform smiley

RalphFSmith at 14:06 on 18 April 2014  Report this post

This is great fun and I had a few good chuckles on reading and re-reading it.  Yes, Jabberwocky is a real inspiration as are the other Carrol poems and those of Edward Lear. 

Your title "Picayune's" used as the name of the nonsense store resonated with me from past reading of literature.  As I am sure you know, it is the name of what was the smallest coin of Spanish denomination (less than half a cent) that went out of circulation in the 18th century and continues in the language as being "of little value."  It's the perfect title for the poem!

The only change I would suggest is really tiny.  In the first line of the second stanza I think "stuffs" should be simply "stuff" which is already plural. 

Thanks for posting this,

James Graham at 13:52 on 19 April 2014  Report this post
Thanks, Barry and Ralph. No, I didn't know the full story of the Spanish coin, just that 'picayune' means 'of little value. 'Stuffs' is now 'stuff' and the queasy terns seem to be feeling better.


butterfly2000 at 08:18 on 20 April 2014  Report this post
Chuckleicious! The perfect start to my day :0)

FelixBenson at 10:22 on 21 April 2014  Report this post
Lots of fun to be had here, James, there's nothing more seductive than a nonesense rhyme. 

We’re open for muchness at scrutable hours:

It left me wanting more....who came into Picayune’s and what did they want to buy?

James Graham at 20:36 on 16 May 2014  Report this post
Glad you enjoyed this little piece of nonsense, Kirsty.

who came into Picayune’s and what did they want to buy?

It's where the Mad Hatter gets his hats. And they are 'By Appointment, suppliers of inkstands to Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts'. (The Queen throws an inkstand at the Lizard during the trial in the last chapter of Alice.) Maybe a follow-up is called for...


Midnight_Sun at 15:48 on 19 May 2014  Report this post
Really enjoyed this James, I could do with a few more laughternoons!

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