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Kid and Trip

by KMThornton 

Posted: 28 March 2014
Word Count: 314
Summary: This is my first attempt at writing. I see this as a book for 4 - 7 yr olds. It's about a boy who falls down and has little accidents all the time, inspired by my eldest son who has always been quite clumsy. Very much a work in progress so any/all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Kid is a boy who falls all the time, tangled up in nothing at all.
Even when he is standing as still as a tree he can bump to the ground in a flash.
Some say he is clumsy but Kid disagrees. He thinks something else is to blame.
He says it is Trip who is making him fall ‘cause he plays with his toes all the time.
“Don’t be silly” they say “There’s nobody there”.
But Kid doesn’t listen to them.
He just nods to himself as he wanders away with his stick and his ball in his hand.
He can feel Trip’s small fingers nudging at him, like a tickle that won’t go away.
And so Kid carries on, at school, in the park and gets bruises and scrapes every day.
But it isn’t much fun to be the only one who gets bumps on his knees and his nose.
So Kid tries to think how to shoo Trip away, stop him bumping and jiggling his toes.
At first he runs fast to leave Trip behind but as soon as he stops he falls down.
Then he tries to shout “BOO!” to scare Trip away but then stumbles and wobbles and falls.
He finds a high tree and climbs up up and up, but Trip clings to his heels all the way.
“It’s no use” Kid decides “Trip won’t go away”. He feels sad as he wanders back home.
Then one morning Kid wakes to his own special day. It’s his birthday, he’s grown and is older.
He has fun and plays games all day long with his friends, wining prizes and eating his cake.
As he lies down in bed he thinks back on his day. Then sits up with a jolt of surprise.
He didn’t fall down, not once, not at all! Trip has finally left him alone!

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