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Just Words

by James.Gosling 

Posted: 22 October 2013
Word Count: 424
Summary: Modern Love

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Letís hold a mug of coffee or three,
have you under the willow branch for me,
Lady I've never had anything that could possess, neglect,
and obsess over something so free.
Everything I've ever wanted, are hidden inside those gypsy moon lake eyes,
disguise your different sides to me.
Those horses in the distance donít make up for the web your spider legs did tread,
but darling your charming cold face melts my heart to gold,
and I donít see those old days that freeze up my soul.
Here my legs can only crumble at the very love I keep from me,
itís not like I mean to leave you in the backyard alley,
the rats have stolen my baby,
just take them as you watch me running, waiting to be freed.
That is what all these distance memories mean to me,
just a hazy walk through a hospital with no-one to see,
just your words dancing in my bed,
and not a care for the people that are laying down their heads.
My fairy-tale friends just remind me of all the things that should be done,
laughter brings me back to the days where I was cluing, dealing,
throwing my honesty away,
now itís for our pride that we've owed and grieved to pay.
Just bring the walls down on us with your bellows from the deep,
play our harps away into bliss,
and letís dance with jewels of the king that never sleep,
I can feel you there too crawling towards for my eyes they couldn't see,
itís not until youíre in these guilty opened arms baby,
that your sun can be seen from my boat lost at sea.
Save this empty black box white light for I cannot speak,
I have forgotten my voice so would you spend the time to teach,
this lonely old soul,
god only knows what heíll do when he finds out my body has been too weak,
to the evils, to the doves that fly down my street,
as you lay awake dreaming of me thinking so restlessly,
about the things that have become and never may be.
Take me away my love as you lose your time,
making me regret with cigarettes as I hang with you in rhyme,
over the rooftops they climb but we've always fallen behind, .
Hide me blindly in your soft blossomed head
through the doorway at the end of my bed,
so I may never see the sight of day that has forced us to drown and slide away.

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