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THE PEOPLE MANAGER’S TOOLKIT A practical guide to getting the best from people

by Karen Gately 

Posted: 20 June 2013
Word Count: 472

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If you thought that people management is all about the ‘warm and fuzzy’ stuff, think again.
People managers deal with a range of challenges, from keeping their staff engaged and performing at a high level to addressing absenteeism and bad behaviour, just to name a few. So it’s no surprise to learn that many leaders find themselves tested by the demands of a never-ending line up of ‘people issues’ which distract from the priorities of their teams, but help is at hand.
In The People Manager's Toolkit, People Management Specialist and author Karen Gately offers a suite of proven tools to help leaders manage their teams more effectively so that they can maximise productivity, optimise results and increase their bottom line. Cutting through the HR jargon and complex management theory, this book equips leaders to understand the things that matter most when it comes to getting the best from people.
A self-confessed ‘corporate hippy,’ Karen argues that leveraging the human spirit is the most powerful tool leaders have to dramatically shift behaviour and improve performance of employees. Through real-life case studies, readers will discover how doing this can profoundly impact people’s energy, commitment and passion at work.
“So many organisations don’t even scratch the surface of unleashing the full potential of their people and as a result, they achieve ordinary results relative to what they are capable of. Leading with integrity and compassion isn’t just about being nice and doing the right thing, it’s a non- negotiable priority in order to tap into the full potential of people,” author Karen Gately said.
This straightforward how-to guide also provides practical everyday solutions to common problems in the workplace. Readers will learn to effectively leverage tools to improve business results, whether your issue is getting people to do more than just the bare minimum, finding and hiring the right people when you need them, or any other issue that involves people and those who lead them.
Perfect for those who just need a little help keeping your people motivated through to leaders who have got so many problems that they don't even know where to start, The People Manager's Toolkit gives them the strategies and solutions to solve virtually any issue.
The People Manager’s Toolkit is an equally valuable tool for HR professionals. Whether you are looking to review your own efforts or influence the performance of people managers in your business this book will provide a framework for excellence in people leadership.
About the author: Karen Gately is a leadership and people-management specialist and founder of Ryan Gately. Working with top companies of all shapes and sizes, Karen is a highly regarded expert in achieving outstanding business performance through people.

If you would like to view a preview of this book you can visit au.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1118590899.html
The book is available for purchase at www.amazon.com/author/karengately

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