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War Crimes - article proposal

by James Graham 

Posted: 11 April 2013
Word Count: 173

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My idea is for an article about war crimes - about politicians who may be guilty of crimes against humanity but escape justice. I use one very prominent example - Henry Kissinger - whose alleged crimes were the subject of a book by the late Christopher Hitchens.

However, I want to give the article a new twist, a different perspective, by comparing Kissinger with Ďthe most notorious female serial killerí, Aileen Wuornos. In spite of her dreadful crimes, I feel some sympathy for Wuornos and will try to engage readersí sympathy too.

Basically itís the way those with power and those with no power are treated by the justice system, in individual countries and internationally. Itís potentially controversial, or at least there will be things said in it that are controversial.

I have to come clean here and admit this is an article I wrote, in first draft, some time ago - so Iím not starting with a blank page. But Iím now giving it a thorough revision and doing some updating.


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Comments by other Members

loopilil at 13:50 on 11 April 2013  Report this post
Hello James,

This outline tells us exactly what you are going to do without too much being given away. I have heard both names but dont know anything about either. I also like that the material will be controversial as I dont at the moment feel able to do that. I know that a well balanced article needs both sides of an arguement but I tend to avoid confrontation where possible. I look forward to reading your work

Jennifer1976 at 17:24 on 11 April 2013  Report this post
I'd be really interested to read this. I love a bit of controversy! Would you be writing it for somebody who knows a bit about the history, or somebody with little knowledge? Either way, I think this is a great idea for an article and look forward to reading it.

James Graham at 19:31 on 11 April 2013  Report this post
Thanks both - glad this sounds promising. I don't think the article should demand much previous background knowledge.


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