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Chick lit synopsis

by cacooper 

Posted: 22 March 2013
Word Count: 651

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We’re Amazing! - Synopsis

Emma is 25 years old and works, unhappily, in TV, on talent show “We’re Amazing.” As the novel opens she has just split up with Tim, her boyfriend of two years.

Emma and Cosmo, a sexy TV psychologist, go out on date, which goes well.

Emma produces her first show, which is a disaster largely due to Elle’s inexperience.

Emma’s flatmate Rachel has a dinner party because she wants to invite Damian, a colleague of Emma’s. She asks Emma to invite someone. Emma invites Nick as she doesn’t feel she can invite Cosmo but sends him home at the end of the evening.

She tells Nick she has only just come out of a relationship and doesn’t want another one, but she is happy for them to be friends.

Emma is delighted when Cosmo asks her to spend the weekend in the country with him.

Rachel tells Emma she might have seen her mum with a man. Emma thinks she must be mistaken.

At a work leaving do, Emma notices Damian leave with Elle.

Elle tells Emma about her night with Damian. She decides she should tell Rachel what happened but Rachel rushes out before she gets the chance. Emma’s Mum turns up saying she has left her Dad having been reunited with a childhood sweetheart on Facebook. Emma is appalled to hear she is having an affair but manages to persuade her to go back to Dad.

Elle is unexpectedly sacked by married boss Zak (which whom she is having an affair) as her fling with Damian becomes office gossip. Emma tells Rachel about Damian. Emma and Cosmo go out and bump into Nick in a bar.
Cosmo spends the night with Emma. Emma’s Dad rings and says her Mum is behaving oddly, asking for advice.

Cosmo asks Emma to move in with him. Rachel complains she thinks she was followed home. Emma tells her she is being paranoid.

Emma opens her door to have a flashgun go off in her face. It transpires Cosmo, psychologist and expounder of good family values, is not really a qualified psychologist. He also has a girlfriend he has recently abandoned with their child. Nick comes round to help and comfort Emma.

Back at work. Emma is expecting to be sacked, but is surprised to find Zak ecstatic at the publicity for the show, which now has soaring ratings and an extended commission. Emma is made executive producer of companion show “We’re Even More Amazing” but first Zak offers Emma the chance to spend a few weeks in a ski resort producing a documentary. Emma is unsure. Mum says Dad is making an effort but she’s still seeing Alan.

Cosmo calls Emma with his excuses and pleads with her not to leave him. Breaking her resolve to tell him to leave her alone, she says she will think about it. She tells Zak she’ll take the skiing job.

Emma leaves for skiing job with Damian. They are staying with Camilla, a very hearty chalet girl.

They start filming featuring resort manager Peter and assistant Mogul. Nick comes out to do advance press. Emma and Nick have a lovely day skiing together. Damian breaks three limbs. Cosmo calls, Emma tells him to leave her alone.

Presenter Mandy arrives in resort. Mum rings – she’s ditched her lover Alan.

On Christmas Day Mandy and Peter get together. Emma makes a drunken move on Nick but he rejects her.

Back at home, Emma discusses with Rachel whether to take Cosmo back and hatches a plan with Elle and Beki.

Cosmo is lured onto “We’re Even More Amazing!” for a showdown on live TV. Tim, Damian and Zak are also named and shamed.

Zak, although unaware of what Emma was planning, is delighted with the show and offers Emma another promotion. But Emma hands in her resignation before going out for dinner with Nick.

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Comments by other Members

LorraineC at 17:22 on 22 March 2013  Report this post
Hi Catherine, interesting synopsis, though the show sounds really cheesy. There were a lot of characters in this short synopsis, and I had to concentrate to work out who was who, and was with who. Also motivation wasn't always clear eg why did cosmos use a flash gun on Emma? He'd only just asked her to move in. What is the real essence of this wip, what would be your one line pitch? It's this that for me you need to bring out in your synopsis. Hope this helps. Lorraine

a.m.edge at 17:28 on 22 March 2013  Report this post
I agree with Lorraine. Lots going on here; loads of characters, which I guess is fine (I know in children's you're supposed to limit them) but what is the MC's journey? What does Emma learn by the end? What is the elevator pitch?

ShellyH at 18:14 on 22 March 2013  Report this post
I always think a synopsis can make something sound more complicated than it is, I know mine always do. I thought this was a bit confusing with so many characters, some just seem to come from nowhere with no explanation of who they are, like Elle and Beki. I think you need to cut back on the names, only mentioning the ones that really matter and are key to the main story. For instance, do you need to mention her mum and Alan? They just seem like more characters that don't need to be mentioned at this point. Concentrate on Emma and her story and motivation.

Pen and Ink at 18:20 on 22 March 2013  Report this post
I'm useless with synopses but for what it's worth I agree with the others. I found it a little confusing to follow with the number of characters - I also think Elle and Emma have too similar names. At the start I didn't know who Elle was as she suddenly appears. I suppose it's sticking with the main plot thread which is important and only mentioning other bits if they impact on the whole. I think it would help to know how it all ends up in terms of Emma's development.

eve26 at 19:25 on 22 March 2013  Report this post
I agree that I was a bit confused with all the names, had to keep reading back and it seemed a little flat.

When I got help on my synopsis I kept being told that the mc journey is vital and what development there has been.

cacooper at 13:33 on 23 March 2013  Report this post
Thanks - all useful. So it won't sound too one dimensional if I don't include the avarious sub plots?

a.m.edge at 20:32 on 23 March 2013  Report this post
I think you need to follow Emma in a 'cause and effect' kind of way.

Emma is 25 years old and works, unhappily, in TV, on talent show “We’re Amazing.” As the novel opens she has just split up with Tim, her boyfriend of two years.

Emma and Cosmo, a sexy TV psychologist, go out on date, which goes well.

Emma is 25 years old and works, unhappily, on TV talent show 'We're Amazing. As the novel opens, she has just split up with Tim, her boyfriend of two years, and is going out on a date with Cosmo, a sexy TV Psychologist to cheer herself up.

I think you have to show that sort of development through the novel, without being distracted by the various sub-plots. That's what I was told when writing children's fiction - might be different for chick-lit.

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