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The inward eye

by Hajira liaqat 

Posted: 19 February 2013
Word Count: 15823
Summary: This story relates to a really bad life of a man

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The Inward eye

5 January,6:34 am
It was a normal start of day,I was getting ready for my job , my wife was making breakfast and my son was getting ready for his school."Christina?"I called my wife,"yes."she replied me in an clear voice,"where is my volet?"I asked,"Its on your buissnes table."she replied,"buissnes table?"I asked,"the table which is filled wih your files and that all stuff."replied my wife,"thankyou."I said and went on that table,I took my volet,it was kept on my blue file.I kept it in my pocket and took my bag,it carried some important files of my office and went out,I said by to my wife , kissed my son and left for the office.I went on my to the bus stop which took me to Downtown where it was my office.It always arrived at 7:00 am,but that day it was five minutes.
I went inside that bus and sate down on the third seat like everyday,"Hello.",said mrs.Parker,she was an old lady,she was our nieghbour.Her husband died in an car accident.I also replied her with a smile on my face,I can count that was my last smile which I had.That bus like every day stoped at middle stop,some people got down of the bus and some came in.I remember a men ,he was wearing a black sout with a colour full tie,he cam and sate on the seat which was beside me and started to stare me.He kept staring and staring,"May I help you?",I asked,"Are you J ake Harrison?",he asked.I came in a shock,it is to wiered that a person which is unknown to you knows your name,"Yes,but hw do you know my name and who are you?",I asked but he didn't replied and holded my hand fastly,"Take a deep breath in.",he said.I got to tensed,"Who are you?!",I shouted and whole place changed I mean that whole bus,I know that is unbeliveable but it is true.It was to unbeliveable.That men was there,sticked at his place and the world around me went dark like I fainted.
5 January ,7:56 am
I can remember that the room in which I wokeup was all white,I mean it was all filled with lights,lights at roof,lights on walls and even it had no door.That setuation was like that,that some one has kept me in the grave,alive!.Well,I was in tention and was to tensed,that room's atmosphere was to numb.My head was hearting to death and I wanted to shout loud,I stood up and holded my head,"What!!!",I shouted,"What is this happening to me!"I said,"Mr.Jake Harrison,we are really happy to see you awake."a voice of man came in to my ears,at that time I felt a little relaxed,I calm down my self and asked"why I am here,can you tell me?","you are here for an requested period of time,it is concederd as your time to do something for us."that voice replied to me.I was not able to understand any thing,"For what I am here?",I asked then suddenly a wall slided up and an uptodate man entered in that room,after his entrance the door closed."Who you?",I asked ,"Jake i'm the person who you know must."replied that man,I got canfused,"I know must?,look man I'm really upset first of all and pleasetell me what is happening here?"I said ,"look into the pocket Jake.",said that man.
I looked in my pocket and sawed a 3.5 calleber revolver was full loaded,I took that out."whats this for?",I asked,"it is the thing which would save you and whole America."told that man,"whole America?what are you trying to say?",I asked,"Do you remember that your father before leaving you said some thing to you,ha?",asked that man,"yes,He said about Devil's eye,Yes the Devils eye.",I said,"yes,we have chosen ypu because you are the chosen one.You have to go to every place and kill some people which we say,you do not have to travel from any transport we will send you by our proven and guarented transport technology,just a flash and you are there."told that men.I got hyper,"what!I have to kill someone.",I shouted,"I'm not going to do this thing."I said and throwed the gun on floor."you have to do this for your family."said that men,"for my family?Oh please not that thing."I said,"If you do not belive then see this."said that men and took out a remote like thing from his pocket,he clicked a botton on that remote and the wall which was at my left slided up,I was shocked to see that thing,it was my family.They were .behinde a wall of glass and at the back of them there was a wall filled with 5 inches long pointy splinters,I ran towards my wife and son but thatwall stoped me.
"Christina!",I called my wife,"She can't hear you.Its a sound proff wall",said that man,I turned back and went to that man,"Who are you?"I asked again,"I can't introduce my self well."said that man.At that time in moment I thought a thing,that if I kill this man with his gun then?I looked thatgun and rapidely ran towards it,I took that gun and shoot three bullets on that man.But it was unbeliveable,he was standing alrigt in front of me,"I knewed that you would do this thing,Jake I'm not the real me.This is only my hologram projection with whom you are talking with."said that man,"and now is the time for real talk,we would first send you to Detroit,in a wedding of my very loving friend,you have to kill his son,you would have only 30 minutes and after your time limit ends,the wall which you are seeing behind would move forward,in one minute one inch and soon after you would see dead bodies of your son and wife,"he told and disappeard,I was to shocked to see my son and wife in this trouble,it was insane.
"Mr,Jake you have 3 minutes to prepare"the voice of that men which I first listend came.I was to dipressed and didn't knewed what to do,I took that gun in my hand and looked at my wife and son and thought that I was seeing them last time,I took a deep breath in and suddenly a big flash on light hited my my face and I fainted.
5 January,6:45 pm
I woke up in a bathroom,a mens bath room of an hotel,I first of all watched the time in my watch,it was 6:45,the whole day was about to end.I got up and sawed that the gun which was in my hand now it was in mypocket.The thing was that,that I have to kill that men without leaving any clue.I kept that gun back into my pocket.Walked out of the bathroom and went into the hall where that all thing was to be talking place.
Everyone was dressed traditionaly like wedding clothes,the grom was standing with the preast,he was wearing all black sout and colorfull tie,he was an good looking man and was young also,I wasn't welling to kill him but in the sake of my family I had to.I went where everyone was waiting for bride to come,and I was finding an easy way to kill the groom.I went and stood at the middle of crowd that any one there was unable to identify that who shoot him.The door opend and a women dressed all with with her maid of honour enterd,it was the bride,I slowly slowly took out my gun and hideingly pointed it towards the head of groom,that bride was walkig the way to the groom and I grabed the treager .I slowly slowly pushed it and the bullet was shoot!it happend to fast that I was also unabe to understant,the groom imediatly fell on the ground.The crowd started panic and I also ran towards the bathroom in which I was sent,I got in and sawed two cops there,I was shocked and ran out but suddenly one of the cop shoot me with stun gun and my body paralized and again that flash of light again came and all world went dark.
It was the same room in which I wokeup previosly,all white.My head wasn't paining this time and I was all energised.I dashly stood up and ran towards my son and wife.They were all alright and that voice came,"you had done a really great job Mr.Jake,we didn't hoped that and now you have to do a really dangerous job.""What kind of dangerous job?",I asked,"you have to steal a nuclear chemical fro the main lab of Pheladelphia."told that voice,"Wow,first tell me onething that I was caught by some cops,ha?",I asked,the reply didnt came,"hello?",I asked and a big change in my room came all the things around me started to changed,that room changed into the front gate of the main lab of Pheladelphia.I went again canfused but didn't concentrated on the other thing exept the thing what was I gonna do.
6 January,3:56 pm
I went inside the main gate and sawed two guards on the entrance of that lab,they were checking the entery card of the scientists,I was thinking that how can I get inside the lab and steal the nuclear chemical,and the I rememberd the thing which that man said,only 30 minutes.Then suddenly a voice came,"I had gave you your idea to go in,only you can hear me Jake,I'm your instructer f this mission and my name is Jerry,Jerry Malcolm."I had now some one's help and this felt really nice then being alone,"So Jerry,what I have to do now?",I asked,"I know that on the main entrance of the main lab of pheladelphia are two guards,right?"asked Jerry,"yep,so?"I asked,"So I would make a call to one of them and he would be bussy,you attack the other and take his place."told Jerry,I was canfused that there are two.If I would hit one the other would kill me,"umm....Jerry,If I would take the place of one the other would kill me?",I asked,"you would first hit one and then the other,now go and do not waste your time."said Jerry.
Suddenly,one of the guard had the phone call,he recived it and I went to the main gate to do my work,the guard asked"Who are you?","me?",I replied and took out my gun from which I killed my first hit,and fired a bullet staright on his forehead,the other guard turned back and I also killed him."Nice."said Jerry,"Are you a professional in this,man?"he asked,"I have few experiance of it,my father was in millitary."I told,"Good,ok now take off his clothes and wear them and go inside the lab."he said,"okay."I said and took of the clothes if one of the guards.I draged those both bodies beside the wall and left them there,and enterd the lab,"now go to the lift and go on 8 floor."told Jerry,"by the way,Jerry.How can I hear you?"I asked,"you have an ear deivice which makes you audible to me,ok.Now go."told Jerry.
I went to the lift and pressed the botton of 8 floor,the lift moved on and stoped on 8 floor.The door opend and I sawed a fat man in the clothes of scientist,he looked at me and asked,"George?""yes?"I replied in an strange voice of doubt,I was to shocked that I had only wore the clothes of the person named George then how he can't identiefy me by my face,"you would be thinking that how was he not able to identiefy you,it was because of an illusion made by the eye camera."told Jerry ,"what are you doing up here?"he asked,"say that you are here to check some security default in nuclear security."told Jerry,"um...ser,I'm here to check some security default in nuclear security."I said,"oh."said that man and enterd the lift.I was so relaxed when that man left me on 8 floor."So,was it alright?"asked Jerry,I took along breath in and left out,"Well,I think so,my acting was good,ha?"I asked,"Telling you honestly man,please don't mind,you act absaloutely disgusting,insane and bad."replied Jerry,I thought he would say that so I said,"Ok,now leave the stupied discution on my acting and tell me what to do.""your gealous man,well leave it so,you can see two gates in front of you right?"said Jerry,"Yes,I can."I replied,"The gate in the left of yours would lead you to the nuclear room,go and open it."told Jerry.I went to the door and sawed that it had an device attached to it like a touch scree monitor,it was to acsess the code to enter,"Hey Jerry,ma it ask the code,whats the code?"I asked,"I knewd that,that door would surely have code,so I found it out.It's code is,22734598."told Jerry,I typed the code and a voice came,"Check your passing card in slide."it commanded,"man Jerry,the passing card."I said,"oh,wait.I'm sending you that."he said and suddenly a card,a card with my name,photo and many more things of identifing came in my hand,now what was that,I talked to my self,"now put that card on the machine screen."said Jerry,I kept that card on the screen and the machine started to analys it,"you may go in."it said and the door opend,"Oh,It wasn't tough."I said,"Oh well it is inside so...."he said and suddenly his voice vanished,"Jerry?"I called,"Jerry!"I called again but no reply came,I became to worried about him.
"Oh man,where did you go now?",I asked,I didn't knewd why I was worring about him so much,he was nothing to me but only an instructor of my mission,well.Suddenly,his voice came again,"I'm back so--""where the hell had you been man!"I intrupted in between his talk,"I was doing some important work."replied Jerry,"Oh,so here was an important work for you,important then my life and my family,ha?"I asked,"No Jake,it was not like that,I was finding out that who is inside to inform you."told Jerry,"Yeah yeah yeah,do you know how much worried I was."I said,"About whom?",he asked,"About yo.....about my family."I said,"Lets get back on our work."he said,"Go inside,there are three man,one is the FBI officer,the other is an scientist and the last is an detective."he told,"OK,so whom I have to kill?",I asked,"you would kill the person who would intrupte you.okay?"he asked,"O...OK,so may I?"I said in an disturebed,"Are you ok,friend?"he asked,"Ye...yes I'm.....I'm fine."I said,"No man,your not.Do you want any help?"He asked,"Umm....yes,I want help.Because you have told me that there is an FBI officer inside,so I'm worried about that how would I have to deal him."I replied,"ok so,here I'm connecting your body to an fight expert here,he would move his body here and you there,and please don't worry about anything here.......it would be fine,ok."He said,"okay friend."I said and steped inside the door,it was like an big laboratary filled with many things,they looked all dangerous,"You do not have to take any thing from here,move towards the door of the left chamber of this lab,ok?"told Jerry,"Ok."I said,,"I can see a man at the side of me."I whissperd,"He is that FBI officer dear,get down and hide beside the table which is beside ya,ok?"he told."yeah."I said and bended down and hided beside that table,I slowly slowly walked with bended nies and went near to that FBI officer,I took out my gun,"stop!,don't hert him,if you would hert him another case would be charged on you,just stand up and leave it to me."said Jerry and I kept my gun back in my pocket,I stood up and that officer sawed me,"Hello,friend."I greeted and that offcer without speaking any word took out his gun and that was the thrilling point of my mission.When that man pointed the gun on my head at that point my left leg rapidely moved and hited his leg,that man fell down and his gun also droped on the floor,when he was on the ground my hands also moved and I grabed his hands and took out my gun and hited its handle on his head and that man fainted.That was to horrible,"Wow,what was that!?"I asked,"it was the thing of mine,man.How are you felling now?"asked Jerry,"Really good enough,now what?"I asked,"now,move into the left chamber."he said and I went to the door of the left terminal,it also had an identiety pass slide,I took out my card and slided card across that slide and that door opend,there was no one on front of me,"hey,Jerry,its no one here?"I asked " no one?"he asked,"yeah,no one is here inside my love."I said,"oh,I'm so sorry,it was actually like that,that two man are in another lab."he told,"Ok,now what and now I have only 10 minutes left."I said,"ok,now get inside and find an locker of steal wuthand code type on it,faster."he told and I went in side that chamber,it was also like a lab,without wasting anyone second pf my time.I went inside and started to find out the locker in which that chemical was kept and suddenly,when I was finding it behinde an table.
It was as big as shoe box,I took it out and sawed the code typer on it,"Hey Jerry,what is its code?"I asked,"The code is,987564,ok?"Told Jerry and I typed the code,that box opend,I took out that bottle of chemical,its color was red,red as blood.I kept that bottle inside my pocket and something in my mind happend.I felt a little sike,"Jerry,I'm feeling sike."I told and suddenly my eyes got sour and I fell down on the floor,I was also not able to breath properly,I listend Jerry's voice,"It will be okay,my friend."and the world got dark.
7 January,7:56 am
I again woke up in that room and sawed a men with red shert,and black jeans was setting beside me,he was also wearing glasses.He was to much good looking and his color was fair to.I woke up and tried to get up.I got up and asked him,"Who are you?""I'm your Jerry,man."he replied,"So you are Jerry."I said,"yeah."he said and I dashley huged him,he akso huged me and we both fell on the floor,Jerry was above me and I was beneath him,it was strange,he was huging me to tight,"Jerry?"I called and he took his head up from the ground,we both were to close to each other,our nose were in touch,
"What happend?"I whissperdly asked,"I don't konw why but you are the best person in my life I had ever met."he whissperdly replied and got off of me,I got up and asked,"Are you Okay?"Jerry turned around and I sawed his eyes filled with tears,"I know you would be not be able to listen this."he said,my mind got in trouble,"what is that thing about Jerry?"I asked and went near to him and holded his hand,he also holded my hand and tightly grabed it,"Jake,yo......your family...umm......your family is de,dead."he replied,I came in a big shock and my mind just got numb,for some time,I wasnt able to think."Jake,he killed your family at the point when he met them,in you house."he told,my eyes got filled with tears.My hands got cold,I sawed Jerry,"Jerry,then why didn't you told me first,ha?"I asked but he didn't replied,I got to much angry on him that time,I grabed his neck and made him fall on the ground,I got over him and asked,"Who killed them?""I don't konw his name my friend,really."replied Jerry "I really love you Jake,and if there was any way to get your family's life back I would have done,even in which my life was risked."he further said,I got to love n him,even larger then my wife,"I do not have any family Jake."he said and the truth was in his eyes,"I love you to Jerry Malcolm."I said and got off of him,he got up."I'm so sorry."he said,"Its okay."I said nd at that time I didn't felt that he was an stranger.
I went near to him and near to him and fell on his shoulder and huged him hard,"you are the only who I fell is mine,my own."I said ,"even my wife was also divorecing me and my son also hated me."I further told,"why?"asked Jerry,"Because,I'm a gay."I told,"ok."he said and took my head up from his shoulder and grabed my chin hard,"you know friend,I'm also."he said and kissed me on my lips,at that time I felt to comfort able and nice that some one was there to love me when no one was there .He had also the pain which I had,pain of losing his family,pian of being a gay,pain of hideing from the society around him which split on his face for what,for only being a gay.Well,I felt to comfortable in his arms,we both left our lips and he looked at me and touched my chiek by his back side of hand,it felt really good."Hey,you are my best buddy."he said,"I know."I said and stood up and he also got up,"I know,you are in a big shock of losing your family,would you come with me?"he asked,"how can I come with you in the middle of my work."I said,"your work is done now my friend."he told,"would you?"he asked,"yes,I would."I said.
He got his hand behinde my ear and took out little chip like thing out,"because of this you were able to hear me."he said and throwed that chip on the floor and breaked it down by his foot."Come."he said and we both went to the door of that room,I opend it and sawed the sun shining on the blue sky and a place,like a country side.It was beautiful.Jerry and I went out of that room and gote into Jerry's car.He started the car and it drived,"Jerry?"I called,"yeah."he replied,"I don't know how does it fells like,losing your family,but one thing has happend really good.I had got a friend like you."I said,"yeah,my mother died in front of me,she was an patient of cancer.She had brain tumor,and my father also died when I was age of 2."He told,"oh,then who raised you up?"I asked,"I was raised up in an orphanage."he told,"by the way,where are you taking me,ha?"I asked,"we are moving to Houston,Texas."he told,"but why,why aren't you taking me back to my city,my house?"I asked,"because you are now not Jake Harrison,you would change your identity."He told,"Why?"I asked,"because there are three cases on you."he said,"I would never leave that person who killed my family.I would find out that rat and kill him like a dog!"I shouted,"You are ought to take revenge from that dog,he had killed alot of inocent people."he said,"Yes,I would."I said.
7 January,10:30 pm
After driving of along time,we after all reached to Detriot,I was to tired and wanted to rest now,we were stil in the car,Jerry was taking me to his appartment,"How much time is left,to reach your appartment?"I asked,"5 minutes,or may be 4."replied Jerry,"Lay down on the seat,it would comfort you."he said,I layed on the seat and looked out of the window.Jerry was driving slowly so thats why everything outside was clearly availble.While looking out the window I sawed my old friend,Victor,Victor Watson.He was standing out of a resturant.He was my old friend,"Stop the car."I said to Jerry,"Why?"he asked,"My old friend is out side,please Jerry.I want to meet him."I requested,"okay."he said and stoped the car in front of the resturant.I dashly got out of the car and went to Victor and dashly huged him,he was canfused that who had huged him,"oh,Vicky,I really missed you."I said,"you,"he said and pushed me back,"Jake!"he shouted and again huged me."Oh,my dear friend,I really missed you."he said,"Me also Vicky."I said and ,"How are you Jake?"he asked and at the same time Jerry arrived there,"I'm fine,and you?"I asked,"I'm also fine,how is christina?"he asked,"She......she is no more."I replied ,"What!!!"he shouted,"It was--"I said and in between my talk ,Jerry intrupted,"It was an car accident,on the way driving to pheladelphia.Jake's wife and son died on the spot but thank God,Jake's alive."he said,"who is he?"asked Victor from me,"He is Jerry Malcolm,my friend."I introduced,"And Jerry,its Victor."I said further,"Hi."said Victor and Jerry also greeted him,"Oh,its so sad my friend."said Victor,"Afterall,we meet each other after three years."he further said,"So thats the point of having fun,ha?"said Jerry,"Yeah."I said,"Okay,so where do we have to go now?"asked Vicktor,"I have an place where we can have fun without any worry."said Jerry,"Where?"I asked,"At my appartment,its just near."told Jerry,"Ok."said victor and I also,"then come in the car."said Jerry and we three got inside the car and Jerry drived it to his appartment.
After some time of driving,we reached at Jerry's appartment,we went inside the building ad on the third floor of it was Jerry's appartment.We enterd in his house,it was like normal house of Detriot.We all three got in,"You both set down and I would bring some beer for you guys."said Jerry and went to get some cans of beer.Me and Victor sate down on the soafas which were in his TV launge."How did that accident happend?"asked Victor,"Oh...ahh,it was a mistake of mine,some wind blown and a blash!"I said,"What kind of wind are you talking about my friend?"he asked from me,I was a little bit canfused,"I mean it wasn't a nice weather,misty and all that kind of stuff was there so thats why."I told,"Lets talk about any other thing,Vick,how are your days moving on?"I asked,"Oh,so well,I'm now working in an travel agency,works going greatly great and money is also great comming and nice spending of time and thats it."he told,"Here's the beer."said Jerry and handled the can of beer to me and Victor,"so what was the talk going on?"he asked,"not to much important Jerry,just about the buisness which my friend has started."I told and we all opend the our cans of beer,"Cheers"we all said and took the first sip of it,"to cooly cool."sid Victor,"yeah,well.More about your life,Jerry?he asked,"I work in bank."told Jerry,"Since when?"asked Victor,"Since 5 years."replied Jerry,"oh,good and your family?"asked Victor,"I don't have any family."replied Jerry and after finishing the beer our conversation.After the ending of our conversation,Victor went back to his house and behinde were us.
7 January,11:45 pm
"Oh,it is so well."said Jerry,while when we both were setting together in his bed room,"What so well?"I asked,"Your friend."he told,"Yeah,it is."I said,"Well Jake,I had noticed something in your friends eyes."said Jerry,"What?"I asked,"Lie."he told,"Lie?"I asked and got canfused in his talk,"Yes,a lie was in his eye,a thing which he wasn't allow to tell you."he told,I gussed that what would be that lie which Victor wasn't allow to tell me,"What kind of lie?"I asked desparretly,"I'm not a magician my friend,I only just felt something in him and on the basis of that I understood a little bit."he told,"Ok,so how do you feel about him?"I asked,"I.....don't that much friendly but a person,whom you can suspect."he told,"Yeah."I said,"Can I ask some thing from you?"he asked,"yeap."I said,"did you had an relationship with him before me?"he asked,"No,actually,he isn't a gay type thing so thats why.He even not knows about me that I'm that type,we are best buddies but not that into eachother."I explainde,"Oh,so who was your GF first?"he asked,"My GF,my first friend with whom I did this first time,he was my classmate,even a best buddy then Victor.We always used to share our every thing with each other,our talks,our things,our emotions,our everything.At the age of 18,I first time had that night with him and for 5 years he was with me and after 5 years he died."I told and my eyes bursted in to tears,"I'm sorry Jake but how did he died?"he asked,"He wasn't in Newyork when he died,his father said he had an heart attack but he was to young to have it."I told.Jerry came near me and huged me tight,"I'm so sorry Jake,but now you are not alone,I'm here with you to help you out."he said and our night went down.
8 January,8:30 AM
I woke up early then I usually did in the days of no work,it was my first day in Houstan.I got up and went to refresh,after refreshing I went out for breakfast.Jerry was waiting for me on the dinning table,"I was comming for you."he said,"But I came before your apperreance."I said and went and sate down on one of the seats of dinning table,Jerry also sate down and we both started our breakfast,"Jerry."I called,"Yeah."replied Jerry,"My father used to tell me that don not talk in between eating."I told,"Why?"asked Jerry,"Because if you talk in between,your whole meal would be in the tummy of devil."I replied,"OK."said Jerry and started stareing me,I sawed him and asked,"What?",he didn't replied but he was unable to stop his laugh which bursted on his face and he started to laugh.I got canfused,"At what thing you are laughing,Jerry."I asked,Jerry after all controlled his laugh,I can't say laugh but a blast of laugh!Well,he replied,"The thing which you said just right now,was it true?"he asked,"Dunno,if you want to know then please contact to my dear father."I said and he again burst to laugh,"Oh,come on and eat!"I shouted,"Sorry."he appologised,"By the way Jerry,what did that man sawed in me."I asked,"Ahh...which man are you talking about?"asked Jerry,"The mission of killing and that robbery of that nuclear chemical?"I asked,"Umm...I don't know about much more that mission even with me those all things happend rapidly."he replied,"Oh,so you meanthe inocent peoples are his target,ha?"I asked,"Yes but no,he is an scientist in my guess an really intellegent man,why would he target inocent paople of America?",he gussed,"I think he is an crack!"I shouted ,"might be."he said and again laughed at me,"What?"I again.Jerry didn't spoke anything but said nothing by moving his face,left,right and we finishe our breakfast,no conersation between was held.
After having breakfast,I was willing to spend some time outside,like a quite place.Me and Jerry were setting in his tv launge and watching tv,"Jerry."I called,"yeah."answerd Jerry,"Can you take me some where out?"I asked,"Are you alright?"he asked,"You are a wanted criminal now,police is finding you."he told,"Yes,I know but you now what happend with me,ha,and you know how deppressed would be a person after this whole kind of inciedence."I said,"yes my friend but you know how dangerous it would be there for you.It can risk your life."he said and a news bursted on the tv saying"A nuclear chemical which is to dangerous is stolen from the main lab of Pheladelphia.The police officer who was there is in Comma and no vitness is there to find the kulprit but the day before,the murder of the son of mayor of Detriot do relate with this it says the FBI cops who sawed the man who killed the son of mayor."Jerry took the remote and rapidly turned of the tv,"Look,you are famous now man."he said,"It is just because of that Dog!"I shouted,"and now I really want to kill him like an animal."I said,"You are ought to kill him and now our mission starts."said Jerry and went in his room.He went inside to take his laptop,he came and kept it in front of me and turned it on."This is for what?"I asked,"This is in which all the game is stored."he told,"The game?"I asked,"The game which that dog had played with you."he replied and opend an unknown folder in his laptop.When he opend it,I sawed a photo of a young man with some other guys,"Look,it's professor Henry Cosgrove,its his photo of university.He was arrested for a crime of making an "World Killing" virus."he told,"But making a virus is not a crime?"I asked,"I know that making a virus is not a crime but,after making it he made an bomb in which he installed it,he was trying to blast whole of the America."he told,"Was he a psycho?"I asked,"Maybe,but a psycho can't make this kind of thing,can he?"he asked,"No,but all the scientists are psycho."I said and that Jerry again blasted into a laugh,"Oh,Jake you are a really good friend of mine."he said,"Yes,I would be because I always bring a smile on your face."I said and Jerry huged me tightly,"You had came in my life like a gift of God.A gift which is to important in my life."he said,"Thankyou for giving me importance in your life,Jerry."I said and he kissed me on my chick."So what are we gonna do now?"I asked.
Jerry left hug and tabed the mouse of laptop and another photo came.The photo was of a beautifull lake side,a house was there,"After the prison of ten years,he escaped from the jail and by my information he now lives at this lake side."he told,"So how do he realates to it?"I asked,"I suspect him."said Jerry,"ok then lets go and kill him."I said,"Not so fast my friend,first you have to look different."he said nad again went into his room and brang a box and gave it to me.I took that box and opend it and sawed a wig and a fake mostaque in it,"Now go and change your look."he said and I went inside the room.Jerry brang some old clothes to.I can't remember exactly what those clothes looked like but those clothes were old,"What are these for?"I asked,"Take these and wear them."he said.I took those clothes and weared the wig,mostque and those clothes and came out of the room.Jeery was also ready with his regular get up,no aditional things in his look,he sawed me and got shocked,"Wow!"he shouted,"You look deadly man."he said,"Do I?"I asked,"Yes,now come on lets leave."he said and picked up his car's key,"comeon."he said and we both went to his car,we sate inside and Jerry drived it to the place,which I sawed in that photo.
8 January,11:30 am
After three hours of driving,afterall we reached our destination,the place where my enemy used to live.Jerry drived the car at the door of that house and I dashly got out,"Stop!"Shouted Jerry,"Why?"I asked,"It could be dangerous inside,he a crazy man.No one knows what had he prepared inside."he told.Jerry took out two revolvers from the dash board of the car and came out,he throwed one of them towards me and I catched it,"What is this for?"I asked,"For a present for you inside."he replied,I understood what was he trying to say,"I understood."I said and we both went on the door step of that house.Jerry pressed the bell and it ranged,but on first ring no one came,"No one Jerry,no one is coming"I asked and Jerry ranged the bel second time and the lock opend,I grabed my gun hard and sawed an old lady on the door,she was to old and walking on the stick wearing lose clothes.I was shocked to see my present,"My present is good but old."I said,"Didn't imagined this."said Jerry,"Who are you both young mans?"asked that lady,"We arefrom FBI."replied Jerry,"FBI,what do you want from me?"she asked,"We do not want anything from you but we have some work to do with the man who is hiding beside you in this rat whole!"I shouted and pushed that lady at a side and went inside,Jerry also followed me inside,I sawed that the house wasn't well from inside and it was pld to ,paint was falling from the walls,"Where are you inoent rat!"shouted Jerry,and that old lady also came inside,"Whom are you calling?"she asked.
"It is not important to you."I replied in an angry voice,"Come out Henry!"I shouted and a man on wheel chair came out from the front room,he was wearing thick glasses and old sout which was teared from the arm,I can't remember his more getup but which I rememberd was this.Well,he came out and moved his wheelchair towrads us,"You think that whom you are finding is me?"he asked,"We are damn sure about you!"shouted Jerry,"You think that if you would kill me it is the end?"he again asked,"What are you trying to say?"I sked.Came and stood in front of us,"Its not the end,I am not that man whom you are finding."he said,"We don't belive you."said Jerry,"I'm not saying you to belive me,I just want to avenge my family."he told,"Whom you are finding he's my target to."he further said,"Tell us clairly."I said,"The person whom you both are finding is not me,he's my friend."he told,"You r friend?"asked Jerry,"Yes,my friend.He betrayed me."he told,"Betrayed you,why?"asked Jerry,"It was the time in which I studied in university,I invented a new virus--"he was saying and just between Jerry intrupted,"Yes yes,hahaha.You are making us fool!"he shouted,"Stop Jerry,let him say."I said,"Thankyou,so he stoled that virus and on my name he told the world that I am going to make a bomb and the police arrested me and he intelegently took that virus with him and vanishe."told that man,"So what do you want to say?I asked.
"I'm saying that,he is going to attack the America and before he attack,you have to stop him."he told,"How can we stop him?"asked Jerry,"There is one way,that virus depend on an ultra body,like every virus outside is dead and when it enters in any alive body,it gains life.Just like that,this virus is useless without ultra body and if there is a way of it to get alive so there is also a way to kill it."told that man,I wasn't able to understand anything,"What are you tyring to say?"I asked,"In simple words it means that,that virus has an antikill formula also,but all the viruses do not die like AIDs."he explained.
Jerry got angry on that all conversation,"Its just a waste of time!Tell us how to stop that stuff!"he shouted and pulled the kolar of that man,"Look,who so ever you are or what you do,I don't care.Just tell me how to stop it!"he said,"I am not afraid of you my son,but just worry about your self."said that man dashly got up of that wheel chair.Jerry dashly pointed his gun towards that man's head ,"I know that you are not Henry Cosgrove,Who are you?"he asked,"Jerry,you are my son."said that man.I got canfused in that situation,a question popoed in my mind,"Your son?"I asked,"He is just trying to fool us."said Jerry,"No my son,I'm not fooling you.You are my son."said that man again,"Oh,shut your dirty mouth,stop saying me your son!"shouted Jerry,"You are the only my hope,take this gun down,please."requested that man ,"Do I look an idiot,or a stupid,ha?"asked Jerry.I was standing still at my place,just watching them,that old lady came to me and asked,"Is Jerry your friend?""Yes,he is my friend."I replied,"Jake they are just trying to fool us in there sweet talks.You,bloody son of rat!"he shouted,"You stop speaking these harsh words to your father!"shouted that old lady.My mind was totally out of control,"Please tell me that is Jerry really your son?"I asked,"Yes."replied that man,"Hey you."said Jerry to that man,"Shut up this emotional black mailing and we are noy here to discuss that I'm your son or not.You would come with us and help us in sorting out this all mess."said Jerry."If you think so that I'm black mailing you then see this."he saud and an evil smile came on his face,Jerry and I both got canfused and suddenly a voice came in to my ears,it breaked all the secrets which were in the dark,"You did your very good job Jacob."it said and Jerry kept his gun back into his pocket.I got canfused,"What is this going on?"I asked and a man appeared beside Jerry and dashly clutched his neck,"What the hell!"shouted Jerry I ran towards Jerry,"Stop!Don't move an inch from there.Stay still."orderd that man and I imidiately stoped at a moment.The man who was telling him self father of Jerry,moved towards me,he came near me and clutched my sholder hard,it was paining and took my gun from my hand and pointed it towards my chin,"You thought that you are only the intelligent,ha?"he asked,"You are a big son of hourse.To dumb and idiot."he further said,"No,I think that you are idiot."replied Jerry,"I didn't asked from you."said that man,"So,want to die or live?"he asked.I thought for a second and a brilliant idea of escaping from there came into my mind,"Its over you!"I shouted and pushed that man back and the gun ran a shoot,bang!voice came and that old lady was shoted,that man pushed me back and I fell down and suddenly Jerry dashley took out his gun and shoot the man who was holding him and clutched the man who was holding me and pushed him up and punched him hard on his face,he fell down and suddenly another man dashly broke the window and enterd inside the house,his face was coverd so thats why I was unable to identify him.
He dashley got in and attacked Jerry,I took out my gun and tryed to shot him but he hited my hand as hard as a metal hammer.Hence my hand broken and the pain was too much to be tolrated.It was first time my hand broke down but still I was willing to save Jerry.I went at the corner and sate down for a minute and sawed Jerry fighting with that man,Jerry was a really tough guy.Some time passed away like that and Jerry took his gun and shoot that man straight on his chest and that man died at the point.After that all inciedence,Jerry came to me and sate beside me,"You okay?"he asked,"yeah,just my hand got a little freactured."I told,"Let me see it."he said and took my hand and sawed.He moved it up and down,it pained alot,"Aoo!"my voice bursted,"Oh,I'm sorry."he apologized,"Your hand has broke down from the wrist."he told,"It pains really hard."I cried,"Is he alive?"I asked about the man who was punched by Jerry,"Yes,he is.After all,we need some one to find out your enemy."he told,"Yeah,come on."I said and got up,Jerry also got up,"you go and set,I'll bring him."he said and I went to set inside the car.
I went and opend the door of the car and sate inside and Jerry brought that man and throwed him on the back set of the car and sate on the driving set and started the car and again we started our journey back to Houston.My hand was paining to death,"Oh,its alot."I said,"First time broken hand?"asked Jerry,"yeah,first time.In my intire life."I replied,"Jake?"called Jerry,"Yes."I replied,"Did you ever thought that this would happen with you?"he asked,"Ofcourse I did not."I replied,"Yes,how would you know."he said ,"Well,Jerry.Where are we going?"I asked,"Probably not at the same place.We'll go to my office."he told,"But first please take me to medic.I want plaster."I cried,"Yeah."he said,"But what about this mess?"I asked about that man,"It'll be fine my love.Don't worry about it."he replied,"Ok."I said and our conversation ended here.
8 January,3:00 pm
After again driving back of three hours,we reached again Houston.It was again like a normal day and we were now moving to a new place with the crap at the back seat.Jerry drived his car to an old building.I was shocked to see that this was his office,"Do you work over here?"I asked,"Yes."replied Jerry and parked the car at the gate of that building and got ut of the car.I also got out,Jerry opend the back door and got that man out o the car.I was wondering that three hours had passed but that man was still unconcious,"Jerry,is he alive?"I asked,"No."he replied and took that man out,"Lets go inside."he said and we both went inside,it was a really messy place and was dust every where.We both went in the basement of that building,all the building was old but the basement wasn't looking that much old,it was filled with some strange devices and computers and was claen to.Jerry took that man and throwed him on the bed which was also there in the basement and went to the capboard and took an injection and a bottle of medicine and filled that medicine in that injection and took it to me,"What are you doing?"I asked,"I t is an medicine neccesary for you."replied Jerry and took my selve up till my shoulder and injected it and after injecting my whole arm went numb and it was unmoveable,"What are you doing."I asked again,"Shhh"said Jerry to be quite and took my hand up and started to move it,up down and up and down and kept it back down and went to that capboard again and took out the things which were used in plastering and came to me and strated to plaster my hand,"So what are we going to do with this man?"I asked,"He wuold help us into find that dog."replied Jerry,"Yes."I said,"So,what would you do after sorting of this mess?"he asked,"Don't know,nothing."I replied,"Nothing,ha?"he asked,"Yes,now I have nothing to do in my life."I replied,"You have everthing to do in your life.Your life now is also relates to me."he said.I got quit for a moment,"We both are similar to each other and have no family."he further said,"Can we start life together?"he asked.I was quit for a minute,at that time my haert was to glad that there is some one who wants me.After some time I replied,"Is that a question to ask.We are and we would be together."I said and he huged me and we both kissed each other,"You are the first person inmy life whom I have loved more then my life."he said,"I also love you."I said.
After finishing plaster.I took out my fake get up and got back to normal and then plane B of our mission started.Jerry brang that man again in consious setuation and we started to ask questions,"First of all Mr.Unknown,who are you?"asked Jerry but that man didn't replied,"Can you haer me?"he asked again but that man again didn't said anything."Ok,so you want me to be harsh with you,ha?"Jerry asked again but that man was like dumb,"Okay."said Jerry and brang an head band tied it on the haed of that man,it contained a meter and wires,"So,if you would answer me.I would not give a shock to you but if you would not then I would my friend.So I again ask that who are you?" he asked but that man didn't replied,"Okay,so here is your gift."he said and pressed the switch of that shock band and that man got a really great shock,his mind got dazzed and he shouted to loud,"Leave me!"he said,"I'm telling you,please."he said,"Okay."said Jerry and turned the switch off.
I went to Jerry and stood beside him,"In which post do you work?"I whissperd in his ear,"Detective man."he replied,"So tell us,who are you?"he asked,"I am his spy and I am also a loo a like of Henry Cosgrove."replied that man,"Who he?"asked Jerry,"I don't know."replied that man,"You lie!"Jerry shouted,"No,its really true.I don't know his name,he killed all my family,my mother,my wife every one."replied that man,"But what is your name?"asked Jerry,"My name is Aurthor Whiteman.I worked in a bank as assistant maneger ."replied that man."Oh,so you are a bank assistant but why he did this to you?"I asked,"I don't know,it was all without any reason.I would help you to stop him bit if he'll know that I have told you about him he'll kill me."said that man means Aurthor,"So,where is he right now?"asked Jerry,"I don't know his exact location but at the outside of this city,in his farm house."told Aurthor,"Look Aurthor I Appologise."said Jerry,"No,its okay."said Aurthor,"But where is Henry Cosgrove now?"I asked,"He kidnapped him."replied Aurthor,"Why?"I asked,"Henry Cosgrove was the maker of that virus--"he was telling but I intrupted in between,"Yes,I know that he was the maker of that virus but how do you know how to distroy it?"I asked,"I read Henry Cosgroves diary which was left behinde by a mistake."Told Aurthor,"Hey,Jerry.So why are we finding Henry,we have the formula to distroy it."I said ,"Yes but the antibodies are with Henry,we have to take them."said Jerry,"You can't take thise,the farm house is all less with armed guards and snipers.It is not just difficult but I think its imposible."said Aurthor,"No,we would find those antibodies with the help of my friend,he is an scientist.He can help us in this."said Jerry,"Okay so find your friend as fast as you can.We do not have much time."said Aurthor,"okay,come on."said Jerry and we all went in the car and drived to Jerry's friend house,Jerry parked his car in the front his friends house and we all got out of the car,"Lets go and see that is he inside."said Jerry and we all got inside the house.
That house was filled with strange things like speciments of starnge animals and chemicals also,"Hey Austin!"called Jerry and a man with a white coat came out of one of the rooms of that house,"Oh,Jerry.How are you?"he asked,"I'm fine Austin and I need your help."said Jerry,"Yes and its urgent."said Austin,"Who are you?"asked Austin means Jerry's friend,"Oh,Austin its my friend Aurthor and he's Jake."Jerry introduced us,"Okay,nice to meet you both and what do you want?"asked Austin,"We want your help to kill our enemy."told Jerry,"What!Who and why!?"Austin got shocked and asked,"Come on."said Jerry and took a chair and got Austin set down,"First calm down and listen."he said.
Austin took a long breath and calmed down him self,"Okay,now tell me who is that person which you want to kill?"he asked,"He is a big criminal."told Jerry,"But dude you are a detective not any police inspector."said Austin,"Yes but in this case there is no work of police."cried Jerry,"Yes and also police is with him."told Aurthor.I really wanted to avenge my family though they hated me but as a human being I wanted justice for every single person who's life was stoled by that crazy dog,"Look friend.I really need your help.Our life is on the peak of the time and its really urgent,plaese."I requested,"Okay so in which part of your mission you want help from me?"asked Austin,"Look,we want to enter in a house less with guards and snipers.How can we enter in that house?"asked Jerry,"Okay."said Austin and went inside his room and brang three all black souts.I gussed that for what they were,"What are they for?"I asked,"They can make you dissappear but only for five minutes.In very five minutes cameras in these souts refresh for 45 seconds."told Austin,"Ok,so give me these."said Jerry and took those souts from Austin,"Lets go."he said,"Take care of your selves my friends."said Austin,"Don't worry about it.We'll be alright."said Jerry and we all three wore those souts and left for our mission.
8 January,5:45 pm
We all went out side and Jerry took out his bag from the backside box of his car and opend it.He took out three guns.Now they were not revolvers but now I have to shoot people with pistol.I was not willing to do that thing again,"Hey Jerry I don't want that again.I mean killing and all that kind of stuff."I said,"But here you have to do it."Jerry replied,"Okay."I was satisefied,"But I don't know how to shoot a person?!"shouted Aurthor,"This is not to diffecult.Had you played with toy guns in your childhood?"asked Jerry,"Yes but these are not toy guns,they can kill people."said Aurthor,"Aurthor look,first you have to forget that these are real guns and second you have to think that you are playing.OK."explained Jerry but Aurthor didn't listend,"Look dude,I don't have to kill people there are inocent people over there who are forced to guard that house.I can't."he said,"But what about your family.They were also inocent.Look,you don't have to stay quit,you have to raise your voice.There is no one to help you over here.You have to help your self,ok."told Jerry and throwed that gun to Aurthor and Aurthor catched it,"I would play with those people now who played with me."he said,"Now thats like a tough guy."complemented Jerry.I was really impressed by Jerry's encourging,"Thats the thing why I like you."I complemented,"And now lets move on."said Jerry,"Yes but if some one see us in this getup what would that person think?"asked Aurthor and word 'Circus'poped in my mind,"Circus!"I said,"Circus?"asked Aurthor,"Yes,circus.What a brilliant idea had you given Jerry."said Jerry,"But these are not clothes like circus,we would be caught in a moment."argued Aurthor,"We are from a science fiction circus."said Jerry,"What a science fiction circus,are you mad?"exclaimed Aurthor.
Time was passing and passing,"No,he is not mad but yare.Now set inside the car and lets move on our way."I said,"Yeah."said Jerry,"Okay,lets go."said Aurthor and we all got inside the.Aurthor guided us to that farm house and we sawed a really perplexed sight.There were guards at every side of that farm house.I was canfused,"Lets park our car at that side of the hill and come here."said Jerry and drived at the backside of the hill which was at the front of that farm house. We all got out of the car and Jerry turned on his sout by a red button and dissappeard.I also pressed that red bottn and Aurthor also did the same and we all got dissapeard and ran towards that farm house and stoped at the gate.I sawed in the watch,there were only 3 minutes left in appearing,"Jerry,lets run fast."I said,"No,we will wate till three minutes and then we will go."replied Jerry,"Okay."I said and we waited there till three minutes and again we appaered again and after the refreshment we dissapeared and ran towards the gate.Jerry shoot two guards on the gate and the other guards ran towards us but they were unable to see us and we shot them all and again appeared and after refershment we disappeared.
"We all have to stay together any how,okay?said Jerry.I agreed with him,"Yeah,we would."I said and we all appeared again,"We can't wait even one second."said Jerry and he dashly broked the door and again there were two guards who pointed there guns towards him but Jerry was too fast and he shoot them both at a point and we all got inside.That house looked normal and there were no more guards.Now I took a long breath in and left it out with a voice of comfort,"You are alright,aren't you?"asked Aurthor.I passed a smile and said yes by moving my neck up and down.And again a large group of snipers circled us.We all took our guns up,"Take your guns down."orderd one of the snipers,"No,we won't."replied Aurthor and we all again dissappeared.That group of snipers got shocked and again Jerry started to shoot them.They also tried to shoot us but because they were unable to see us there bullets were not at a point but suddenly a bullet came across Aurthor's arm,"Oh my god!"he shouted but we were unable to see him so we didn't knewed where was he but when his blood fell on the ground.I ran towards him and by chance I caught him.Jerry was still shooting snipers and I also shoot two snipers and all of them were dead and we all apeared again.Jerry ran towards me and Aurthor.Aurthor's arm was bleeding alot,"Your arm Author.Its bleeding alot."said Jerry,"No I'm alright."said Aurthor,"No your not."said Jerry and went to find any thing to tie on Aurthor's arm to stop his blood.I was worried about Aurthor.Jerry took a pice of cloth from some where,he came and tied tightly tied it on Aurtors arm."Thank you."thanked Aurthor,"It was my job."said Jerry and we all again moved to our way,I mean we started to find that criminal.We started to find him in the rooms of that house first we looked in the rooms of ground floor but they were all normal,"Here is every thing alright."said Jerry,"Yes but what about upstairs?"asked Aurthor,"Lets go."said Jerry and we all went upstairs and sawed a really horrible sight.
All floor was just washed with blood and the smell was horrible.It was just unbareable,"The smell is horrible!"I shouted,"Just bare it Jake."said Jerry and we started to find that man in the rooms of first floor,we went in first room and sawed three dead bodies were kept in big glass container whch was filled with chemical which dose not let dead bodies ruine away.They were horrible.I got really tensed that what was that psycho doing,"He is really a psycho."I said,"You are right."said Jerry and we all got out of that hell,"It is really a good work,which you are doing Jake."a voice came from the backside of us.Some one was behinde us,"And you are finding me,aren't you?"he asked and I dashly turned back and sawed a boy with black shert and pant.He was looking normal,"You are again a spy of that dog,aren't you?"I asked,"No,I'm his son and really my father is a dog,a psycho dog who is now going to blow up you all and I am really proud of my father man,he just rocks."replied that boy and went towards Jerry and stood in front of him.He holded his shoulder,"And Jerry,how can you betray us.You were the great guy my father had ever meet but really I'm happy about you that you are no standing on your foot."he said and we all dissapeard but Jerry tuned off his sout and I also and Aurthor also did the same."Oh so you also have good technology.I love you Jerry and your friend Jake also and Aurthor you are also my super hero."he said and started to clap,"Clap,clap and clap for your self.You three are just great."said that boy,"Shut up!and tell us where is your father?"asked Jerry."Don't be angry my friend.Calm down."said that boy and came to Aurthor,"Alas that I was with you,every where in every situation.You are my best buddy,I really like yu."said that boy,"And really when my father was killing your mother.She was calling you,Aurthor Aurthor Aurthor but you didn't came,why may I ask?"asked that boy.
Aurthor's eyes bursted into tears,"Your tears are not the answer.Oh,obviously in that bar,having some beer or champain.Doing some disco dance with blond chicks."said that boy.I felt to bad for Aurthor and shouted,"Don't speak any word against my friend.He is a noble man.He's not like you,pothetic !"."Oh nuts,its a big crash like thing.You think that you are the hero which can sort out this chaos ,save the world like superman or batman but unfortuenately you are thinking wrong about your self my dear.You are a crap on this world."said that boy."What a blessed mind have you got young boy."complemented Jerry,"If you had used this mind in your studies then God knows what would your life be today."he further said."Are you a teacher?"asked that boy from Jerry,"No."he replied,"Please do not intrupt my talk dear fellow."said that boy,"So Mr.Jake Harrison,do you know that who I am?"he asked,"How can I know that who are you."I replied,"Okay so let me know you that who I am."he said,"Father!"he called and an old man,walking with a stick and wearing expensive sout came out."Its my father and do you know that who is your father?"asked that boy again,"He is your father and I'm your bloody brother!"he shouted.First of all I thought that this was there trap to catch us but when that man showed me my old necklace which my mother used to wear then I rialised that he was really my father and it was a really great shock for me.I even didn't knewed that what to do,be happy or fell shame about him that what was he going to do to me and every one in America.
"My father wasn't like you.He every time used to teach me good but you are doing this all bad.You ruined my life killed my wife and son and you also borned a son,my step brother.How could you do this dad."I said and started to cry,"You are my son Jake.You should help me in this."said my father,"Why should I help you!You had killed alot of inocent people.Why should I help an animal like you!"I shouted,"Stop this Jake and lets finish this all.Lets kill him."said Jerry,"Look your friend is saying you to kill your father,is he right?"asked my father,"He is saying right dad.He is ought to kill yu and I would also do the same."I said."Its not easy to kill my father."said my step brother and took out his gun and shoot Aurthor on his belly.A big flash of blood and Aurthr fell down.I ran to him and tok his head up,"Nothing would happen to you."I said,"Calm down."I further said.Aurthr tightly grabed my hand and said,"This was my time my friend.You are the one now who can save whole America."I really don't wanted to lose him but there was no choice and after some time his breath stoped and death closed his eyes.That time was to emotional for me I started to cry on Aurthor's dead body."Oh to emotional,isn't it dad.Your son cries alot."said my step brother.I got angry and wanted to shoot.I stood up and pointed my gun towards my step brother but Jerry dashly stoped me,"Don't do this Jake.Don't be to fast."he said,"It is not to fast,it is the right thing to do!"I said."Let him shoot me."said my step brother.I throwed Jerry away and shoot my brother staight on his chest but he was standing straight.No blood was there and he also did not had any wound on his chest.I was shocked.
"You can't harm him."said Jerry and came to me and took the gun from my hand.That setuation was to hard to bare but I had a plane to contorl it,"We would dissapear and then kill these both dogs."I whissperd in Jerry's ear,"Yeah."said Jerry and gived my gun slowly slowly to me and I took it."How a emotional situation,isn't it?Your friend Aurthor is dead now and you have no one else to take his place.We have here 50 men and snipers armed with guns to kill you 2 people.You are t much for me bro and I'm saying you to take my side.We will own this whole country and slowly slowly all the world."said my brother,"I don't want to own this countryand I don't want a brother like you."I said in an angry way and after saying it Jerry dashly turned on mine and his sout and we both dissapeard.At that moment,many guards an snipers came on first floor and started to look for us but they were unable to see us and Jerry again started to shoot the gaurds at that time slowly slowly my brother and my father escaped from there.I ran to follow them but it was to late,they sate in there car and left that place.I ran to Jerry and we both killed al the guards over there in just five minutes.I know it is defficult to belive but it is true.Every where was blood and it had blood of our friend to,Aurthor's.
"Lets go."said Jerry but my heart wasn't ready to leave without Aurthor."No,we should take Aurthor's body from here."I said,"You are right Jake.He is ought to be ended in a good way."said Jerry and we both took Aurthor bod y and kept it in a shall on the back seat of the car.I was with the body and Jerry was driving,"We brang him like this and he also left us in the same way."he said.I was really wanting Aurthor to wake up and talk with me but now it was impossible."He was a really great man and we would remember him."I said ,"Yes."said Jerry and we continued our Journey back to Houstan.First of all we did Aurthors funeral and went back to Jerry's apartment.I went in and sate on a sofa,"There is nothing left my friend."I said,"What do you mean?"asked Jerry,"I can't belive that my father is doing this all.He is the person who killed my family."I said.Jerry came and sate beside be.He holded my hand and said,"I don't belive that he is your father,if he is so you don't bother it.We would be sucssesfull in our mission."I got too good felling at that time and we both huged each other.
9 January,9:30 am
The day start was like normal.I was not awaken at that time Jerry came in my room and waked me up,"Its time to go my friend."he said.I got up and sawed a pice of paper in Jerry's hand,"Whats that?"I asked,"Oh,this paper I found from Aurthors pocket.A skecht is made on it,its really beautiful."replied Jerry and opend that paper ad handed over to me.I sawed it and dashly that photo came into my mind,it was an house at the lake side in Texas."I know where this place is."I said ,"You know,where?"asked Jerry,its here in Texas,in the north."I told and we both again started our Journey to find that place.We both sate in the car and now I was driving it,"Let me remember it."I said and led my way to north.
After driving of 4 to 5 huors I found a lake but there was no house.I started to follow it and after 1 or 2 hours we reached at that sight by the lake side.I parked the car at the front of that house,"Its the same place which was in the skecht."I said.Jerry took out the skecht and sawed it,"Yes,its look so."he said and we both got out of the car and went to the door.Again an horrible smell was coming from inside and the door was also opend .Jerry pushed the door and it slightly moved back and we both enterd inside the house.Again the bood was on the floor but this time it seemd that some one was draged on the floor and he was bleeding,"It seems very horrible."I said ,"Its not natural."said Jerry,"Some one has been killed and then dragged."he further said.Those blood stains were going inside a room on that ground floor,"Look,the stains are going inside that room."I said.Jerry rushed inside that room and sawed a lady coverd with blood and a little child also may be of 4 to 3 years.It was to worst.I rushed towards him and stood beside him,"My father has done this."I said and went out of that house but suddenly I remeberd Victor.It was the house of Victor.He brang me here long period ago."Jerry!"I called Jerry and he came out."What?"he asked,"I know who is with my father."I said.Jerry came to me,"Who?"he asked,"Victor,he is also with my father and doing this all."I told,"I knewd that Victor isn't good at all but what we are going to do now?"he asked.
I knewd that where were they,at Victor's house."They would be at Victors house."I said and dashly got inside the car Jerry also came in and I drived that car to Victors house.
9 January,3:45 pm
We reached before time and now I knewd that what would happen with me.Jerry and I got out of the car and Jerry pushed the botton of the sout but it didn't worked,"What had happend to this now?!"he shouted,"I think its battery is low and now we are going to die."I said and we both rushed inside the house.The door was locked.Jerry pushed it tigtly and its lock broked down.The sight which I sawed inside was to shocking for me.Victor was there with my father and step brother,he betrayed me.I went inside,"Welcome my son."said my father,"And Jerry is also with you."he said,"Yes."replied Jerry."look who is here,your best friend Victor."said my step brother and laughed laudly.I was to angry at Victor and wanted to kill him at that point but it was impossible for me,there was no gun or any knife that I could kill that son of rat!"How could you betray me!"I shouted,"It was my job."replied Victor.Jerry was to angry and dashly jumped on Victor,it was his big mistake.My step brother shoot him straight on his fore head and immigeatly Jerry got dead.It was a great shock which ruined my life.My mind got unconsious and ran towards Jerry's dead body and sate beside it."How could you do this!"I said angryly and dashly stoled gun from Victors pocket and shoot my step brother on his belly and he fell down.He started to shout in pain.At that time I was like a beast,I again shoot him on his leg,he was just crying and crying but my father was not saying me to stop.
"Please leave me."he beged,"You are not ought to be leaven."I said shoot him straight on his chest and killed him."You had done a really great job."appreciated my father and came to me,"You are a really great avenger and a good men."he said.I was to angry at that time,"You are not a father,you are a devil!"I shouted and clutched his kolar,"I would kill you."I said,"If you would kill me then what would happen to America?"he asked,"The bombs are planted in Detriot,New york,Pheladelphia,Houston and many more cities which I can't count."he told.Victor came close to me but I straight shooted on his leg and he fell down,"Tell me how to defuse it?"I asked,"It is in that room."replied my father and pointed towards the room on the ground floor at my right side.
I pulled him with me and took him inside that room.It was all mess inside.Every where were computers,wires and network connections.That setuation was not understandable for me."Tell me what to do?"I asked,"Would you or would you let me to do?"asked my father.I thought for a second,that if he would tell me may be he could tell wrong and and if he would do it by him self may be he could do wrong.Many lives were now in my hand.My head was paining to death."You do it."I said and took him to that stuff and took a chair."Set down and do it."I said and he sate down and started to do it.I was really to dazzed with the death of Jerry and started to cry.My father was really intellegent,in the case of defussing he called his friend and some rangers to help him.His friend and all of the rangers came inside the house and were standing outside of my room.I didn't knewd that they were there and they slowly slowly started to move towards me.I felt that some one was there and slowly slowly took a wire and pluged it inside my sout to charged it.They were still slowly slowly moving towards me and I was prepareing to dotch them all.One of the rangers came near me and pointed the gun on my head and at that point I turned on that sout and kicked that men hard on his face and he fell down.I took my gun and started to shoot those rangers and that time my father blasted a bomb which was in Detriote.I got to tensed and was blindly shooting those rangers and suddenly a bullet passed my leg and I fell down and got appeared again.Those rangers rushed towards me but I again dissapeard and started to shoot them,they were to much and my bullets not more for them,"I need to find some more."I said to my self and my eye went on a gun which was in the hands of a dead of a ranger.I threwed my pistol away and rushed towards that gun and took it up and started to use it and at that time my father blasted an other bomb in Houston.
I was tired to see him on that seat and shoot him but his luck he dotched.It was not the time to kill him but it was the time to kill the rangers who were about to catch me.I started again shooting them blindly and they were dieing one by one.I knewd that they were inocent but at that time I rememberd that what Jerry said,"Those people were also inocent who died in this all racket."and I again gained my power and didn't stoped to shoot them.After some time they all dissapeared.Ther were many dead bodies on the floor and blood was splited every where.I took a long breath in and went to my father,"Thats alot!"I shouted and pulled him up from the chair and throwed him on the floor."You cheat!"I said and was about to shoot him and suddenly at that point a man pushed me to hard from back and I fell down on the floor.The gun also went away from me and now I was helpless.He came to me and pulled me up,"Thats all enough my boy.Take some rest."he said and throwed me back on the floor.
He went to my father and got him up,"Are you alright?"he asked,"Yes,just a little bit shaken."replied my father.I was really willing to kill him.I got up and said,"He is a dog.You are not doing right old man.".That man came near to me,"Your father is great man.He is doing right and you also should help him in this ."he said,"Why should I help this rat!He is a murdrer and a devil who had ruined peoples life.I am ought to kill him and I would."I said.That man turned his face to my father,"Is this really your son?"he asked,"Look what he's talking about,he is saying that he would kill you.Can he?"he further said.My father didn't replied,I was to angry at that time but I controlled my self,"Would you do this really?"he asked,"Yes he would!"a voice came from my back.I turned back and sawed that it was Jerry,He was alive!"Jerry!"I shouted and ran to him.I sawed that the bullet had just touched his head and passed away."You are alright?"I asked,"Yes but that man now would be not alright would you be alright?"replied and asked Jerry,"You all are just pices of shit!"shouted that amn and took out his gun.He pointed that gun towards me and Jerry and shoot it but our luck,it was empty.Jerry dashly ran to him and grabed him,he took the gun from his hand and throwed it on the floor."Take it."he said to me and I took it and throwed it out of the window.Jerry grabed that man hard from neck and broked his neck,a voice of crack came.That man died emmegiately and Jerry throwed his body on floor,"You are just a waste of time."said my father and tok his gun out of his pant's pocket,he shoot Jerry on his leg and Jerry fell down,"Now what would you do my son."he said and pointed that gun towards me and shoot me but in the way,Jerry came and stood in front of me and that bullet passed through his belly.He fell down and was bleeding to death.I really wanted to help him but there was no way to help him.I tored a pice of cloth from my sout and tied it on Jerry's wounded belly but blood flow was to fast,"Stop saving me.Go and catch that rat."said Jerry.I was not willing to leave him in this condition but I was bond to do that.My father straight ran out of that room and I folowed him,"Stop!"I shouted but he ignored it and kept running.I followed him that old man was to fast and I was not having much energy.
My legs were also hearting,it was to much for me.My father ran out and sate inside his car and drived it away,again I lost him.I ran to Jerry and took him to the car and made him set on the front seat and I got also inside the car and drived to the nearest town to us.I don't remember the name of that town but it was in Texsas.I took him to the civil hospital and made him admitte there.His condition was not so good.He had lost to much blood and his wound on belly was also big.I was waiting outside the operation theater and waiting for doctor.After few time the doctor came outside,"How is he right now?"I asked from the doctor,"His condition is not so well but he is now out of danger.He need some blood and we are finding the blood group."told the doctor,"Which blood group are you finding?"I asked,"O+."replied doctor.My blood group was AB+.I did not had the blood which Jerry wanted."Can I meet Jerry?"I asked,"He is now consious,we'll take him to the room.Then you can meet him."said the dostor and went away.
9 January,5:39 pm
Jerry was shifted in the room now,I was with him,"Are you now alright?"I asked,"Yeah,better then before."replied Jerry,"Where is your father?"he asked,"I again lost him,he ran away."I replied,"Don't worry about it.I had planted a tracking device on his neck.You can find him that where he is."told Jerry,"Go fast and find him.I know one man who can help you in this.He is a bad man,he smuggle drugs from America to other countries and he is also a contract killer but he can help you to find and kill that rat,okay."told Jerry.I got to affraid of it that how would that man behave with me and I got shocked also that how do Jerry know him,"Jerry,how do you know him?"I asked,"He was my friend once but because he got bussy in that kind of stuff.We both left each other.You can trust him,he is now in Newyork and I also have his address."said Jerry.Jerry took a pen and papaer and wrote the address on it,"Here,take this.First go back Houston in my appartment and find out the computer on which you can see your father and find him."he said and gave that paper to me.I took it and sawed the address.Down town,Building number thirteen,appartment number 12.It was the address.I lived in Newyork so it was easy for me to find that address but my father had blasted a bomb filled of that virus in Houston it was impossible to go back,"Jerry,Houston is filled with that virus and if I would go back there so a I would also become a victim of that virus."I told Jerry,"Ok,it means that my plan fails.Now how would you find out your father?"he asked,"I know that where he had gone,Newyork.He is there and by chance your killer friend is also there.Here would now a big drama start."I said,"Ok,I would also request the hospital to send me Newyork.I would be also soon there."said Jerry,"First go and change your clothes,you look like joker."Jerry tonted me and laughed,"For you my man."I said ,"Good bye and meet you very soon."I further said,"Bye and take care of your self."said Jerry and we both left each other by a hug.
10 Januay,11:30 am
One day had passed of journey to Newyork and I was now back home.I took a taxi to travel and it took along time.I was not living in my own house because I didn't wanted to go back and remember my family.I was staying in a guest house.It was my first day in Newyork after almost a week and there was no change in Newyork infact there was no news of the bomb blasts which took place in Houston and Detriot.I was to tired and resting on my bed and thinking about that man.Whom I was meeting today,Jerry's friend.I was thinking that how would he treat me and how would he behave with me.I was really upset because of it and also worried about my father that if he blasted another bomb,then again many of inocent people would die.I took the phone and dilled the number of Jerry's mobile phone but it was not responding and then I rememberd that Jerry's phone was in his house,that moment was to frightening for me.I controlled my heart and planed to go to Jerry's friend.I was having no car and because of that I had to take a taxi.I went outside the guest house and took a taxi.I tolded the address to the taxi driver and he drived me there.
It was big old building which I had never sawed there in Down town.Well,I had to meet that man and I went inside.That building was also mess from inside.It was stinking,"It stinks to much."I said to my self and carried my way to Jerry's friend appartment.I went inside the lift and pushed the botton of that lift,it didn't worked,"Damn."I said again went up throw stairs.Jerry's friend appartment was on third floor.I went ot the door of that apparment and knocked it,"Who is?"a voice came from the inside of that house,"I have came here to you for help.I'm Jerry's friend."I replied and that door slightly opend.A man came out,he was good looking,charming and well dressed.He was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans,his age was also near my age.Was he that killer,"Jerry's friend,ha?"he asked,"Yes."I replied,"Come inside."he said and we both went inside.His house was also well then the rest of the building,it was colored well and the furniture was also good.We both went in his dining room.He sate down on a sofa but I didn't,"Set down."he said to me,"Thank you."I greeted and sate down."What is your name?"he asked,"My name is Jake Harrison."I replied,"Okay."said that man and took out a ciggrate from his pocket,he also took a lighter and burned it.H e started to smoke it,"So which kind of help do you want?"he asked,"I want to find a man and I also want to kill my father."I replied,"You are at the right place.You are most welcomed in underworld so,whom you want to find?"asked that man,"His name is Henry Cosgrove,he is a scientist.Few years ago he was arrested in a conterversy and now he is with my father,helping him."I told,"Don't worry about it,I would start working on it."said that man,"Please do it right now,its urgent.He ahd ruined my life and now he is going to distroy this whole Newyork.Not only Newyork but Pheladelphia,Washington DC,Vegas and many more cities in America."I said,"Please please help me."I requested,"Okay okay,calm down first.I am starting work on it right now."he said and went inside I also followed him and went inside.That room wasn't like the rest of the house.It was toatlly messed up,all the room was filled with drugs and many more illegal things.I was really willing to know his name,"Hey."I called and that man turned back,"Yeah."he replied,"Whats your name?"I asked,"I have no name for strangers,but you are a friend of Jerry so you can call me Sat."he replied.What kind of name was Sat but after all it was his name so what can I do.
So that man means Sat went on a desk with computer,it was a desktop computer and turned on it.I also followed him and went to him,"What are you going to do with this?"I asked,"In this computer,I have evry record of every ciminal who is involved with underworld.It means that this computer would surely have a photo of that Henry what so ever and would also have a photo of your father if he was also involved."told Sat and opend and analysing soft wear and wrote the Name Henry on it and many names flashed on the screan.There were many Henry who were ciminals,"Henry Cosgrove."I told the full name to Sat and he typed it and a photo of old man with a black mostaque and a scar on his left chick appeared on the screan."This is your Henry Cosgrave.He had made a virus and was trying to make a bomb which could have blasted whole of the America."told Sat and throwed his ciggaret on the floor and pressed it by his foot."Where would he might be right now?"I asked,"May be here."said Sat. "And how do you now that?"I asked,"Just thought I had sawed this man yesterday on Newyork subway train in Pelham.I am not sure but he was quite like this."told Sat."We don't have enough time to waste,come on lets go and find out this man."I said,"Okay."said Sat and went out.He took his car's key and we both went down.Sat and I went to his car and went inside it and Sat drved it.He drived it to Pelham and we both went on the same subway train in which there was Henry yesterday and it was our luck,he was there in that subway train,setting on a seat quitly just like a regular Newyorker.I went slowly slowly near to him and sate beside him,"Are you Henry Cosgrove?"I asked.that man looked at me and replied,"Yes but how do you know my name?"he asked,"Just."I replied,"Do you know Jacob Harrison?"I asked him about my father and his expretions channged.He got nervous,fear was on his face,"How do you now him?"he asked in a voice of fear ,"I'm his damn son Mr.Henry Cosgrove and I want to know that where is he."I said.Henry looked here and there and was about to shout but at that time Sat arrived and sate at the other side of Henry.He hidingly took his gun out his gun and kept it on the left side of Henry's belly,"Don't shout or you would straight meet God."he said in an angry voice.
Henry calmed down and took a long breath in,"I know that where your father is but please don't let him know that I am here with you."he requested."Okay,so where is Jacob Harrison?"I asked,"I would take you there right now."replied Henry,"I don't want to wait one second now.I want to go there just right now."I said,"Okay okay calm down,we would get down on the next station."said Henry,"Okay but if you would show your smartness and would try to put an eye illusion on us.You would be no more."commited Sat and the sub way stoped one its first stop.I got up and pulled Henry out with me and Sat also followed us.We all got out of the train and train moved to its destination."Now where we have to go?"asked Sat,"Ofcourse to my noble dad."I said,"Okay now follow me."said Henry and moved on.We followed him.He went out of the station.Henry went and sate inside his car and we both also went inside in that car with Henry.Sat was on back seat,"If you did anything wrong,you would be not alive."he said,"How many times would you say this one dialogue.I'm bored."said Henry,"This is no time for joking my friend,just drive."Sat got angry on Henry.Henry didn't replied and kept on driving.He drived his car out of Newyork to an old factory.It was closed and also looked old,I thought that this was also a trap of my father."Sat,get ready your gun."I called Sat and whissperd in his ear,"Okay." replied Sat and took out his gun."This the place where your father is.He is just here for making more bombs."told Henry,"Are you hunderd percent sure?"asked Sat,"Hunderd an one percent sure."said Henry,"I think this is also a trap of your friend Henry,isn't it?"I asked,"No man,its not.I'm saying true.Your father dose not know about this all,he dose not know that I'm with you."explaind Henry and parked his car in front of that factory,it was agarment factory.It was all coverd with dust.Its gate was to big and made up of steal.We all got out of the car and stood there,"Take your gun on the point Sat,it can be dangerous inside."I said and said took his gun hard on the point and clutched Henry's arm.He turned him back and pointed that gun on his neck.Henry got nervous and asked in low voice,"What are you going to do?".I took a long breath inside and thought for a second that all the antibodies are with Henry and only Henry know's there formula of making so I can use him as an human shield against my father.
8 January,3:10 pm
After thinking that all,I said,"We are not going to kill you but we are going to use you as an human shield against my father and he would never kill you because you know the fomula of those antibodies which help that virus to move on,don't you?".Henry was sweating to death,"Yes,I do know and I even hadn't told that formula to your father."he said,"We should not waste much time,lets move in."said Sat,"No,we should first canferm that is this building sniper and guard free."I stoped him,"Is this building free of gards and snipers?"I asked,"I'm not sure about your question.It is not conferm that is this building gard free or dose not have snipers for protection." replied Henry,"Okay,Sat leave him and be alert of those people who are protecting this building."I said.Sat dashly throwed Henry away and got alert."I'm ready to face them."he said.We all went on the gate of that building,it was opend.Sat went near that door and pushed it back.It slightly went back and it was to dark inside,though some sunlight was passing through some holes which were in the walls of that factor.The dust was all in the atmosphere."Do you think that your father's here?"asked Sat.I really got on that qestion,"May be he is here because what is in the front,its not nescessary that the same would be behinde it."I said,"Okay."Sat said and we all enterd in side that factory."They are up there."told Henry and pointed towards the stairs which were at the second corner of that factory.I ran towards it and they both followed me.I rushed on the stairs and went up,there was no one.Henry and Sat came up there,"Here is no one."said Sat.I thought that it was again the waste of time.I thought that Henry was wasting my time.I went to Henry and clutched his colar,"You lie."I said,"No it is trueyour father was here."said Henry,"Jake."called Sat."Yes."I replied."Look at your back."he said.I looked at back and sawed my father and my step brother whom I killed."How are you alive?"I asked,"What do you think that you are the only one who can play the games.We are also here in this world."replied my step brother,"Bruce."my father called my step brother,"Your brother is to smart isn't he.I'm really glad."said my father,"Bruce came near to me and stood in front of me,"You are my best brother Jake.I really love you."he said."He don't want you."said Sat,"Speak for your self dear."said Bruce,"Sat,let it be.My brother is a really good guy.He really loves me."I said,"What,what are you talking about?"asked Sat."I'm talking right,now my father and my brother is the only world in which I want to live."I said and sawed back into Sat's face."Look,my bro is here.Isn't he good?"I asked amd blinked an eye on him to indecate him that it was just an drama.Sat thought for a moment and replied,"Yes,and you also said yesterday that you now want to help your father,didn't you?"he asked,"Yeah,I said so but my father wouldn't exept me now."I said and went to my father.I went near him and stood in front of him,"Dad,I had now realised that what was I doing it was just a waste of time.I want to be with you now dad.You born me and now I want to live with you."I said,"You can't make me a fool my son.I'm your father,did you forget it?"said my father.He understood my intellegence,"You are to sharp dad.I really now belived that you are my real father."I said."Okay,so lets start the show."said Bruce,"Richard!"he called and a man came out.Jerry was also with him anVictor was also there."Jerry,how you here?"asked Sat and ran towards him,"Stop!"shouted Victor and Sat stoped at a moment."Don't move a step more or I would kill your friend."he said,"What are you going to do?"I asked,"We want Henry and you would obviously need your friend."said Bruce,"Don't use your tricky skills Bruce.Telll straight."asked Sat,"I mean to say that you give us Henry and we would free your friend."told Bruce.They were not that much beliveable.I was still thinking that how they caught Jerry."Don't listen to them Jake.Just use your brain and do what you want.I'm not important the people of America are important."said Jerry,"Shut up!"shouted Victor.
Jerry was not felling well and his wounds were also not in good condition."My freind is not alright,he is ill."I said,"But we are not asking you that is your friend ill or what.I'm saying you to give us Henry back and we would give you your freind back in the same condition.I promise."said Bruce,"I don't belive on your tounge or promise.Its just a showoff to get things which you want.There is no value of your tangue in market my boy."I said and went slowly slowly towards Sat.I thought that first I would canfuse my father and Bruce in my talks and then I would take the gun from Sat."You would just be thinking and I would do the thing which I was planing .It is just a waste of time to stop me dad and Bruce you are young,you should plane for your life.Why are you ruining up your life with dad.This thing which you are doing with dad its not good for you and I'm saying this for you as a brother."I said,"You care about me?Oh stop your acting bro.You just want to kill me."said Bruce."Dad,you should also think about your old age.You should not do these type of things specialy when you are at the peak of your life.I mean you should spend your old age doing good things and helping people."I told my father,"You do not know what this all is son.This world would never care about us.They just take our advantage and use us."said my father,"No dad,you are saying wrong.This world do care about us and has idea that how important we are to this world."I explained and went near to Sat and took the gun from him."Dad,you are not doing a good thing."I said,"I know what am I doing son.You need to understand that this which I am doing is good for you and me."my father explained,"Okay,which you like but I would say only one thing that this is not good."I said and dashly pointed that gun towards my father.I shoot him and he got still on the place."Dad!"shouted Bruce and ran to my father.He went to him and at the same time my father fell down on the floor.That time at one side I felt good and at the other side I felt bad that I had killed my own father."Dad,you would be alright."said Bruce,"Jake!"he shouted and came to me,"You killed my father!"he shouted,"He was ought to kill him."said Sat and came to me,"Your father was doing a worse thing which could ruine your life bro." he explained,"You are no one to explaine me that what is good and what is bad."said Bruce,"A son had killed a father who loved him."he further said.I got really angry on him,"Bruce,you have no idea that what was he doing.Two bomb blasts and you are saying that dad was doing a good job.Haven't you got mad!"I said,"Yes,I am mad and now I would kill you also."said Bruce went to take his gun from my father's pocket,"Stop over there!"I shouted and Bruce stoped at a moment,"You are not moving now Bruce."I said,"Do not even think to shoot him my friend.Your friend is on my gun point."Victor said.
I turned back and sawed that Victor was pointing his gun on Jerry's head,"Your friend would die if I straight shoot him."he said ,"Do not consantrate on him.You do your work."said Jerry.Sat came near to me and said,"You go with Bruce.I would handle this man out.","Okay."I said and pointed that gun again towards Bruce.Sat dashly jumped on Victor and was trying to steal his gun.I shoot Bruce on his leg and he fell down.Jerry went away from Victor and Sat.He came to me and we both met again,"How did they got you?"I asked,"At the hospital.When you left exactly at the same time they caught me."replied Jerry,"You are not in well condition,go and rest on that chair."I said and pointed towards the chair which was exactly behinde him.He went and sate on that chair.I went towards Bruce and asked,"Where are the rest of the bombs?"I asked,"They are now unstopable."replied Bruce,"I'm not asking that are they stopable or not.I'm just saying that where are they?"I asked again,"There are three bombs which would blast exactly in ten minutes.There timer is in the room of this factory,its up here."told Bruce,"Okay."I said and ran to find that room.I sawed many rooms but they were al emepty.Finally after trying and trying I found the room in which the timer was kept.There were only five minutes.I got to canfused,there were many controllers over there.I just trusted on God and started to turn off all the the timers and contollers.The time was passing out and I was getting more hyper and suddelly the clock which was on the wall of that room,ranged.Ten minutes.I thought that the bombs would blast but it was strange,no bomb blasted.I was felling to good that I had saved many lives but at the same time,voice of a gun shoot came,Bang!I ran out and sawed that Victor was on the floor and Sat was standing upstraight.I ran towards him and sawed that the voice of bullet which I listend in that room had killed Victor.It was very defficult time for me but I handled my self and went to Jerry.Sat also came to him,"How are you friend?"he asked,"As you can see,fit and fine."replied Jerry,"Okay,so lets move from this place."Sat cried,"Yes,we would and we also have to change our identety."said Jerry,"We would leave this country and would shift Germany."he further said,"I'm not comming with you both."Sat said,"I am a criminal and no one knows that I was also involved in this all.So I'm here."he further said,"Okay so I and Jerry would leave."I said,"Yes."said Jerry,"You both go tention free.I would handle your brother Jake."said Sat,"Okay but be polite with him."I said and Jerr and I left.
We both went and did all things to cahnge our identity and we left for Europe.Now I am a successfull buisness man in Euorope but still I remember all that thing which happend with me along time ago.

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GaiusCoffey at 20:39 on 20 February 2013  Report this post
Hi Hajira,
I came across this by accident. Ordinarily, I wouldn't read an uploaded story that is as big as this - 15000 words is a lot, about one- sixth of a full-sized novel and typical uploads tend to be about 2000 words - but I was intrigued so I read the first few thousand words.

A number of things struck me;
Firstly, it is an imaginative and interesting story. The man's situation is compelling with his entire family at risk if he doesn't cooperate.
Secondly, you have a lot of misspelt words and unusual sentences that make me think you learned English somewhere that English is not the main language.
Thirdly, I found it was sometimes confusing trying to work out who was speaking.

Going back to the first point, I did enjoy reading and, I suspect, you greatly enjoyed writing - if you told the story out loud, I am sure your audience would be delighted. So...

My suggestions are ways to overcome the second and third points.

Many of your misspellings are phonetic - "volet" sounds a bit like "wallet" as spoken by a German or Indian so that the "w" is pronounced like a"v". However, the word is "wallet" if you mean the pouch for keeping money and credit cards in. There were many similar errors; I will list some below, but I can't list them all. What I suggest is that you read ss much as you can so as to become more familiar with the correct spellings and word usage.

Volet > wallet
Buissnes > business
Sout > suit
I looked in my pocket and sawed a 3.5 calleber revolver was full loaded > I looked in my pocket and saw a 3.5 calibre revolver that was fully loaded

And so on...

To make your dialogue easier to follow, I suggest some simple layout changes. If you start a new paragraph each time somebody new speaks, it will be obvious to the reader where the change occurs.

Anyway, I hope you will keep writing - you clearly have a head for a good story. I hope some of this is useful, please ignore anything that isn't!

Thanks for the read,

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