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When a `virus` strikes the conscientious

by joanie 

Posted: 30 November 2012
Word Count: 13
Summary: For the challenge in Flash Poetry

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it's enough
to stay off work

it's easier
to go in

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Comments by other Members

V`yonne at 10:31 on 01 December 2012  Report this post
Now there's a topic. Bed every time I'd say...

Nella at 13:26 on 01 December 2012  Report this post
Ah, I know that feeling! Very conscientious!


Dave Morehouse at 13:40 on 01 December 2012  Report this post
Well done Joanie. I know that this is a 'tongue-in-cheek" poem but it is, once again, tight and succinct. I honestly feel that you are at your best when you write in this manner. Granted, a more serious topic would likely need to be drawn out more but that can be done by adding stanzas rather than extraneous words. I like this 'style' you handle adeptly. It makes reading the poem almost effortless; I can sit back and thoroughly enjoy the ride. Thanks for posting this one. Dave

joanie at 16:02 on 01 December 2012  Report this post
Thanks Oonah. No - unless I was physically vomiting or 'the other', I would go in. I's easier than setting the work for someone else to do!

Thanks for reading!

joanie at 16:03 on 01 December 2012  Report this post
So glad you know the feeling, Robin! I thought you would.


joanie at 16:07 on 01 December 2012  Report this post
Thank you Dave. I really appreciate your response. Yes, I do like to write 'tight and succinct' poems. I think that I like to make the reader pause and ponder.............


Neezes at 09:45 on 02 December 2012  Report this post
Well done Joanie... It's a powerful thing to write a simple verse that other people can relate to. I certainly know this feeling too! My mother just retired and she told me the other day that she rather regrets those days that she dragged herself into work with a sore throat etc :D Still we seem to do it regardless.


joanie at 10:26 on 02 December 2012  Report this post
Thanks, Jonathan!

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