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Draft Two - The Mist

by Midnight 

Posted: 20 October 2012
Word Count: 86
Summary: I hope I can write draft two quicker than I did my first draft.

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I'm retyping the MS as a way of completing draft two. I'm hoping that by typing the words again it will help me justify each word and stop me from missing any of my highlighted notes. I'm one page into it, I know not very far but I spent quite a while picking through the first paragraph swapping sentnces around cutting then putting them back in and I've been mucking around with the MC name and I havent decided if I like the change or not.

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Comments by other Members

Manusha at 18:20 on 21 October 2012  Report this post
Yey, a new thread! Good luck with the second draft. I hope things become clearer as you go through it.

Account Closed at 19:18 on 21 October 2012  Report this post
Good luck with the retype and reworking. I don't envy you that typing, but well done for deciding that's what needs to be done to focus your thoughts and enable you to justify each word. I hope it really works for you.

MPayne at 20:45 on 21 October 2012  Report this post
That's how I work too - retyping the second draft from scratch rather than amending the first draft document. I'm convinced it makes for a better result (and I actually enjoy that stage more than the first draft. But then I'm a bit strange like that). Good luck with it - and I expect it will be quicker.

Freebird at 11:59 on 23 October 2012  Report this post
I think that's probably a good way to do it, Diane. As you say, it will make you really consider all the words rather than being lazy and thinking, 'that paragraph will do'.

Good luck with it! I agree that second draft is really satisfying. Probably more so than first.

LorraineC at 13:41 on 29 October 2012  Report this post
Sounds like a plan, Diane. How are you getting on with it?

funnyvalentine at 15:49 on 29 October 2012  Report this post
Yay for a new thread! Tons of luck with the edits - what you're doing sounds very sensible. I hope you're pleased with progress so far. Why not post the name choice and let us choose??? We all love a good name-choosing session!!!!

Account Closed at 19:18 on 01 November 2012  Report this post
How's the typing/re-editing going, Diane? I do hope you are doing well. When I saw Jenny's post about struggling to write with young children, I thought of you and all you have managed to do - living up to your name.

Please let us know how you are doing. I really hope you write to say you feel you are making progress and feel confident about working through your second draft.

Manusha at 20:03 on 01 November 2012  Report this post
Come on, Diane, spill the beans - how is the second draft going? ;

Midnight at 22:01 on 01 November 2012  Report this post
Err, terrible! I've had not time to myself during half term and the little fella has decided to start having tea time naps again (where did they come from!) so he's going to bed really late. In fact its just about 9:00pm and he's snuggled into me watching Disney Junior. I'm hoping to get him back into routine soon. So in short I haven't even finished chapter one. i hope you are all making much better progress than I.

MPayne at 19:50 on 09 November 2012  Report this post
How's it going now, Diane?


Account Closed at 17:56 on 11 November 2012  Report this post
Sorry to hear that you're not making much progress thanks to the joys of children's strange sleeping routines when young.

Either you are going to have to start pinching him repeatedly to stop him going to sleep (joking sort-of ; ) or you'll have to live up to your name again and restart the midnight writing. I'm not being very supportive here, am I? But I do hope the sleeping routine gets sorted and you find the time to write very soon. x

Jennifer1976 at 09:50 on 12 November 2012  Report this post
It's so difficult when you have little ones that anything you can get done is a massive achievement. At least half term is over now so hopefully you will have a bit more time and can get back to your re-writing/typing.

LorraineC at 11:40 on 17 November 2012  Report this post
How are things now Diane? Have you managed to get your little one back into a routine, and to find time to get back into it?

Account Closed at 19:41 on 17 November 2012  Report this post
Sixteen days on, I do so hope you've managed to finish Chapter One and you are feeling so much better. Please let us know how you are doing. x

Manusha at 13:53 on 18 November 2012  Report this post
How are you getting on, Diane? I hope you've managed to find some writing time at last.

Midnight at 11:36 on 19 November 2012  Report this post
Nooo! I'm tearing my hair out here. *Sob, sob* Why oh why won't he sleep at night? I'm hardly getting near a PC. I think there is just too much going on for him at the moment. He's potty training (not straight forward like it was with my daughter) so I think that may be making things a little harder for him making him unsettled. At the moment on a good night I lie in his toddler bed till about 9:30 till he finally goes over, hobble out of the tiny bed and tidy around, attempt to pull the laptop out and then he toddles through to our room anywhere between 11:00 and midnight. To fall straight back asleep and practice karate on my back all night long. On a bad night I give up and bring him straight into our bed for him to fall asleep between 11:00 and midnight (afternoon/tea time nap days). I then just leave the mess till the morning...
About a week ago he went down at 7:30. I thought all of my Christmas' had come at once. I had a good look around WW and FB then I got my MS with notes and Laptop. Covered the bed in my notes, then I hear the footsteps and a little voice saying, 'Mi,' (milk). Tidy up quickly. Get the milk (he's 2 1/2, should be past drinking milk through the night but if I try water he cries that loud he wakes his sister) Get him back to sleep and I give up...
I think it's making me grumpy. I bit my hubby's head off for not feeding the rabbits while I was making the Sunday dinner and I snapped at my daughter for fussing instead of doing her homework. Felt a bit guilty and apologized to them. Maybe if I give up on the unsuccessful potty training for a while he might stop having these afternoon naps and go back to going to sleeping at the normal hours of somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00. I've stopping taking to school in the pushchair when I pick my daughter up. Instead I'm letting him walk in the hope he won't go to sleep. But then when I've been making tea he's fell asleep watching TV or playing with his toys on the sitting room rug.

Ok I am really going to stop grumbling now. Sorry to go on and on.
Thanks everyone for your support, I will get some PC time this week.

Manusha at 18:58 on 20 November 2012  Report this post
That must have been so disappointing to lose the precious writing time you had. I hope he soon grows out of this phase and you get some time to yourself. I've heard that writers can get enraged and dangerous if they're kept from writing for too long!

Midnight at 11:54 on 21 November 2012  Report this post
So do I. Thanks for your well wishes

Freebird at 19:04 on 23 November 2012  Report this post
Oh, Diane, you have my utmost sympathy. I have been in those situations more times than I care to remember - young children do seem to go through phases of not sleeping well at different times, and it's an absolute nightmare for you. And potty training is hell if they're not ready...

Hope it resolves itself soon.

funnyvalentine at 09:23 on 25 November 2012  Report this post
Midnight - I think you've done so well having done as much as you have with two small children. Just take it easy. This phase will pass and I remember it well - it does get better. Boys much slower to potty train than girls. I hope it sorts itself out soon.

Account Closed at 09:37 on 25 November 2012  Report this post
Gosh, I don't envy you going through the potty training and sleeping at odd times stage. When my children were the same age as yours, I didn't write but I did work full-time. However, the joy of working full-time is that children are taken away to childcare by necessity, or else the work wouldn't get done.

I know how frustrated you must feel. I guess you'll know more about your situation than anyone else, but is there any way someone can take your children out for the day just so you can have the freedom to do some writing?

If not, I hope this phase passes for you and you are back to your child-free midnight writing sessions very soon.

Midnight at 13:07 on 25 November 2012  Report this post
Thanks all.
I think you are perhaps correct here FV
Boys much slower to potty train than girls.
. It was much easier to train my daughter.

ut is there any way someone can take your children out for the day just so you can have the freedom to do some writing?
It's funny but because I don't work anymore I'm now the one that seems to do all those little jobs for family members. My sister-in-law used to have mine over for sleep overs when I was working, but she went back to work a month or two ago (her youngest started school) and now I tend to have the kids sleepovers.

But I am feeling a little better about things and less grumpy. My daughter is at my mothers so it's only the little man at home with us so my hubby has played with him for the last hour and a half while I finished chapter 1. I know it's not much but just that little bit of time has made the difference. And this time I did things differently. I wrote and then I checked into WW. I'm really hoping to be more active again soon. I know he's had phases where his sleeping pattern has changed before and then it has gone back to normal so I guess I'll just need to sit it out and do what I can when I can.

Hope everyone is getting much more writing time than I.

Manusha at 13:19 on 25 November 2012  Report this post
Boys much slower to potty train than girls.

We found that too with our little boy, in comparison to the two girls.

Glad you got some writing done, it must feel quite a relief.

LorraineC at 22:30 on 26 November 2012  Report this post
You'll get back to it Diane. You know with the potty training, I tried my son at 2.5 years and he just didn't get it. I then put him back into nappies, and tried him again 3 months later and he took to it really well. In fact he was the best out of my three at staying dry at night, and he's the only boy. Don't put too much pressure on yourself is what I'm trying to say.

funnyvalentine at 16:00 on 30 November 2012  Report this post
Hi Midnight - did you manage to get any peace at all this week? Hope you did. Yes , agree with Lorraine, don't stress about it. Hard, I know.

Freebird at 16:53 on 30 November 2012  Report this post
Aw, last night I was looking at old photo albums with my son and I found myself wishing he was still that age

But then I remembered how I had to get up EVERY night to change a wet bed (even with a nappy on - it just couldn't hold all that WEE, where did it come from?????) and the trauma of washing ten pairs of undies the first day of potty training, and I realised it wasn't all soft focus and fuzzy.... It was darned hard work!

Don't fret about the time. You've got the rest of your life for writing, but only a short period while your children are so young.

Jennifer1976 at 17:27 on 02 December 2012  Report this post
I can really sympathise with the difficulties you are having writing around your children. I only have the one so far and he isn't at the potty training stage yet so I have all those joys to come! It's good that you have managed to get some writing done though, even if it might not be quite as much as you'd like in an ideal world. Good luck with it all anyway and hopefully things will get easier soon.

ShellyH at 19:38 on 03 December 2012  Report this post
Hope you're managing to get a bit of writing time, Diane. It seems so long since mine were that age, but I remember it was hard work.

Manusha at 17:15 on 04 December 2012  Report this post
Have you been getting some writing time, Diane?

Midnight at 20:13 on 04 December 2012  Report this post
Nothing to update. The only writing I've done is Christmas cards and my daughters birthday invites. But I'm trying not to stress about it. We go up to the in-laws the day after boxing day for a few days so I plan to get some me writing time while I'm sat in my mother-in-laws. What ever time I manage to find before then I'll think of as a bonus.

Account Closed at 20:25 on 04 December 2012  Report this post
You've beaten me, Diane. I haven't managed to get a single Christmas card written yet.

But I have been lucky enough to get a bit of my novel sorted.

I do hope you have a lovely Christmas and you get some time alone to write as planned. If you manage to find a few hours before then, I hope it turns out to be really productive for you.

Midnight at 11:18 on 07 December 2012  Report this post
Ha, well I cheated a bit with the Christmas cards this year Sharley. I've typed all the address and printed them so next year I just need to find the file and print again.

and you get some time alone to write as planned.
What I've planned, although I haven't told the hubby yet is for him to take the kids to visit their cousins (for a little hour here or there) and leave me in his mams at the dining room table writing... But I usually do get writing time when I am up there because there are extra adults to help with the kids and apart from helping my mother-in-law with meals and dishes there isn't really any housework for me to do.

Sharley, I hope you, your family and everyone else on WW has a lovely Christmas too.

Freebird at 11:26 on 07 December 2012  Report this post
Yes, try and snatch some writing time for yourself whenever there are other adults around to keep an eye on the children!

I thought I'd been very organised and posted all the overseas Christmas cards, only to arrive home and find half of them still sitting in a pile on the rug. Grrr...

Midnight at 11:33 on 07 December 2012  Report this post
I thought I'd been very organised and posted all the overseas Christmas cards, only to arrive home and find half of them still sitting in a pile on the rug. Grrr..
Oh no. I hope the post office isn't too far away.

Account Closed at 17:17 on 12 December 2012  Report this post
Ha, well I cheated a bit with the Christmas cards this year Sharley. I've typed all the address and printed them so next year I just need to find the file and print again.

Good for you! But, that reminds me. I still haven't written a single Christmas card. Oh...

What I've planned, although I haven't told the hubby yet is for him to take the kids to visit their cousins (for a little hour here or there) and leave me in his mams at the dining room table writing...

I love this. I plan things and don't tell the hubby, but he works me out all the time. For some reason I am like an open book. I even smirk or frown when I type (my daughter loves that).

I do hope your hubby gets to spend ages out visiting relatives and you have a fab, relaxing few hours.

Freebird at 11:40 on 13 December 2012  Report this post
How's it going, Diane? Did your cunning plan work?

LorraineC at 23:33 on 13 December 2012  Report this post
Hope you enjoy the Christmas break, and time to edit too. ;

Midnight at 19:37 on 14 December 2012  Report this post
Haven't been yet ladies. We go up to Scotland on 27th or 28th. But I've informed him that it would be good if he could take the kids out a few times. I've not managed to squeeze in any writing time so I'm really looking forward to getting that time

Manusha at 13:31 on 17 December 2012  Report this post
Have you managed to squeeze in any writing time, Diane?

Midnight at 09:42 on 19 December 2012  Report this post
Nope been too busy doing Christmas stuff, but I'm counting the minutes till my me writing time.

Account Closed at 17:47 on 19 December 2012  Report this post
Not long to go now. While your children are counting the days to Christmas, you have your very own countdown.

Happy Writing x

LorraineC at 17:00 on 21 December 2012  Report this post
As Sharley says not long to go. I bet you're itching to get those fingers on a keyboard ;

Midnight at 08:49 on 24 December 2012  Report this post
Yes ladies they are itching. Itching so much that I snuck away to work on it for a little half hour last night. But it kinda stretch on to a few hours and well my head was spinning by the time I had to bath the kids. I ran my rewrite of chapter one through auto crit looking for my overused words. Apparently I quite like 'it, was, then' to name a few. So I tried to elamate the recommended amounts of my over words and create stronger sentences. Anyway, felt good to work on it. I have my parents over tomorrow, then I'm at my brothers house for a family party boxing day. Then if the hubby isn't too hung over we'll travel across the border to the in-laws where I'll get some time to write. What I won't get though is two screens, so I won't be able to run any chapters I rewrite through the overused words software and work on my work at the same time. Doubt I'll be able to squeeze in anytime today because although we are all sorted for Santa except a little housework (kids make mess afterall) I need to wear the kids out so they go to sleep tonight, lol. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and let's hope we are all given plenty of writing of writing time as a Christmas present to use when we choose ;
Merry Christmas everyone x

funnyvalentine at 09:28 on 24 December 2012  Report this post
Well done you! How nice to want to get back to it! I use all those words too much too!

Have a great Christmas and congratulations on your achievement .

Midnight at 14:13 on 31 December 2012  Report this post
Worked on Chapter one again... Now I'l start work on Chapter two. Happy New Year everyone x


Oh I finally posted something in IC... It has only taken me a year... Oh well lets hope this means my writing will speed up.

Manusha at 15:15 on 31 December 2012  Report this post
Great to see you're back to writing again after all the hubbub of Christmas. I hope you had a great time and Happy New Year.

Oh I finally posted something in IC

Yey! I can't wait to have a read.

Midnight at 16:23 on 01 January 2013  Report this post
Reworked chapter two and about to start on chapter three. Cut the new science as I thought really why had I put it into the story. It had no relevance. I popped it in when my ideas were zinging everywhere and I didn't know where the story was going. Which leads me to ask myself why didn't I scribble it out during my notes? Hmm I guess I was too attached to it then.

LorraineC at 22:02 on 02 January 2013  Report this post
Sounds like the breaks down you good Diane. Being able to look at the ms again with the fresh set of eyes seems to be helping. I hope you find the time to continue editing, and when I get a chance, I'll pop over to IC to have a look at what you've posted

Midnight at 12:02 on 03 January 2013  Report this post
Thanks Lorraine.
Didn't manage to get anything done yesterday as we travelled back home and the whole day just seemed to vanish. I half feeling like opening my WIP up now as both kids are watching Curious George, but I know as soon as I open it they will want me and I won't get the time to get my head into it.
Anyway I plan to get an hour or two tonight to get on with it.

Account Closed at 21:24 on 04 January 2013  Report this post
I hope you managed to get some writing done last night. I read your chapter and your story line is fantastic - really exciting. It's good that you are seeing things afresh too. It's amazing what a break from your story can do.

Good luck with the rewrite. I look forward to reading more

calliaphone at 22:52 on 05 January 2013  Report this post
good luck from me too, Midnight - i hope you're getting the chance to spend some time on the story.

Midnight at 23:11 on 05 January 2013  Report this post
Getting a little done Although I'm finding myself looking back at chapter 1 again LOL. Maybe I need to get that in a better state before I can continue draft 2...

Jennifer1976 at 11:15 on 06 January 2013  Report this post
Glad you're managing to fit in a little writing time in between your other commitments. Good luck with it and hope it all carries on going well. It's so frustrating when you have little ones as the minute you think you've got a bit of time, they seem to need something. Anyway, happy new year!

Midnight at 22:12 on 08 January 2013  Report this post
Thanks Jennifer.
Just shut down my WIP after only a few sentneces and about to shut down the lap top as the little boy next to me has just opened his eyes. Here's hoping he goes back to sleep...

Freebird at 16:41 on 10 January 2013  Report this post
Sounds as though there's some good editing going on when you get the chance to devote some time to it. Just try and seize the opportunities when they come, and don't fret if you can't. It's all stewing there in your head, so it's not wasted time

MPayne at 12:32 on 11 January 2013  Report this post
Good luck squeezing in the writing time. Thinking time counts, even when you can't write (at least, that's what I tell myself...)

funnyvalentine at 12:23 on 12 January 2013  Report this post
Freebird is right, just do what you can and it really is all developing even if you're not actually writing. It can be annoying though when you can't get to it. Good luck in finding a bit of time this weekend. It's so exciting you are on Draft 2 - don't look at Chap 1 for too long...

Account Closed at 23:29 on 12 January 2013  Report this post
I really don't know how you do it. I have plenty of free time after 9pm at night - except when I'm in an evening meeting - but I can never do anything that involves thinking, as I'm too knackered. Yet you've got children and you write when you can, no matter how tired you are. Good luck keeping going. I do hope you get more writing opportunities and time soon.

Freebird at 10:48 on 15 January 2013  Report this post
I agree. I could never write anything much when my children were little. And after 9pm is reading time for me!
Just make sure you have a notebook handy, so if something strikes you while you're out and about, or up to your ears in daily family life, you can jot it down and bring it with you when you do get writing time

LorraineC at 20:11 on 16 January 2013  Report this post
Diane, I just realised what I said -
Sounds like the breaks down you good Diane
. I didn't mean that at all. I meant to say sounds like the break has done you good. Hope there's no break down in there, though I know what it's like with kids, and having no time to write ; Sorry because I also said I'd have a look in IC and although I did have a very brief look, I didn't comment. I'm clearly being a terrible host on all counts. ;

I'm an after 9pm writer most nights, as well as weekends. When you feel it's in your blood, that you MUST write, I guess you try to find any time you can as I do. But just be careful not to wear yourself out. I've found myself being grumpy with the kids at the weekends just for this reason.

funnyvalentine at 18:08 on 21 January 2013  Report this post
How's it going Midnight?

Manusha at 19:35 on 21 January 2013  Report this post
You've been quiet, Diane, I hope it's because you've been getting time to write and are keeping focused (in other words not spending too much time on WW like I do!)

Midnight at 13:22 on 23 January 2013  Report this post
Thanks everyone.

Don't worry Lorraine I knew what you meant.

I'm no further forward. I have had a little look at chapter one again. Tweeking sentences rather than rewriting, then tweeking them back... Arrg! Silly things really. What I neefd is to somehow move chapter one out of my reach so that when I open up the WIP I go to where I am up to rather than reading and tweeking chapter one! The tweeks are probably useless at this stage anyway.

Jennifer1976 at 10:01 on 24 January 2013  Report this post
Glad you've managed to get a little tweaking done, even if it isn't as much as you'd like - it all adds up! But, hope you've managed to stay away from Chapter 1 - sounds like you need to step back from it a bit and come back to it later on. Hope you manage to fit some more in around the kids and everything else.

Manusha at 16:48 on 24 January 2013  Report this post
Keep away from Chapter One, Diane! The rest of your WIP is waiting for you! ;

Midnight at 23:13 on 24 January 2013  Report this post
Managed to keep away from chapter one, just... I did start to read the first few lines and then scrolled down before I could get dragged into tweeking it again. Did a little work on chapter three. Had to work a character into the it who is quite important in the later story. Only did a little but I think I'm happy with the little that I did.

LorraineC at 18:27 on 26 January 2013  Report this post
Making big strides then if you're onto chapter 3 ; I hope you're still enjoying the ms as you edit it, and that you're seeing it take shape.

Account Closed at 23:57 on 26 January 2013  Report this post
I am trying to live up to your name. I don't know how you manage the midnight working, as I'm yawning as I write this.

It's great to see you're getting on with your writing and that you're on to chapter three now. Well done. I know you only managed a little, but lots of littles make lots. Or, at least, that's how my mind works at this time of night (and, no, it's a completely sober mind!).

I look forward to coming back soon and seeing how you've progressed.

Midnight at 22:33 on 28 January 2013  Report this post
Thanks folks.
Sharley I'm not managing to work at midnight at the moment, I'm yawning long before then.
I'm taking little steps. Still on chapter three but one sentnce took far too long. I think I am being more critical typing it out again, but I'll know better once I get to the end of draft two, which is a long way off.
Send a glass of what you're drinking this way. ;


And now I'm tweeking and retweeking. A paragraph in chapter three is driving me round the twist. For the love of God, why do I have 'her' so many times in three sentneces and why I am finding it so difficult to get rid of some of them...

Midnight at 17:58 on 29 January 2013  Report this post
The boy had an afternoon nap (well 3:30till 5:30) and she was out at a friends house for tea and to play so after I dropped my mother off at her house I managed to squeeze in almost an hour writing. moving through chapter three now. I wanted to get it finished but it just takes me too long to ponder my sentences and what to add and take away. But at least I got some done

Freebird at 14:39 on 30 January 2013  Report this post
Yay, well done Diane! Here's to a lot more time squeezing (and a lot more daytime napping!)

LorraineC at 15:24 on 02 February 2013  Report this post
How old is your boy? Mine stopped their afternoon naps at about two and a half. And even then, if I could, I would have taken the opportunity to nap with them just to get through the day. You're an inspiration, Diane. I couldn't have managed to do what you have done with kids so young. Glad you're still motivated to keep going

SusieL at 12:02 on 06 February 2013  Report this post
Have you managed any more, Diane? Must be so tricky trying to find the time to shoehorn a little writing in between running around after little ones. But you're making progress, which is all good.

Midnight at 11:00 on 07 February 2013  Report this post
Lorraine he's 2 1/2 but with his delays he acts more like an 18 month old. His sleeping pattens are very erratic. Some days he has a nap (usually if there is a car or pushchair ride involved) most days he doesn't have a nap. The trouble with him now is he doesn't need very much sleep compare to his sister. If he has a nap he is up very late. If he doesn't he still usually goes to sleep after his big sister. What is that all about? Just a phase I keep telling myself. Anyway he had an appointment with the paediatrician at the hospital next Friday in relation to his speech and Language delays and his behaviours so I'll mention his sleeping then.

I've not managed to get any more writing done . The weekend flew by like a blur. Saturday night I finally had my Christmas night out with my bezzies! It had been cancelled four times due to various reasons (the snow being one of those reasons). Sunday's I meet up with my brother his wife and kids and then we were back to Monday.

I'm hoping I'll get some time tonight.

LorraineC at 13:22 on 08 February 2013  Report this post
Two and a half is an awkward age. You'll probably find that once he stops napping all together, that his nightime routine will settle down. Is he in his own bed, or does he still have a cot? I tried to keep mine in their cots for as long as I could, or until they started climbing out of them.

Have you managed to do any more on the WIP? Hope you're finding some time for yourself.


Midnight at 23:34 on 10 February 2013  Report this post
You'll probably find that once he stops napping all together, that his nightime routine will settle down.
I pray you're right. He's not in his own bed. Some nights we put him in his own toddler bed but he normally wakes after an hour or so and screams blue murder and trotts into our room. He sleeps most nights next to me. I'm alawys surprised how a toddler can starfish and take up more room than two adults. We took him out of his cot about a year ago (feels like longer but it's probably less time) because of saftey reasons (he has no sense of danger and manged to climb/fall out over the top!) It was on it's deepest setting too. Luckily, I was there and managed to stop him seriously hurting himself. The sides came off that night and it became a cot bed and unfortunity that was the last of him sleeping for any real length of time in his own room. I planned to work on my WIP tonight but I've flitted through WW and FB and reddit. And now I feel too tired to pick up my blue file with all the notes for my WIP. Hmm, need more disipline.

Midnight at 23:44 on 11 February 2013  Report this post
Got a little done tonight. Baby steps but at least I'm moving forward.

Manusha at 21:05 on 12 February 2013  Report this post
Baby steps count too! They all add up and are going in the right direction.

It must be a real strain having to share your bed with your toddler every night. I hope you and your hubby don't have to cope with that for too long - we all need some time apart from our children that we can call our own. At least it's certain he will grow out of it, even if there seems no end in sight right now. After all, there's no way he'll want to kip with his parents at sixteen and hopefully it will be a lot sooner than that!

Midnight at 00:05 on 13 February 2013  Report this post
Baby steps count too!
Thanks Andy. I know and I'm smiling 'cause I got some more time to write tonight. More babysteps. YAY! Ooops sorry didn't mean to shout.

As for the little-un sleeping in our bed I know plenty of parents are in the same situation and I just have to remember that he'll only be little once. But he had better have grown out of it long before he's sixteen. LOL.

calliaphone at 20:25 on 14 February 2013  Report this post
hi Midnight - good luck with the baby steps, i hope you feel like you're getting there, no matter what the pace.

SusieL at 19:59 on 16 February 2013  Report this post
That happened to us - toddler sharing our bed. We were both working full time and just couldn't handle the constant up and down at night. But by the time he was starting school - probably a lot before but to be honest, it's a bit of a blur, he was settled in his own bed. Thomas the Tank Engine tapes played continuously helped no end!!

Hope you've managed to get a little more writing done. Baby steps are definitely what it's all about!

Jennifer1976 at 13:46 on 20 February 2013  Report this post
Hope you're still managing to get a few words down in between the kids. Sometimes just finding a small bit of time to write feels like such a triumph and of course any time at all you get to write is progress.

LorraineC at 11:39 on 21 February 2013  Report this post
Diane, hope you're managing to do some editing in between all the other things happening in your day, and that you're getting enough sleep with little'un in bed. It won't last forever. Have you tried moving him from the bed to a mattress on the floor beside you. That's what we tried with one of ours, and then eventually we managed to get her to sleep in her own bed. Just a thought

Manusha at 18:22 on 22 February 2013  Report this post
How's our Diane doing? What's happening on the writing front? I hope you're waving your wand and creating those wonderful fantasy words of yours.

funnyvalentine at 08:25 on 23 February 2013  Report this post
How's it going Midnight. I think it's fantastic how your write with such tinies - good for you! Hope you're catching up with some rest now and maybe enjoying your editing. Did you get anyone else to read the first draft?

Account Closed at 08:49 on 23 February 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane

I hope everything is going well for you and your baby step amounts are growing into toddler ones.

I hope you're also managing to get some sleep too.

Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comments on my thread. I really appreciated them, especially knowing how little time you have to write, let alone spend your time making me feel a lot better. Thank you.

I look forward to finding out how you are getting on.

Midnight at 21:20 on 23 February 2013  Report this post
Thanks everyone for your interest.

That happened to us - toddler sharing our bed. We were both working full time and just couldn't handle the constant up and down at night.
Susie although I'm not working (I stopped working a full year ago now) that's how we ended up having him in our bed so we could get longer chunks of sleep. He used to wake more in his cot and then if we managed to get him in his toddler bed he never used to make it passed midnight.
Lorraine, I might try a mattress, the only thing is that our room is quite small as we live in a modern house (less than 10 years old) so it might a be a little difficult. Thanks pfr the suggestion though. I have been trying to put him into his own bed but he only falls asleep in his own bed when he is exceptionally tired.
FV, no-one but me has read the first draft of this (bar the first chapter which I had up in IC)

As for getting editing done, no I haven't managed a single word in over a week for various reasons all piled together, the main one being that last Friday we were given a reason for my sons severe speech and language delay. Without going into too much detail the whole thing has just knocked the stuffings out of me. We knew this was one of the many things it could have been since it is both his verbal and non verbal communication skills that are delayed so I suppose I have no reason to feel any sort of shock but I suppose I do, along with other things.

I think I'm feeling up to getting back into it so if I can steal some time tonight or tomorrow I will.

Manusha at 17:15 on 25 February 2013  Report this post
the whole thing has just knocked the stuffings out of me.

I'm sure it has, Diane. It's one thing having suspicions but when they're confirmed it completely rocks your whole world. Without knowing the details I hesitate to say I hope you're able to come to terms with things, but I do wish you and your family all the best.

no-one but me has read the first draft of this

I'd be more than happy to read it if you would like a reader. Nothing intensive, of course, as it's a first draft, but if you feel it might be helpful I'd happily give some over-all impressions of the story as a whole.

Midnight at 09:26 on 27 February 2013  Report this post
Thanks Andy. If you had the time an over all impression of the idea of my story would be good. As you say it is a first draft. One which I know needs a lot of work but if you had the time I'd be grateful.

Manusha at 21:17 on 27 February 2013  Report this post
I'd be very pleased to and I have the time at the moment. I've always enjoyed your short stories and am very interested to read more of The Mist than just the first chapter. I'll PM you.

Account Closed at 22:38 on 12 March 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane. I'm sorry you had a shock with the reason behind your son's speech and language delay. Sometimes you know something is wrong and you guess what it might be, but to hear it confirmed is a shock no matter what. Actually, wot Andy said (as I just realised he said it more eloquently).

If I can help with reading your first draft of the Mist, let me know Diane. I am easing off with the WiP while it is being read, so I have a bit of time.

LorraineC at 23:32 on 12 March 2013  Report this post
Diane, sorry to hear the news about your son. It's so difficult being a mum/parent when these things come along to test us. My thoughts are with you. Lorraine x

Midnight at 22:58 on 13 March 2013  Report this post
Thanks you ladies, your thoughts and well wishes are apprieciated.

Sharley it is very kind of you to offer to read The Mist, I asked Andy if I could ask him if he had time to read it after draft two was finished instead of now since draft one is very bitty and I already know lots of things that I need to fix from my notes and read through. If you are at a point in your writing where you have time to read The Mist when I have finished draft two I would be grateful, but I understand you may not have the time then. Thank you.

Still no writing, I can't seem to get back to it. Been researching load about my son and looking into the file of information the hospital gave us. I picked up the laptop tonight and my energy just zings away before I've even opened my WIP.

funnyvalentine at 09:56 on 08 April 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane, just wanted to say 'hello'! I do hope you are ok and that your readers liked your drafts! Talk to you soon.

LorraineC at 13:56 on 08 April 2013  Report this post
How are you doing Diane? You still around?

Midnight at 16:19 on 08 April 2013  Report this post
Thanks FV and Lorraine for your interest. I haven't managed to write anything in so long I've stopped counting. I will make time in the near future to look in on everyone's threads. Hope everyone is doing well

Jennifer1976 at 15:50 on 12 April 2013  Report this post
Sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment and I things become easier. Sometimes writing has to take a back seat, but we'll all still be here when you get back into it.

Manusha at 22:06 on 13 April 2013  Report this post
You're a sincere writer, Diane, but sometimes life has other things we need to focus on for a while. I'm sure you'll find the right space for writing again, and I hope you don't have to wait too long.

Midnight at 22:28 on 14 April 2013  Report this post
Thanks Jennifer and Andy.

Account Closed at 18:15 on 21 April 2013  Report this post
Sorry for the delay in responding to say that, but I would love to read it. I will make time and enjoy it too.

Good luck trying to find the time for yourself though, Midnight. It sounds like you have a lot on. Write when you can but don't feel bad if you can't. A short rest may do you good, while you focus on what needs to be done elsewhere.

Midnight at 20:27 on 24 April 2013  Report this post
That is so kind of you Sharley. Thank you. I decided I would be better waiting till I'd finished the second draft so that any points that I had made notes about we're resolved. I value your opinion so If you have the time when I have finished draft two I would be really happy for you to read it, but I will understand if I finish draft two where you are at a point in your life or writing where you don't have the time. Thanks again

Account Closed at 18:05 on 25 April 2013  Report this post
Just PM me on WW when you're ready. I'd be happy to read whenever. I'm looking forward to an ereader I can use in the bath, as then I'll have all the time in the world to read

Good luck with draft two.

Midnight at 18:08 on 25 April 2013  Report this post
Aww you are a star x


You know I am more than happy to read any of your work when needed.

Account Closed at 20:29 on 26 April 2013  Report this post
Thank you

Yours first - as I've had so much help with mine x

LorraineC at 09:29 on 28 April 2013  Report this post
How are you getting on Diane? Are you still taking a break, or are you tinkering here and there?

Midnight at 10:32 on 28 April 2013  Report this post
Still taking a break, but I've been gradually getting some time so I might take a look again soon. If not then in September when he starts Nursery I should be able to rattle on.

Account Closed at 12:12 on 28 April 2013  Report this post
Good luck, Diane. September will whizz round if you have to wait until then.

SusieL at 19:55 on 09 May 2013  Report this post
Enjoy the break Midnight, September will be here before you know it! And it's always good to recharge those writing batteries.

Account Closed at 15:21 on 12 May 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane

Just thought I'd pop by and say hello. I note you probably can't get much writing done, but I hope you and your family are well.

Midnight at 19:19 on 13 May 2013  Report this post
Thanks ladies. Sharley family things are going well and my little angel is getting a nice easy induction into Nursery. The school is taking his special educational needs into consideration and letting him have five lots of one hour visits before he starts in September as well as additional home visits. Hope everyone else's writing is going really well.

Account Closed at 22:18 on 13 May 2013  Report this post
It's great that your son is having a slow induction into nursery and the school is taking care of his needs. That's fantastic and you must feel happier knowing they are taking the time to look after him so well before he starts full time.

LorraineC at 10:31 on 19 May 2013  Report this post
Ditto what Sharley said. September's not too far away though haven't you got another little one to keep you busy? Hope you're finding some 'me' time to write/edit. Lorraine

Jennifer1976 at 15:12 on 21 May 2013  Report this post
It's always such a relief when you know the little uns are in good hands and hopefully you'll have more time to write when he's at full time nursery. Like Lorraine said, hope you're finding some time for yourself now too.

Account Closed at 14:27 on 26 May 2013  Report this post
I'm so pleased for you and your son. I did read your comment, but forgot to respond (sorry). I hope you and your family have a lovely Bank holiday weekend.

funnyvalentine at 11:44 on 27 May 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane - how is it going? I know you've been really busy, just dropping in to see if you've written anything! Hope all is well and glad things worked out for your son. It must be a real relief.

Midnight at 14:51 on 30 May 2013  Report this post
Thanks for the interest ladies. I've not managed to look or think about my story but I think I will try and get back to it soon (ish) Hope everyone else writing is going well and I hope to look at everyones threads over the next couple of days.

Account Closed at 21:48 on 03 June 2013  Report this post

I know you've got so much on that writing is taking a back seat for now, so instead I'll say that I hope you had a wonderful half term with your children and that your son continues to enjoy his slow transition into nursery.

Take care x

Midnight at 09:28 on 04 June 2013  Report this post
Aww, thanks x

LorraineC at 11:17 on 08 June 2013  Report this post
At least you're still here, even if you're not writing/editing at the moment, and I think that you're still playing an active role in IC too (if I'm not mistaken). Hopefully it will make it easier for you to get back into it. ;

Midnight at 19:27 on 08 June 2013  Report this post
I'm trying to be active Lorraine. I'm not as active as I would like but I think your right about keeping going even a little helps.

Jennifer1976 at 09:53 on 16 June 2013  Report this post
Just passing through to say that I hope it's all going well.

Account Closed at 17:15 on 23 July 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane

Apologies for not keeping in touch recently to see how you are doing. I've been writing and working and working and writing.

I hope you are looking forward to a fantastic summer with your family and your son is looking forward to the start of nursery in September (and you to getting back to writing).

Take care and have a wonderful summer.

Midnight at 11:34 on 24 July 2013  Report this post
Aww, thanks. I'm certainly looking forward to having some me time (writing time)in September. I think, in September, I'm going to put this to bed for a while and work on my first MS that have some serious flaws. Even though I've not been physically writing I've been thinking a lot about that lately.
Hope you have a fantastic summer too and that everything is running smoothly for you both with writing and work.

Account Closed at 08:56 on 31 July 2013  Report this post
I don't know if I ever saw your first MS. I think you'll realise just how far your writing has come when you look back at earlier works. I certainly saw that I had made some improvements.

And, thank you. I have a bit of time off, so I am looking forward to getting some writing done

Midnight at 09:15 on 31 July 2013  Report this post
No it never went in IC, for long enough I thought I never look at it again but it's been playing on my mind. I'll just see what September brings. Enjoy your time off, I hope you find it very productive for your writing.

LorraineC at 22:39 on 31 July 2013  Report this post
Ooh. Looking forward to seeing you posting updates in September. Until then have a great summer

Midnight at 10:52 on 01 August 2013  Report this post
You too Lorraine.

Account Closed at 17:32 on 05 August 2013  Report this post
Thanks Diane - and I look forward to finding out what September brings for you too. Thanks for all your help in IC.

Hope you are having a lovely summer

SusieL at 19:40 on 06 August 2013  Report this post
Hope you have a wonderful summer, and manage a little bit of 'me' writing-time.

Jennifer1976 at 20:31 on 07 August 2013  Report this post
Hope you're having a lovely summer and are managing to get some writing done.

SusieL at 14:30 on 09 September 2013  Report this post
Hi Midnight, hope you had a lovely summer. Did you manage any 'me' writing time, at all?

Midnight at 11:07 on 11 September 2013  Report this post
Thanks for asking Susie. No I didn't but my little boy starts Nursery tomorrow so I plan to get a little time at the computer.

SusieL at 16:41 on 11 September 2013  Report this post
Enjoy! You'll probably be super-productive after such a lovely long break.

Account Closed at 20:45 on 23 September 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane

I've commented on Lorraine's thread, but I wanted to check how your son was doing at school. I hope he is doing well and getting used to the routine and making friends.

I see you are writing now. Well done. I do hope you'll be able to post work in IC soon. I'd love to see how you are doing now.

Midnight at 13:21 on 24 September 2013  Report this post
Thanks Sharley,
He's doing great with Nursery. They are still just having him for two hours a day rather than three as he gets really upset at carpet time so we miss the initial capet time and all the hussle and bussle of drop off time by him starting half an hour late, then I collect him half an hour early to miss carpet and the busy pick up time. He has really taken to his 1-1 support and takes her hand straight away to drag her around the class. He still very much stays away from the other children but wont move away from them if they come to play at the same activity. He doesn't really look at the other children but I don't expect him to at this stage, but his is getting good at looking at adults that he know from outside of the family.

I'd like to get through this draft before I post anymore of it, I think. Although, that might change.

Jennifer1976 at 13:00 on 03 November 2013  Report this post
Hi Diane, Hope you've managed to fit some writing time in now that your son's at nursery? It sounds like he's doing really well too!

Account Closed at 18:50 on 15 November 2013  Report this post
I'm so pleased your son is doing well at nursery - or he was in September, I hope he is still doing fantastically and is support doesn't have a longer arm by now. I did read your post, but didn't comment and then - gosh - months went by and I didn't realise how long it was since I'd popped by. Sorry.

However, I am so so so so so so pleased you are writing again. Well done you!!!

I look forward to reading it in IC when you are ready. Please PM when you do post which, I note, may be months away as you want to get alot done first.

Midnight at 20:16 on 15 November 2013  Report this post
Aw thanks. Yes he's doing great, has 1 to 1 support and only stays there for two hours a day instead of three. But he seems to like it. You are right, it will be months till I put something up as I do want this draft finished but it would great if you had a chance to have a look Sharley when I finally do post as I do value your opinion. I am trying to stay focused on this draft hence my lack of current critting in IC but I hope to be more active again once I am close to the finish line. Hope you are getting on we'll. :-)

Account Closed at 19:20 on 18 November 2013  Report this post
I'd love to look at your work when it is ready. Please PM me, as I'd be honoured to read it (really happy and would love it).

I'm so please your son is being looked after and his needs considered. It's so important, especially when he is so very young.


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