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Must I?

by Jubbly 

Posted: 08 May 2012
Word Count: 309
Summary: A reworking of an oldie for the Sunrise Challenge.

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He yawned and stretched his arms overhead; one eye firmly shut the other fluttering in preparation of waking up.
The sun was still burning brightly and looked so forlorn just floating there with no specific purpose in mind. He knew he had to get a move on, make sense of it all but just the thought caused him to yawn again.
‘What do you think would happen if I just didn’t bother?’ he asked no one in particular.
‘If I just lay here, pretending there was no need to begin? ‘Nothing would happen, came back the answer from his innermost being, why nothing at all.
He got to thinking, nothing eh? Well that would sure save time; nothing could end up being as big as something in that case.
‘I could always start tomorrow,’ he thought to himself. But then it dawned that there would be no tomorrow without today. What a dilemma. He even wondered if he could skip the first couple of days and start a little further down the line, but no, it just didn’t feel right.
‘Aw dang it,’ he said aloud. ‘Better get this show on the road.’
And with all the effort he could muster, he created the first day, then the one after and so on and so forth and by the seventh, he was so plum tuckered out he decided to rest. ‘Ah, yes, this ought to be the done thing,’ he said to himself and while he lie back dreaming of all the possibilities he couldn’t help but wonder how much worry and work and pain and heartache he’d have saved himself , if he’d just stayed in bed in the first place and not bothered.
Oh well, least that sun has got a proper purpose instead of just stuck out of there in the middle of nowhere looking pretty.

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Comments by other Members

blob at 16:38 on 08 May 2012  Report this post
Great fun, Jubbly - a really enjoyable read! Is God a Texan?!

V`yonne at 16:41 on 08 May 2012  Report this post
and now I have to decide Julie whether I can be bothered to be pleased that He made the effort ; Very good Like it!

euclid at 17:27 on 08 May 2012  Report this post
Nice one.

G'donya Julie!


Dave Morehouse at 18:20 on 08 May 2012  Report this post
Hi Julie. It seems that people are putting on their clever caps this week...and you are no exception. I'll add some the end of the week. Well done, Dave.

tusker at 06:50 on 09 May 2012  Report this post
A great story, Julie.

Loved the idea that the creator has a Texan drawl and, like us all, wants to put things off for another day, and then realisation struck him.

This made me smile. Now what's he going to do with the chaos he's started? Go back to sleep putting it off for another day?


fiona_j at 18:17 on 09 May 2012  Report this post
This is great, and I could really imagine it too.

On a very minor technical point, I think there's a couple of speech marks missing here and there - nothing a quick dusting won't pick up, though.

I loved the drawl too. I hope he made himself a porch to sit on.

Fi x

Desormais at 08:17 on 10 May 2012  Report this post
A really original take on the prompt. Enjoyed it.


crowspark at 19:54 on 10 May 2012  Report this post
An original take on creation. I prefer your god to the thou shalt one. Thou shalt if you like, but maybe tomorrow. Hang loose.

Loved it.

Bunbry at 12:46 on 11 May 2012  Report this post
Great twist Julie, well done.


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