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Obvious constellations

by batfowling 

Posted: 25 March 2012
Word Count: 164
Summary: A poem on the theme of rivaly and Pyrric victory.

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I decide to be better than you.
It doesnít take long because you arenít much good:
you donít seem to care.

I become a sweeter talker,
more words per minute, a greater variety.
They come out naturally longer, now.

And Iím a superior walker, i.e. I never donít have
some part of either foot in contact with the tarmac
at any one time. I am covered

with more follicles per square centimetre. My job
pays significantly more per hour
(I donít think about it).
You donít care my wife is fuller than yours;

my one son, more focused than your two
vague daughters Ė when did you last see them?
Look at my calf muscles; the contents of shopping basket;

your face in my alloys: you donít care.
I sit outside my bigger house and know
the majority of more obvious constellations,

the Latin name for a moose, how valves really are
and what transistors do. You sleep soundly; OK.
But I know why.

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