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Now Is The Time

by The Walrus 

Posted: 01 January 2004
Word Count: 107

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Now is the time
For stillness,
To go within
To reacquaint
With the cells
That connect
To stop
The mindís chatter
To submerge into silence.
To reflect.

Now is the time
To look around
To hear
To see
To feel
The mind-blowing beauty
A world, a state, a place
In which to heal.

Now is the time
To abandon regret
And hatred
To expose them,
Dissolve them,
Destroy them
In the catalytic light.

Now is the time
To let go of fear
The dark destroyer
And while he rests
His cold blade
Upon your neck,
Now is the time
To turn your
Sweat-shimmering face
And smile.

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 21:16 on 01 January 2004  Report this post

It comes across as a calm piece, but is actually an anthem to rising up, reflecting, healing, to dispel, smile and be all that you can be - happy, in mind and body. A good piece that broadens your range of lyric and subject matter. I like this rather a lot. Write on sister.


Bobo at 21:33 on 01 January 2004  Report this post
Walrus - love this - it's got a fantastic understated strength. Standing still, reflecting, taking the time to reassess, shaking off fears - this is true strength, eloquently expressed. Fab.

BoBo x

The Walrus at 21:53 on 01 January 2004  Report this post
Fearless/Bobo, I thank you. I like to think of it as a quietly feisty piece, a moment to take a deep breath before going back, once again, into the breach...

The Walrus

roovacrag at 12:23 on 02 January 2004  Report this post
Beautiful,well written.Wish i had the grasp on words you do. xxxxAlice

The Walrus at 14:39 on 02 January 2004  Report this post
Alice, you are too kind. Thank you for your words.

The Walrus

miffle at 11:39 on 06 January 2004  Report this post

Like the image of the 'cold blade resting on the neck' very much. Also like the shape that the repetition of 'Now is the time' gives to the poem. 'Sweat' an interesting word in the penultimate line - is that what you meant?

The Walrus at 16:36 on 06 January 2004  Report this post
Thanks Nicola. 'Sweat' was intended, yes, was trying to convey a person experiencing fear. Perhaps this doesn't come across so well.

Thanks again, oh and welcome to WW.

The Walrus

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