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One and I (chapter 1)

by Marcus1 

Posted: 21 December 2003
Word Count: 2281
Summary: Would appreciate feedback on this. Cheers.

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The voice of One

Please listen to me, I know who you are, you are a perfect person.

No matter what you have done, or will do, or what your life situation is, or was, or will be, right now as you reads these words; you are perfect. You always were perfect, you are perfect now, and you always will be perfect.

These words you are reading now are your words, the words of a perfect person speaking from with in you at your centre. We will call this person One, because he or she is one with everything. Listen to your voice, the voice of One as it speaks through these pages, and just keep believing that One is the perfect person that you are.

The properties of the perfect person

One can be described in many ways, although none of them will actually capture the truth of the matter, for One is what is it is, and likewise words are words; however there is purpose in proceeding all the same.

One is who you really are, the person you are when you are at your most true to yourself, the person you are when you have your greatest wisdom, the person you are when most fulfilled, the person you are when at your highest or deepest or purest or simplest level of being.

One is the greatest person in the world or universe. This is the simple truth and the key to true power and good. There is no more or less to it than this, people are either One, or they are not. If they are not, then they will for ever be a struggling pale reflection of what they truly are, always experiencing challenges, having unfulfilled goals, internal battles and worries. If you choose to be one, then instantly you turn on the power of your life, and as long as you are One your life flows. Do not think about your greatness, no not try achieving greatness, simply be the greatest person in the universe right now. If you are cleaning a toilet, if you are about to go to sleep, if you are composing music, or you are deciding the fate of a nation, you are the greatest person in the universe, be this person, be you, be One.

Greatest ness is a force that is every where; it is a huge universal pool or reservoir of power. Every one has a channel or connection to this pool, in fact the pool is both with in and with out. The thing you have to do to connect with this pool is believe or be the greatest person in the universe. This is the key to your power. Please do not get confused with ego, arrogance or delusion; these things are not what we are concerned with here, even though all of them certainly exist. Let me speak it to you again, there is a universal reservoir of greatest ness out there, and within you. Your channel to this pool can only be opened by your belief in the pool, or yourself, these are one in the same. In order to connect with your power therefore, you must believe and open your self to the pool by believing you are the greatest possible person. It is impossible to connect with the state of greatest ness, if you believe you are something less than it. It is like trying to connect a computer of 1980, with a computer of 2000, they simply do not speak the same language, and cannot therefore connect with each other. This pool really exists, it is an uncompromising pool, there is no middle way, it has no limitation, and it is simply everywhere all of the time. If you want to connect with it, then you must open the channel of greatest ness with in you, without voices saying you are less than this, or not worthy, or deluded, or arrogant. This is precisely how people achieve the good things that they do, by first believing in themselves and their power. Thos who believe they have no power, have exactly this, and those that believe they do, do.

When you wake up be the greatest person in the universe, when you go about your day, be the greatest person in the universe, when you sleep be the greatest person in the universe. This is not arrogance or delusion, it is the simple mechanics, or reality of creation. Creation, what ever its form is imbued with perfection, and one of the aspects of this perfection, is that we all are the greatest beings in the universe.

If you spent the rest of your life on a deep spiritual path, and achieved perfection then you would be One, but the thing is that One is already in you. You do not have to work to gain your perfection, it is not something that is earned, it is simply there all the time. The only thing you have to ‘do’ is to embrace your perfection, or possibly to remove what obscures you from it. This can be done at any time, without the need to have undergone some previous process. Everyone always has the option to directly connect with and therefore become the One inside them. And strangely no body actual has earned a greater ability to connect with One than any body else. One is simply there, patiently waiting to be you at any time you choose.

Listen to your voice, let it focus down on the properties of One right now, be guided by these words, your words, the words you are just about to read…..

One, the perfect person that you really are exists at your centre as a point of nothing. Let me say that again, One is nothing. The answer to the question of ‘who am I’ is ‘I am nothing’ or just ‘I am’.

This point of nothing or One that is you the perfect person has many properties which are the perfection that is you. These properties and everything that flows from them is a simple and direct consequence of your existence. Everything that is has consequences of existence; things that are always there because it is the thing it is. For example a cup by its very existence can hold a liquid, a ball by its very existence can roll, and we by our very existence, have a perfect person inside us. We can do nothing to increase or decrease our perfection, it is simply there.

The first of these properties that I would like to tell you about is as follows. Because you are a point of nothing, you are a point of everything, i.e. nothing is everything. Please don’t be put off by this idea, and think that you cannot understand what I am telling you. Don’t loose faith in your perfection at this early stage, stick with me, it is very simple to see. I will explain it to you now in plain words, it is called the paradox of nothing, and from this paradox your entire existence, and that of the entire universe springs.

To understand the paradox of nothing, you only need to imagine a cake. The cake is cut into eight perfect slices, one slice for each direction of a compass, North, North east, East, etc as you go around clockwise. Consider the point in the middle, this is the centre of the cake just like your centre, and consider how this point relates to all the eight slices. Consider the north slice: does it touch the south slice at the point in the middle, or the east slice, or the south-west slice? This point in the middle, how big is this point, and does it allow one slice to touch all others through it?...

The point in the middle is of no size. It is a point of nothing, and because of this, all slices can be connected to one another through it. In this sense, it is everything, because it is connected to everything, and everything passes through it. So there it is: nothing is everything, it isn’t that hard really!

This is precisely the way in which you or One is perfect; because One is a point of nothing, it is everything, something that is nothing and everything at the same time is perfect, so you are perfect. Never forget this, for as soon as you try to become something you will loose everything. Remember only nothing is everything, whereas something can never be everything. That point in the middle of the cake, if it becomes bigger than nothing, then all the slices of the cake no longer touch at the middle, and so its connection to everything is lost. So never fall into the trap of thinking you are something, for as soon as you do this, you will loose everything, along with all your natural power that each and everyone has.

Let us now look at some of the consequences of us all carrying this point of nothing inside us, that perfect person called One that we each are. We can apply this paradox of nothing to many things. For example the first thing is that this point of nothing is what we truly are, our true identity, so this leads to the conclusion that we have nothing as our identity, or everything as our identity. This is a strange paradox; we are nothing and everything at the same time. We have no identity, but yet total identity; we have nothing but yet are completely filled. This identity is the only true one in reality, it is the God identity. All other identities are constructed by our mind, and in this sense are not as real as the God identity, they are incomplete as they neither are completely empty, or completely filled; rather they mix emptiness with fullness to make something that is a mess which paralyses the power of the two ingredients. These identities are called egos, and we will look at them latter, whereas our true identity is the God identity, i.e. we all share in the identity of God. This is the first of the consequences of us carrying this point of nothing.

The second consequence arises from us being a point of nothing in all dimensions. In the spatial dimensions of up/down, left/right, forward/back, and the dimension of time. Because we are nothing in these dimensions, because the perfect One has no size, and occupies no length of time and space, we are also everything in them, i.e. we are occupy all time and all space.
Remember the paradox of nothing can be applied to many things. When ever you see the word nothing, you can replace it with everything. So no time and no space, is all time and all space. One is of no time and no space, and therefore of all time and all space, and a person that is this is called omnipresent. So the perfect person One that you are is omnipresent, and not just in space and time, but in all the dimensions that there possibly are. This is the first of the God like properties that One has.

As this point in the middle is connected to everything, it is also aware of everything, and being aware of everything leads to knowing everything, this is omniscience; knowing everything in the universe. So the perfect person One that you are is omniscient. This is the second of the God like properties that One has.

Because you are all knowing you do not need to learn knowledge in the conventional sense of the word. Rather you are remembering or contacting or removing obstacles from what obscures that which you already know inside. The knowledge is there, you only have to see it.

Because you are present everywhere, in some sense you have or posses everything, as you are there with everything. This is the third of the God like properties that One has, the possession of the entire universe.

This point of nothing that you are is a shared point, it is the same point for all of us, each of us carries a point of nothing, and all these points are superimposed on each other into one point. This is why your name is One because that is precisely what you are; through One you connect and become one with everything. Although we see ourselves as individuals when we are One, we merge with all the other Ones, we become the same thing, this thing is God. One binds you into a Universal society of power, joy, knowledge, and purpose, a utopia.

In fact not just people carry this point, but animals, and plants, and rocks, all entities, or forms carry this same point of nothing, and this means all of us are connected through our centres to everything else in the universe. In this sense the whole of creation is one, this is the perfect ness of creation. Just as you are perfect so is your relation, or postman, or dog, or pencil, and yes your entire universe, so you live in a perfect world, and because you always see this you are full of the life in everything.

One is an infinite reservoir of power, or the portal to the reservoir of power.

Centre of energy matrix, but not spatially

It is greatest ness

So these are the ways in which you or One is perfect. These ways are simple ways that mean you have everything, are present everywhere, know everything, and are one with everything.

© Marcus D T White 2003

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Comments by other Members

Terry Edge at 17:51 on 21 December 2003  Report this post

I think you need to give us a little more to go on here. You call this 'Chapter One', which implies it's a novel. But it doesn't read like a novel, i.e. there are absolutely no material points of reference for us, like names, places, dates, etc. If it is a novel, I doubt that anyone would read more than a few paragraphs before realising they are not going to get a story and putting it to one side.

If it's meant to be a kind of philosophical, symbolic, journey (like The Alchemist, or Castaneda's books), you still have to give us more to focus on.

But even if it's intended to be a 'straight' spiritual piece, then you still need to give us more to go on. Not so much in terms of characters and story, but certainly in terms of the How, Who, What and Why of your philosophy. Why, for example, is one perfect? What do you mean by perfect anyway? I'm afraid there are far too many mini leaps of faith in here, for me at least. You make sweeping claims about the universe, energy pools, and so on, but with nothing to back it up. And the weakness (at least in what's displayed here) of your reasoning manifests in some weak analogies. For example, you say that trying to connect to the state of 'greatest ness' while believing you are less than it (itself a torturous image to digest) is like trying to connect a computer of 1980 with one of 2000 - 'they do not speak the same language'. My immediate thought was that it probably is possible to connect two such computers, mainly because they were both created by humans, unlike, presumably, the 'greatest ness' and, well, I'm not sure what - us as we normally are?

I'm sorry if this sounds negative. But I do feel you've fallen into the 'holier than thou' trap of believing in something powerful, but being somewhat un-thought-out about it, then tranlating that uncertainty into a sermon to convince others, thereby justifying the belief in the first place.

Incidentally, I've spent many years researching mystical stuff and do recognise quite a few of your references. However, you need to make these references come alive in your story so the reader can sense the truth within them, rather than just telling us the truth, at least as you see it.

Marcus1 at 19:24 on 21 December 2003  Report this post

Dear Terry,

Thankyou for your feedback which I feel is very fair, and very much sums up the problem I have been wrestling with all along.

I am trying to push back the limits of mysticism, and give exactly this 'more to go on' that you speak of, but this is proving very difficult as my three main soursec are:

1 My personal mystical experiences,
2 Quatum mechanics which I studied at university,
3 Faith intuition or what I believe and feel inside.

With regard to 1, people can only have their own mystical experiences, and cannot realy share others which creates a problem. My references to pools of energy, connecting with power etc come directly out of these experinces, rather than some sort of intelectual process.

Quatum mechanics is not realy accesable to people who have not studied it, but yet it actualy categoricaly proves one of my statements and that is that we are all omnipresent. This theory acutualy proves that all matter is omnipresent,and as we are made of matter then so are we. It is also the most accurate tested theory in the world, so this part at least is not a leap of faith. It is very difficult to tell people in a way that they are going to swallow that they are omnipresent and that it is scientificaly proved. Most people will just not have this, but this is precisely what I am trying to do.

With regard to 3 it is difficult to talk about your believs when much of it cannot be proved, this leaves you in a very exposed position that you can do little about, but again this is what I feel compelled to do.

Thankyou for your comments

The Walrus at 19:43 on 21 December 2003  Report this post
I understand and endorse most of Terry's comments.

I personally resonate very strongly with the piece. To me the concepts are sound.

However, I would tackle the format. I would suggest, firstly, it needs to be simplified. The thoughts are cohesive, but need a tighter structure. Secondly, it is (as I think Terry was pointing out) pretty abstract, which is kinda OK for you, but not for others. More points of reference required I think. Maybe also subdiving the chapters into more bite-sized sections with titles?

The Walrus

Dee at 19:45 on 21 December 2003  Report this post
Quatum mechanics is not realy accesable to people who have not studied it, but yet it actualy categoricaly

I have, at the very least, studied spelling.

Marcus, if you want us to take you seriously, give us some credit!

Fearless at 19:50 on 21 December 2003  Report this post

There is a lot here worthy of exploration; however, many may be put off by the way it comes across. Call me a dumbass (most do), but what if you were explaining it to us over a quiet pint? How would it look then?



Please persist with it. Wite on.

Dee at 19:57 on 21 December 2003  Report this post
Thanks, Fearless. That, I think, is what I was trying, in my typically unsubtle way, to say...


Ellenna at 20:01 on 21 December 2003  Report this post
Well i want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Yes the spelling is all to cock.. but sadly that seems to be the case .. in a lot of people post 50s education..I know with my own children schools have never really put much emphasis on their spelling whereas I had spelling tests each week and am a stickler for it. Different times I suppose...anyway that said.. onto the concept here..

I find it interesting.. but not interesting enough.. it doesnt hold me although I certainly have always been fascinated by what I think you are trying to put over. Don't give up though Marcus.. just get the essence of it and stick to that...it will have more impact I feel as a reader anyway.. Good luck !


Jumbo at 23:09 on 21 December 2003  Report this post

I notice that this has been uploaded under the classification of Non-fiction >> General >> Work. To me it reads more like the text of a lecture or a sermon rather than a 'book'. But even so, you still require to take your audience (or reader) with you, and I think that is why the piece - for me - is so hard to fathom. I don't know you're starting point and I don't know where you are going.

Every text I have read in the past - even those that I read at degree level - need structure and progression. I think perhaps what you need to present along with your Chapter One is a map of where you are going, what it is you are setting out to tell us and some indication of the path you are going to take us along. Making bold statements - telling us, but not showing us - is no more sufficient in non-fiction than it is in fiction.

What I think you have given us is an attempt at communication which is, in fact, a one-sided conversation. Yes, you are talking and I am trying to listen, trying to understand. But as Terry has already pointed out, I, for one, don't have the reference points and the signposts that I need to understand the complexities of what you are saying.

The first rule of effective communication is to assess the ability and capability of your potential audience. The second rule is to write (or communicate) with that ability / capability in mind. Stick at it. You are obviously 'at one' with your subject. But you need to read every word from the point of view of your anticipated audience. It is not sufficient for you to understand. In your response to Terry you list three points and then suggest that the first two are beyond the wit of the average person. Is it not the task of us, as writers/ communicators to bring greater understanding to people, and not to insult our audience with reasons why we cannot, saying that the fault lies with them and not with our inability to express those ideas?

I'm sorry to prattle on at such length, but good luck with this. I admire your energy. I fear you have some work ahead of you.


bluesky3d at 10:26 on 22 December 2003  Report this post
The analogy that worked best for me was the centre of the cake. I imagined a huge chocolate cake with lots of cream. :o)

Tell us more about how studying quantim mechanics has informed what you want to say about the soul?



'quantum' not 'quantim' - sounds like I've unintentionally invented a new branch there


oh and Welcome to Writewords Marcus :o)

dr_mandrill at 15:59 on 22 December 2003  Report this post
Hi Marcus

I enjoyed reading this. You write with knowledge and honesty and a passion to share with others the subjects that you've clearly spent a great deal of time pondering.

I reckon it would be good if you developed some of the themes individually so that you could cover them in more depth and at a slower pace, as you touched on many concepts that sound very interesting but were perhaps a little rushed.

I like the cake analogy too. There's not enough confectionary in science.


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