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How I Became a Housewife!

by KBostic 

Posted: 11 September 2011
Word Count: 902
Summary: An article I wrote for my blog www.budgetedbeauties.com.

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I have always thrived, working a high pressure job. I was a single mother for years and of course always had to work. I have loved going to work since I was 16 years old. My father didn't have to tell me twice to get a job. My first job was at the Donut Haus. Those of you from Springboro Ohio know this little mom and pop donut shop. I started frying donuts, then I glazed, soon filled, then iced the donuts. This was the layout of climbing the ladder to the top. When you really made it you got to help make twists with the manager. Which was the owners brother if I remember correctly. Anyway I was soon promoted to closer and had keys to the shop and I got to work the counter. I realized really quick how much I loved moving up in a company.

I left the Donut Haus and continued to try a variety of jobs. I learned I did not enjoy the food industry. So I followed in my families foot steps and started working retail. At 18 I started working at Rich's a department store in an Atlanta. I worked in petites and basically just did what I was told straightened racks and folded clothes. Guess what, I actually sold clothes to customers. The president of the company walked trough the store one day. He came over to me and shook my hand and said he had to tell me he noticed I never stopped straightening and talking to customers and I would go far. I was just doing my job. My department manager noticed I was doing well and she started letting me merchandise walls. I was a natural I knew how every piece should fit in the wall and soon watched customers buy my walls I created. My heart would pound at the success.

I was soon promoted to a Tommy Hilfiger Specialist. Which means I worked for Tommy Hilfiger and Rich's. I had the number one shop in my area and won a trip to New York City. Here I am the youngest Specialist in New York sitting in Tommy's Show room. I was scared to death. I had to act like I knew what I was doing and where I was going, so I faked it a little. Needless to say I didn't sleep but maybe 2 hours the whole weekend. We had a private party at Tavern on the Green. We stayed right in time square and I couldn't get into most clubs due to my age! I will never forget that trip I even got asked to be in a fashion show.

I later worked for Ralph Lauren and learned my merchandising skills from all the different Reps that would come in. I learned how to network. Soon the hours started getting to me and I was ready to change careers. So I tried real estate and became a loan originator. I spent my last hundred dollars at the time to take the test and had to pass or I would have to pay for it again. I am not the most studious person but I knew I had to pass the first time. I did it too and was the only one in my company to. Once again my heart was racing and I thought this is what I was meant to do. The hours were better and it was fast paced so I was never bored. Until I realized I was too honest and always gave people the best rate so I didn't do well. I started processing loans then and had an awesome boss that took me under her wing and showed me had to start a business.

I went back into retail, speciality retail. I started as an assistant manager and became a respected store manager. In five years I almost doubled my salary and was receiving raises and promotions during the economic down turn. I let my ego take over, I thought I was untouchable. I was married and put my honeymoon off for a promotion. I put my job first before my family. I thought I was providing and that was the only way I showed I cared. I was so drained from the pressures at work and commute I was now making (for my career). I had no energy when I was home and work home life balance was nonexistence.

After some management changes on my maternity leave. Yes I also was working over 40 hours with no breaks while pregnant. I decided to stay home raise my family. Give my oldest son the time with me he deserved. I don't want my youngest son to know me as a shrewd business woman that sacirficed everything for my career. I realized what really mattered my husband and my children.

Most importantly I realized my dreams again. Writing! Starting my own business to help women learn how to be financially independent. So I started this blog and concept of being a middle class working women that still deserves the respect and finer things in life. Right now it's just a concept but I know one day it will be a success!

Until then, I will continue to be a stay at home mom raising her family and dealing with daily pressures of now balancing housework with writing and starting my business ;)

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