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For 11th September 2011

by Zettel 

Posted: 11 September 2011
Word Count: 168

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Upon a Lifting Breeze

We will soar
upon a lifting breeze
in sunset’s fading light
we shall find our ease

Do not weep for us
nor regret our passing day
our love lives on in you
you now will find our way

Our spirits live
within the gentle rain
that slakes the thirsty earth
softening all pain

We are mind we are thought
free yes free at last
love is all and all is love
never gone never lost never past

You are the very best of us
our deserving victory
over doubt and fear
a love valedictory

We are not in windstrewn ash
nor unforgiving stone
But in your hearts, your minds
forever still at one

So hold us close my dears
in precious memory
of laughter silliness and joy
a love filled history

We fly now with eagles
defying gravity
carried on the loving wind
ever present ever free

Our farewell like the sun
a momentary pause
before the light returns
and the lone eagle soars

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Comments by other Members

OrganOlive at 10:23 on 11 September 2011  Report this post
Amen. Beautiful poem indeed, it brought tears to my eyes remembering that fatal day 10 years ago. God bless them poor souls that lost their lives.

James Graham at 11:17 on 12 September 2011  Report this post
This couldn’t have been more timely. At first I was a bit unreceptive to this poem because my own thoughts on the 9/11 anniversary are ambivalent. Of course it was a terrible thing, but I think of those news pictures of Baghdad in flames. Buildings collapsed there too; thousands of civilians died. Back in 2001 you could hardly expect Americans to see the twin towers attack in context; but ten years on maybe it’s time to ask more questions about why there is such hostility towards the US around the world.

But your poem isn’t only about 9/11. The only line I can see that might be specific is ‘We are not in windstrewn ash’ which does recall the ash cloud in Manhattan, but could equally apply to a bombed city anywhere. The rest of the poem is consistently universal, a memorial to the dead of all wars and a celebration of the life (and love) that continues to flourish in spite of loss. There are some nice touches but I especially like

in precious memory
of laughter silliness and joy
a love filled history

- that third line reminds us so strongly that there is a ‘love filled history’ of ordinary people as well as the hate-filled history made by so many of those in power; and to include ‘silliness’ in ‘precious memory’ is a moment of truth.


Sallyj at 11:30 on 12 September 2011  Report this post
'We are not in windstrewn ash
nor unforgiving stone
But in your hearts, your minds
forever still at one'

This stanza says it all for me -
I agree with James that the strongest thing about this poem is that it can be applied to man-made atrocities anywhere, in any time.

Zettel at 17:10 on 12 September 2011  Report this post
Thank you all.

I should confess it is an adapted poem originally written on a personal basis for my 'kids' - for future use. But when I was trying to think about a new poem this one came to mind and I specifically wanted to concentrate on personal loss and as you have also picked up, the stanza regarding windstrewn ash etc - just seemed made for the job.

I share your feelings about the politics etc James and have written some pretty trenchant stuff from that perspective about remembrance days etc. I watched a bit of the blanket coverage and had to switch off as soon as I saw that witless Bush smirk - he and Blair should be charged before the international court - not about 9/11 but the hubris-driven ignorance of the excuse it became. Nothing more demeans and dishonours the deaths on 9/11 than its use by Bush, Blair and co for their own grandiose, delusionary adventures which as you say James meant 10s or 100s of thousands of innocent deaths. Uncounted - no bells and reading out of names there.


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