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by Zettel 

Posted: 26 May 2011
Word Count: 15

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He was fat
She was fat
They were happy

A marriage made
in McDonalds

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 14:30 on 27 May 2011  Report this post
Neat as ninepence. This demonstrates another great thing that poetry does - it does away with ‘beating about the bush’.

Lines 3-5 could be taken up by McDonalds for their next promotion. Ah, but lines 1-2 are the truth they won’t admit. Another thought I had about this is that it’s a kind of verbal cartoon. It could inspire a cartoon - a delicious drawing of the fat happy couple, and lines 4-5 as a caption.

You’re not worried that McDonalds may sue? McLibel?


P.S. On my tour of North America a few years ago I visited a McDonald's only once - to use the toilet. There was no McPaper. I'd like the world to know that.

Zettel at 23:35 on 27 May 2011  Report this post
Thanks for sharing James!



purpletandem at 08:10 on 28 May 2011  Report this post
Very succinct. 'A marriage made in heaven' - substitute McDonalds for heaven. Carbohydrate contentment and companionship, but blinkered to the challenges of the real world, yet who am I to criticise them?.

The poem prompts so much thought in such a short space of words.


Ticonderoga at 13:34 on 28 May 2011  Report this post
Lovely -

Can only agree.........short, sweet and very funny............


Zettel at 14:05 on 28 May 2011  Report this post
Thanks folks.

It's nice for a change to be brief and succinct!



Midnight_Sun at 13:34 on 08 June 2011  Report this post
You could do a sequence and continue on with the happy pregnant wife eating for two, then their fat child, who was happy with a happy meal, and toy! But then again it's quite effective just the way it is.

Thanks for sharing it.


V`yonne at 17:39 on 22 June 2011  Report this post

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