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parachuting with poets

by adLIB 

Posted: 22 March 2011
Word Count: 397
Summary: a flight of fantasy??

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today, an extraordinary woman gracefully parachuted down and landed in my backyard
and with a bold and extravagant flourish, she handed me a flower, and her business card
It read "Mellifluous Melody: creative consultant, rhyme-maker, storyteller, jongleur and bard.
Though at first, slightly wary and cautious, I soon relaxed, became curious, and dropped my guard,

as I looked into her eyes, richly full of mischief, honesty, friendship and alight with abundant ideas,
and the warmth of her smile and a sense of the wisdom and real experience of many interesting years
of living and laughing and loving; her charisma just benevolently and gently melted and soothed any fears.
"I am come to visit with you today on a mission of magic, renewal and fun" she said kindly "as it appears

that you have been suffering severe writers block, mind-numbing paralysis and quite awful brain cramp.
And so I am hoping to brighten the darkest of hours, guide the way forward with the light of my lamp
encourage you to discover and express your voice, mark your words with your own personal stamp
and release play, inspiration and vision, give the inner landscapes of the imagination a total re-vamp."

I thanked her, made a fresh pot of poetry tea, asked her to make herself comfortable, be my guest
"How did you find me, I wondered , and how did you know my stories and characters had lost their zest?"
"I fly through marvellous, skies, she said, in the mythical worlds, looking for dreamers who are distressed
when too many ifs should buts can'ts and such stifling limitations make them forget we are all blessed

with a gift or a passion, a treasure which we can courageously claim, nourish and of course. generously share.
The stories and paintings and songs are within us, and in the world of people, memories, daily life everywhere."
And she snapped her fingers, stamped her feet, dancing, till from the ground creative magic burst into the air.
"How to write? Begin with a blank page, a small picture in your mind's eye, the first instinct and courage to dare

to remember your journeys, listen with patience to others, see the world, with the eyes of the soul and with grace
I will always be with you in spirit, I am the Muse of infinite possibilities, and vision: invoke me and feel my embrace."


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Comments by other Members

jim60 at 15:35 on 27 March 2011  Report this post
Adlib, it may be a flight of fantasy, but it's very good.

It's the sort of thing you could have pinned up somewhere and take a read of when you're looking for that inspiration, perhaps.
Forgive my rambling, I get carried away at times.

Nice to read something that's that little bit different.

Cornelia at 12:19 on 06 May 2011  Report this post
Lovely writing. I could really relate to this, having recently had a spate of illness. I wish your parachutist had been around


PorkPieSalad at 17:20 on 10 August 2011  Report this post
I really liked this piece. Beautiful words - fantastically colourful.

I'm new to this, and I don't read a lot of poetry, so I'm not qualified in any real sense to critique.

It's probably me, but i thought the length of the passages got in the way of the rythym of the piece.

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