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by Nibles 

Posted: 07 December 2003
Word Count: 365
Summary: Trying to start a book. The first paragraph is just something I wrote that I will stick into the story, and the outline is just my ideas of what the story might be. Could use some help brainstorming, must find someway to make it interesting by adding some conflicts and obstacles.

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Her eyes would squint when she smiled, as a sun might flush at moonlight. As he looked into her eyes he could sense her distance--they had not been in such a situation before. She lay in the center of the bed, garnished in lingerie and the orange glow of forty-watts. Hovering above her, he accepting her pout lip which proceeded like a glistening lolly, shimmering in the dim light of the lamp, in all its wondrous glory. To embrace one another at last, mocked the placement of ice in hot water. The ice would toss about the water in a reluctant and crackling frenzy--under the heat which to it was intense--before slowly uniting at last. He nestled his head amongst her breasts as she brushed her hand through his hair. They lay there naked and enjoyed the moment. After breathing a sigh of relief, he broke the silence and for the first time expressed the feelings he had for her. She did not respond. He titled his head back slightly--disturbing her breast--intent on looking at her, though hesitated and returned his head to its nest. His eyes stared across the room in an embarrassed confusion, not knowing why her mouth spoke silence. Her body moved, and her throat echoed a moan. He realized why she did not speak. She was asleep.

Theme: There are those who go after what they want, and those who don’t.
Time Span: Year, few years, not very long.
James - Goes after what he wants, because he doesn’t happen to get it.
Darla - Doesn’t go after what she wants, she just happens to get it.
1. Start out in a small town.
a. She saves him from the rapid river, trying to get cliff flower.
b. He begins to like her.
c. Discovers she likes flowers.
d. He sends her flowers.
e. She finds out it’s from him. They’re shitty flowers w/roots.
f. She’s a bit frightened.
g. He tries to be with her as much as he can.
h. She gets annoyed.
i. Their differences revealed.
j. Discovers desire is to have the flower on the top of the cliff.
k. His desire is to have her.

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Comments by other Members

Nell at 10:46 on 07 December 2003  Report this post
Hi Nibles, and welcome to WriteWords. I like some of the strange and wonderful imagery you have in the short piece of writing.

There are probably as many ways to approach writing a novel as there are novelists, but the advice I've found most useful is this:

Find your main characters. Know everything about them, get inside their heads. Make them come alive.

Think about the writing, which should be of the best possible quality.

Then, and only then, write a rough outline of what the book is to be about. This is secondary to the other two points. If you really know your characters they'll probably do what they want anyway, within (and sometimes without) the plot.

Hope this helps,

Best, Nell.

Anna Reynolds at 17:19 on 08 December 2003  Report this post
Nibles, this odd little paragraph really intrigued me- there are some lovely and strange images and feelings in there, and the tragicomic potential of the woman being asleep when the crucial words are spoken.

Nell is right of course- character, character, character. What's your instinct about these two? are they the main players? what is the story that you are dying to tell? you wonder about conflict and obstacle- but this will come naturally from your characters' desire to get something and their failure to do so, which is already inherent in this little paragraph. Do you read? if so, what kind of novels are you drawn to and what kind of characters/stories?

If you're looking for brainstorming, remember that getting other people to do this means it won't be yours anymore- sure, they can supply some stimulus, but you need to feel instinctively what it is you want to write. Try posting in the Forum, though, to see if people want to have a think about this.

Do let us see more.

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