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Does watching images cause a change in behaviour?

by rayner 

Posted: 04 July 2010
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Dear Guardian
I was somewhat surprised that you would print an article by Professor Gail Dines without asking the obvious question, if, as she claims, watching porn inspires men to even greater acts of sexual depravity, what about watching images of violence? Are violent acts harmless? Does a constant diet of images of violent behaviour of all descriptions turn us men into savages? Of course it doesn’t.

Most men my age, 79, have watched thousands of acts of pure savagery from infancy onwards. There was nothing else to watch but shoot em up cowboys and Indians, cop stories, and of course violent images on the cartoons available throughout our formative years. How have we turned out? Well speaking for myself, I am a kind, warm, and loving father to two grown up daughters.

During my life I have created inventions and products to help parents bond, and carry their children to make their infants and their lives easier. The invention which is the source of my greatest satisfaction is the creation of the Baby Sling. Go to intuit.org.uk for the full story of how this came about. If this sparks your curiosity go to raynergarner.com for a list of the many whole humanitarian devices, (Under the heading of inventions) to help people live in greater harmony with their loved ones, and the society in which they live.

None are patented, and available for anyone to use, and profit from either personally or industrially. Is this the product of a crazed sexually violent person? I think that Professor Dines does not have a full enough understanding of the dichotomy present due to the rather strange rearing process that we in Britain, and Europe had. Many men have violent, and sadistic urges, learnt in childhood which they never act upon.
Rayner Garner

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Comments by other Members

Neezes at 23:19 on 31 October 2010  Report this post
Interesting point Rayner. Perhaps one important difference in the violence v's porn analogy is that the child is taught from toddlerhood to rise above aggressive urges, but sexual misbehaviour is something that comes along later and the individual may get little if any feedback from peers and family.

have you ever read 'The Brain that changes itself' by Norman Doidge and the chapter on pornography in that? Scary stuff.

Neezes at 23:21 on 31 October 2010  Report this post
p.s to focus more on the writing: as a piece of non-fiction it starts well, but I think you focus too much on your own example/career. It would read better if that was used sparingly and you drew on a range of evidence.
Best wishes,

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