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Vodka Saturday

by WriterMum 

Posted: 07 June 2010
Word Count: 152
Summary: This was another writing assignment, it was just for fun.

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Vodka Saturday
Saturday night, Iím exhausted, kids are asleep,
Shake shake it off, shake off the weight of the day
Slap on the make up, slip on the sandals,
Saturday night, sneak out of the house,
See my friends, say hello!
Vodka and tonic please!
Ah the first drink, the waitress brings it over,
Ice clinking, I stir it around, savouring the moment before I swig it down,
Mmmmmmm, silky smooth cool vodka sloshing down my throat, warming my insides making me shiver
Bring me another, yes another one now!
chat chat with my friends, but Iíd rather have another
Here comes the second one, yes please, sipping it quickly all my tiredness is gone,
Iím ready for a boogie now, dj play my favourite song!
OOOh someoneís bought a whole bottle of vodka, shots, bring it on!
Party time, Saturday night, kids are asleep. Kids? What kids?
Dancing all night long!

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Comments by other Members

sahara at 10:27 on 27 August 2010  Report this post
This is a very fun piece of writing!

I particularly like the "slap...slip" - its illiteration really works.

What was the assignment?


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