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Observation on a Streetwalker

by Mickey 

Posted: 01 June 2010
Word Count: 123

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That woman’s amazingly tasty
for a ‘lady’ of her kind of ilk.
She’s brass, has no class, but a fan-tastic arse,
and her legs are like rivers of milk.

She wears skirts she just shouldn’t be seen in
(but I guess that she isn’t for long)
They’re mostly the sort that are ever so short
and her underwear’s always a thong.

Oh, I wish I could summon up courage
to ask her how much she would charge
to show me the ropes but, against other blokes,
my manhood is not very large.

I just couldn’t bear to be laughed at
when my boxer shorts drop to the ground.
So I’ll just scurry by, avoiding her eye
and reflect I’ve just saved fifty pounds

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Comments by other Members

didau at 00:31 on 05 June 2010  Report this post
Mickey - the rhythm scans well, the rhyme scheme is unforced and I like the rivers of milk simile but the subject matter isn't doing it for me. Made me squirm. Felt a bit too Bernard Manning. Sorry

James Graham at 15:38 on 06 June 2010  Report this post
I don't mind this too much morally - it falls just short of any line I would draw. As far as I'm concerned, you get away with it.

It gave me an idea which I'll run past you. Just let it run on into the sunset if you like. In a similar rhyming poem, you present a character - a man who is a classic cheapskate, who walks to save bus fare, who's always snooping around the 'reduced to clear' in the supermarket, etc. You could invent funnier examples than that. One night our 'hero' finds himself in the red light district, and feels inclined. He approaches one of the women, asks her how much, and decides it's too expensive. So he works his way along the street comparing prices (Go compare!) until he gets the best bargain. By this time his inclination has passed.


V`yonne at 17:19 on 06 June 2010  Report this post
amused me

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