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by sophiavencato 

Posted: 03 May 2010
Word Count: 642
Summary: My beliefs and thoughts

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Sophia Vencato, 28, a graphic designer from West London, always consults Live TV clairvoyant Francesca Kimpton before any major decision I used to work as a marketing manager and, together with an American colleague, I'd decided to go shopping on the King's Road. By the time we got there, the shops were closed, but we noticed there was a psychic fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall and decided to go in and nose around. I wasn't convinced at all by some of the people...with their tarot cards, crystal balls. But then we walked into a smaller room and started eavesdropping on a woman who gave a reading without any paraphernalia. I was looking for ways in which she might be trying to glean information from the man having the reading. I must have listened for about 10 minutes, but in all that time, he said nothing and all he did was nod his head. She was doing all the talking. I picked up one of her cards and forgot all about it.

Several months later I was having all sorts of financial problems and was at a crossroads in my life. I was just about to put my flat on the market. I didn't know what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go career-wise. Then I came across the card and thought I would give this woman a call.

I made an appointment for an hour-long session with Francesca that cost pounds 40. By the end of the consultation, I was convinced. The tape Francesca gave me is carefully stored in a cupboard still in my flat, which I didn't sell, just as she predicted.

She knew nothing about me and I was determined to tell her nothing at the time of that first reading. When I walked in, she made me a cup of tea and then told me I was worried about money, my career and my home. At that time, I was still a marketing manager for a computer company. She told me I would become a graphic designer. Although it was something I thought I'd love to do, I'd had no training and as far as I knew, I didn't have an artistic bone in my body.

But she wanted to talk about it and she was very persistent. She said I would be offered a job, using colour and my marketing skills as well as my computer knowledge. Only later did I discover that she was talking about computer-based design. The more she talked, the more I realised that my interest in design was greater than I had ever thought. It turned from an impossibility to a pleasant possibility. It was 18 months before I changed my job. I took a position with a company which wanted someone with marketing experience. The first thing they expected me to do was to put a magazine together. That was no problem. What they didn't tell me, was that I was expected to do the graphic design myself. They just threw a software package at me. I was terrified, but I did it. Now I also run my own graphic design company in my spare time.

Francesca was right in other ways, too. I was adamant about putting my flat on the market. I thought that was the only way to solve my financial problems. Francesca told me it wouldn't sell. I took no notice, but of course she was right. It didn't move but my financial problems did sort themselves out with the change of career. She has proved right where my love life is concerned, too. She even picked up on my health. I get asthma. From the start, she knew that I had problems with breathing, even though I don't sound wheezy.
I would never make a life-changing decision without first consulting Francesca. Sophia,x.

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