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My Giddy Aunt

by Jubbly 

Posted: 26 March 2010
Word Count: 298
Summary: I posted this a few years back but thought it fits the Secret theme so I've bunged it in again.

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My Great Aunt Phyllida never married or had children. She’d always lived with a variety of loyal canine companions who took the roles of partner, friend and surrogate child.

'Look after my Max, ' she pleaded, ‘See he goes to a good home, no children mind, he can’t abide children at his age.’

I nodded and made the right noises.

My aunt closed her eyes but just when I thought I’d have to call a nurse, she spoke again.

‘Peaceful..if you give in….cold..I know! Let go, don’t struggle, just let go! You shouldn’t have taken it, it’s mine, you will give it back!’

A tear rolled down her cheek and she opened her eyes and stared straight ahead.

Weeks after the funeral, while clearing out her house I found a dusty old suitcase under the bed containing an assortment of old lady belongings. Embroidered hankies, odd screw in earrings, and a fading black and white photo circa early 1930’s. Two little girls sat in a faraway garden during a long gone pre war summer. One child was easily identified as Aunt Phyllida, her severe features and prickly personality evident even then, but who was the other?

I unwrapped a silk bundle at the bottom of the case, inside was a little porcelain doll with stringy yellow hair and a missing eye, her white pinafore greying and torn. Alongside the forgotten toy was a folded newspaper cutting . It announced the sad death by drowning of little Audrey Roper aged only eight. The accompanying picture confirmed Audrey as the other girl in the photo, nestling in her arms was her beloved flaxen haired doll, a real beauty , Audrey beamed like a mother with a newborn in contrast Phyllida sneered, perhaps wishing great harm to the doll or its…owner.

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Comments by other Members

Forbes at 23:59 on 26 March 2010  Report this post
Oooh another shivery one. Like looking inside an egg and finding a rotten core. There only is one conclusion to draw from your hints, and the nastiness of the story spills over.

Nicely done Julie.



tusker at 08:07 on 27 March 2010  Report this post
I agree with Avis.

Enjoyed this chiller, and the ending which didn't overstate what the old Aunt did to get her hands on that doll.


V`yonne at 12:20 on 27 March 2010  Report this post
Oh that's a corker of an ending. I like the way it explains what the aunt was sayting on her deathbed too.

Bunbry at 17:33 on 27 March 2010  Report this post
Nice one Julie, a little cracker.


Findy at 08:31 on 28 March 2010  Report this post
Chilling, what a weighty secret the lady had to bear in her lifetime and in the end it came out too.

Liked the way you made the aunt bring out her dirty secret, enjoyed the story very much.


crowspark at 08:56 on 28 March 2010  Report this post
Chilling with some great images!


Crimsondelilah at 09:07 on 28 March 2010  Report this post
A great story. Secrets will out won't they.
There is only one conclusion to reach about the Aunt but very well handled reveal.

Prospero at 13:07 on 28 March 2010  Report this post
Ah, the power of fillial discord. Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

Great story, Julie.

Loved it.


crazylady at 14:37 on 28 March 2010  Report this post
Oh Julie,
What an empty old lady she must have been.
But her last words showed she had carried that guilt literally to her grave. Not much sign of atonement there.
Very well written and utterly convincing.
Thanks for a good read.


Cholero at 20:43 on 31 March 2010  Report this post
Hi Julie

Yes a good shiver. If anything I felt you might not need to be so blatant at the very end. The a more vague suspicion that she killed her/caused her death is perhaps more creepy.

Thanks for the read,


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