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Angry Door

by Jibunnessa 

Posted: 17 April 2003
Word Count: 161

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angry door

I want to slam in their faces
and blame it on the wind
But Iíll probably start to split
the cracks that Iíve acquired
over so many years
While they forgot to heal me
Remove the flaking paint from my aging surfaces
and apply
an outer epidermis
a protective varnish
to stop the ants and woodlice
from crawling into my body
and suck it dry
and eventually helpless.

Even now,
at this angry
angry old age
I stop the wind
and the autumn leaves
from consuming the house
The final barrier
between warmth
and uncertainty.

I endure the cat
scratching through my flesh
And the rain
deep into my psyche
So that I can only see dampness
in all my dreams
Until the scorching sun
from an exceptional day
desiccates me completely
so that Iím left
rendered helpless
and just wanting to beat
back and forth
along my rusty, semi-corroded hinges
like a child
swinging nonchalantly.

But, I canít
Iím tethered
bolted to the house
with only the nightmares I get
of being torn down,
snapped to pieces
and burnt
on a funeral pyre
like all the other
old things.

---Jib, 12.34pm, 04 Sept 02

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Comments by other Members

Jibunnessa at 16:56 on 17 April 2003  Report this post
I'm NOT angry. It's just the door.


Hilary Custance at 21:18 on 18 April 2003  Report this post
That works very well. It is good to get right inside the skin of something or somebody else and really let rip.Permission to feel and experience sensations outside the ones usually available.Very satisfying. Cheers, Hilary

Jibunnessa at 12:01 on 19 April 2003  Report this post
That's the beauty of writing. I love getting inside the head of characters, sometimes very different from myself.

Glad you like it!

Anna Reynolds at 14:01 on 25 April 2003  Report this post
Love the use of the word 'dessicates' and the journey of the door to the funeral pyre. Very clever to bring inanimate objects to such rich life and characterise them. Like it.

dagozi at 15:02 on 25 April 2003  Report this post
Too many of us get overlooked in our anger and our pain, like the door, they take us for granted. But then, they would not be reading this now would they? Nice work.

Jibunnessa at 16:08 on 25 April 2003  Report this post
Thanks guys!

Anna Reynolds at 22:29 on 25 April 2003  Report this post
A classic exercise used by several top poets is exactly this- taking inanimate objects and giving them emotions through their daily journeys as our human hands. I hesitate to suggest a series of these poems, Jib, as you are too prolific a poet to resist- I'm envious at your range as I have to have a break between say, stage plays and screenwork. Grr.

Jibunnessa at 23:22 on 25 April 2003  Report this post
Thanks Anna. I had wondered whether to do a series myself. I also considered doing an alphabet collection in the same vein as 'Bananas Became Bats' (and I have done more of these than I've uploaded). The other series I'd considered was food, as taste and aroma is something that recurrs in my writing a lot.

We'll see.

Or may be I'll just carry on writing when inspired.

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