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See the Show!

by M. Close 

Posted: 27 November 2009
Word Count: 101
Summary: week 68 ...the Treza Rima. i think i stuck to the form ok. Didn't get the pentameter, but I think I did manage some rhythm. This is more about the experience rather then the movie...but the last show I saw was called Blind Side.

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Off to the movies to see the show,
itís Friday night, weekend beginning.
We hope itís a good one but who can know,

the critics, they have my head spinning.
Outside, the kids have phones to their ears,
young faces, animated, grinning.

Time to find seats as the show time nears,
bring in popcorn soda and candy.
Find a good place to settle our rears,

while the young ones get a bit randy.
Silence your cell phones, put them away,
I sure hope the movie is dandy.

Movie was good, I must truly say,
more fun than at home, doing crochet.

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 18:10 on 27 November 2009  Report this post
Hi Mike. See, I said that you would enjoy the exercise; you obviously did! I like the song-song feel of it - I agree that you have some rhythm. Most of the lines are nine syllables long, so there is definitely soem form to that. I like the thymes very much.

Great response, I thought!!


Typo: the move is dandy I assume you meant 'movie'.

M. Close at 18:22 on 27 November 2009  Report this post
Hi Joanie,
Typo? I don't see a typo.....
Just kidding....Thanks for the lightning fast comment, the kind words and for pointing out that typo. You were right...I was going for movie

Yes, i did enjoy the exercise. Was fun.


V`yonne at 20:50 on 27 November 2009  Report this post
Bravery! No crocheting for you. Bravo on dealing with such a beast of a challenge. Don't you get intimidated - we're not all experienced in form. We're all here to learn and it's a great placew and well done!

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